Monday, August 26, 2013

Plans to shut down the casita

Today I completed all the paperwork to enter the recycle festival in Santa Fe. I also took photos that show samples of my sewing and upcycled tin jewelry. Tomorrow I need to go to the tax office and apply for a New Mexico tax identification number. I've tried several times to complete the paperwork online, but it's not working. It's the last piece I need before I apply to the festival. Then all I can do is keep my fingers crossed for positive results. 
Pillows made from used burlap sacks.

Friends who have attended the festival in past years have been encouraging me to enter, so I wanted to sew as many pieces as I could and leave them here. When I get back to Houston I still have time to sew more if I get accepted into the festival. For now, I'm out of interfacing and have tons in Houston, so I decided that I'm finished sewing until I get back there. 

Today I'm creating one last tote bag that I have cut out. The small bags I've made don't have handles yet, so I'll work on those tomorrow, but for the most part my sewing is finished for now. I'll have a few days to do a couple of things before I return to Houston. A friend and former co-worker will be in town on Thursday and we're going to have cocktails and dinner. Then I'll begin the deep cleaning I do before closing the casita for a couple of months. Either next Tuesday or Wednesday I'll put the girls in the car and hit the road back to Houston. As usual, the summer has gone by quickly.  

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