Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday before Thanksgiving in the high desert

Today is a happy day because I'm with Mr. B and Rose at Casita Pettita, which may be my favorite place on earth. Today is also a reflective day because my mom died on Nov. 25, 2001.

She was a complicated woman who I didn't always understand or get along with, yet I have grown to appreciate her more as I've gotten older.
What I appreciate most is that she was a terrific homemaker! She loved to cook, especially for holidays and for a crowd. She enjoyed having family around and would plan for months before holidays. If she knew you liked a certain dessert she would make sure it was ready for you when you got to her house. She was a fabulous seamstress who could make anything I showed her, whether she had a pattern or not. She could also knit and crochet. And I wish I had half of her organizational skills. Every drawer in her house was orderly. There was no such thing as a "junk drawer" in her house. Clothes were hung in her closets by item, length of sleeve, and color. Her shoes were kept in boxes in the top of her closet and label so she knew what was inside. Her Christmas shopping was often completed by mid-year, if not sooner. Unlike me, she could always tell you where to find a pair of scissors and a roll of tape.

Today I'm creating more burp cloths, and I can't help but think about Mother. She would have adored knitting or crocheting blankets for her seven great-grandchildren and sewing for them. Unfortunately she didn't live long enough to hold any of them, although I know she and many others are watching over them. Rest in peace, Mother.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday in the high desert

Yesterday, in the middle of off-and-on snow, I spent a couple of hours getting sewing supplies for make cloth diaper burp pads. For a girl from Houston, it was fun to see the falling snow.

Back at the casita I got the diapers washed and dried, and about seven fabrics cut to sew. I'm starting with 20 burp cloths. I also have fabric for six receiving blankets and two diaper bags. This morning I realized that I don't have any straight pins, which means I'm heading back to the fabric store. I don't like this because I'll start looking at fabric and that means one thing: spending more $$$.

Today I'm creating baby gear for the artisan market I'm participating in on Saturday, Dec. 6th. I have plenty of adult treasures. Now, not surprisingly, I'm creating items for wee ones.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Yet another photo of the sweet boy.

Dr. Mc and I had a conversation the other day that's so true. Both of us admitted that we no longer shop for ourselves. Instead we look at all things baby. It doesn't matter if it's something that Aulay can use or wear today or two years from now, we look at them.

Thinking about The Little Prince, I'm wondering when I'll stop posting photos of him. He may be the most photographed baby. Ever! But he's just so cute I can't help myself!

Today I'm creating fabric matches. I'm participating in an artisan show and sale on Saturday, Dec. 6. I have totes, bags, pillows, Christmas aprons, and tin jewelry. I want to make some baby items such as bibs and receiving blankets before the show. It should be fun.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Slow Internet. UGH!

There are about two places in the house where the Internet service is good, if I stand on my right foot, close my left eye, and put both hands on my head. Of course, this position makes it impossible to type on my computer or search the web. We've had technicians come out, replace the old wiring, add boosters, and yet the Internet is still slow. UGH!

I've made a decision to stop the de-cluttering until after the first of the year. There are still boxes that need to be dealt with, but we're leaving to spend Thanksgiving in Santa Fe and when we get back it will be time to decorate for the holidays. After the holidays I'll be able to deal with the boxes again. Hey, I know a woman who moved at least six years ago and she still has unpacked boxes.

Today I'm creating stacks of boxes in my studio and in Mr. B's studio. Most of the items in the boxes go in either of those two places, so we'll stack them and close the door until Jan. 5. Sounds like a plan.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday, Hump Day

Oh boy! We're leaving for the high desert on Friday. As Mr. B likes to say, "We leave at dawn." Since I haven't been to Pettita Casita since my sudden departure on August 19, I may get up early to leave Houston.

Speaking of my early departure from the high desert, today is The Little Prince's due date. Although his early birth and 85-day stay in the hospital was super stressful, the good news is that he has been ours to know and love for an extra three months.

Today I'm creating phone calls to get pricing on merchandising items. I'll probably also be doing some pr work. Yesterday I got alone time with The Little Prince. He stayed with me while his parents ran errands. He is a sweet boy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm so forgetful!

I completely forgot to write my blog yesterday. There was a time when I could multi-process better than anyone, but now I can only do one thing at the time. And half the time I forget what one thing I'm supposed to do. I don't want to slow down, but my brain and body may leave me no choice.

Right now I'm sitting in the TV room watching crappy daytime television. The only thing that makes this afternoon OK is that I'm babysitting with The Little Prince. He has been asleep for about a hour. I don't want to wake a sleeping baby, but there is something really smelly and it's not coming from me!

Today I'm creating a client meeting, trying to get an older computer to boot, making some calls to set up appointments before I leave town on Friday morning, and having lunch with Dr. Mc, Big Daddy, The Little Prince, and Mitzie.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Another cold, quiet day

I'm so proud of Mr. B! He finished painting the inside of the garage apartment last night. Today he is tackling more neglected upstairs projects. The disposal needs to be replaced, as do the toilet and tub faucet. I told him that when he was finished with all the projects I was going to make the upstairs my man cave.

We have decided it's finally time to replace the 2000 Explorer. In the 15 years I've owned it, we have made numerous trips Austin (when Dr. Mc was attending UT) and several trips to Denver (where she attended graduate school). We made several trips to Denton to see Sweetness when she was attending UNT. And we have driven to and from Santa Fe at least three times a year since 2007. Even though the Explorer has been a very dependable car, I'm ready for a new SUV. Actually, if I wasn't such a gypsy — always hauling something or other — I'd buy a car instead of an SUV.

Today I'm creating dinner. It's cold and damp outside, which sounds like the perfect day to cook something low and slow in a large pot. I'm also going to watch at least part of the Texans game while I continue organizing my studio.