Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pasta for dinner

I got up this morning a went to two garage sales to look for fabrics and tins. Neither had good tins, but both had fabric remnants and scraps. Good finds! The second one also had a great old iron baby crib with layers and layers of green paint. I wanted it for my craft show display, but not for $125. Way too much money for the amount of time I spend at craft shows. Next I went to the flea market south of town. I was hoping there would be lots of vendors there since it was Labor Day weekend, but it was just the opposite. I did find some fabrics remnants, plus a vendor with Japanese indigo. Remember the poncho I posted earlier this week? The price for the indigo was higher than I wanted, but I did buy three pieces (I was hoping to get five). 

Today I Bacon Day. Who knew there was such a thing! It's an unofficial observance held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the U.S. Celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing of bacon. Unfortunately, I've thawed turkey meatballs to eat with pasta tonight. No bacon in the casita.

Today I'm creating pillows. On the way home from the flea market, I decided that I couldn't just sit around for the next three or four days until I return to Houston. So I stopped by the fabric store and found interfacing on sale for 50% off (I was out of it). I'm pulling out the sewing machine to see how many burlap pillows I can make. If I don't occupy myself, I'll want to go shopping ... and maybe eat bacon.

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