Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My mom in the mid-50s. She would have
been 86 today.
Yesterday we had beautiful weather in Houston, but today it has been overcast most of the day. The weather man was predicting rain all day, but "in town" there have only been a few sprinkles. Of course the event I'm planning for tomorrow night is outside and it is supposed to rain. Let's see, where did I put those rain boots?

I had some time to kill this afternoon so, of course, I went to look at some shoes (found nothing). Then I went to look at some baby clothes, which is my next favorite thing to shop for other than shoes. TLP is growing so fast that he is outgrowing everything after two or three wearings. All the little shorts at The Gap Kids were so cute that I couldn't resist, especially the plaid ones. So adorable.

Today I'm creating the first draft of a magazine article. It's not due until next Thursday, but this weekend is going to be busy with events (as are most of my weekends right now). Mr. B is promising to take some time off next week. I tried to convince him to fly off somewhere, but he didn't bite. Bummer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

There have been news (?) reports this week asking the question of whether or not moms can put too many photos of their child(ren) on social media. Of course, the question didn't mention other family members, such as grandmothers, posting too many photos. However, in the interest of fairness, I've considered both sides of the argument and have decided that both ends of Mr. Baby are equally cute. Don't you agree?

I had one of my favorite lunches today: pad thai with chicken. Yum! Unfortunately I got a stale fortune cookie. Does that mean my fortune was also stale?

Today I'm creating a one-page flier than can be used as a template for a client. It sounds more difficult than it really was. I found the template in MSWord, customize it, added the text, and off it went. Yippee.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Yesterday I posted a photo of mother and child so today I'm giving equal time to papa and child taken by Dr. Mc last weekend. She and TLP drove to NOLA to meet Big Daddy after his last performance on the road trip with The Suffers. As always, she got several great shots of Aulay, including this one with his daddy.

I love the contrast in the coloring of Big Daddy and TLP. I don't think anyone ever thought that Mr. Baby would be born with blonde hair and blue eyes, considering Nick's coloring, even though he had light hair when he was born. To tell you the truth, I would have loved this little guy if he had been born with purple hair and orange eyes.

Today I'm creating the finishing touches to a newsletter for a non-profit organization and working on the program for an event that will take place this Thursday evening. I can only hope that the rains scheduled for Wednesday are short since the event on Thursday is outdoors.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Joan was my mother's first cousin, but I've always thought of her as my aunt because she, my mother and my aunt Sue were close. As teenagers, Joan's daughter Connie and I were close. We even roomed together for a while at college. This is just background information to lay the ground of my relationship to Joan, who at this time is in the hospital and very ill.

I think she is around 88 or 89 years old, has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and kidney failure. Joan is in quite a bit of pain and has said that she would rather die than live in this condition. I remember my daddy and Mr. B's mother making the same statement near the end of their lives.

Today I'm creating some social media postings, but other than that doing very little.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

While Big Daddy is touring, Dr. Mc brings TLP into the house every morning and leaves him with me while she gets ready for work. Since I don't like to get up and moving too early, the baby snuggles in bed with me. And his blanket. And several of his toys. And sometimes his bottle, if he hasn't already finished it. We chat, play with toys, and entertain Mr. B while he finishes getting ready for work. If time permits, I'll also put on my glasses and check e-mails to see if anything is urgent.

This morning a neighborhood friend had emailed me asking about Mr. Baby's birth weight. A co-worker of her's had a grand baby born last week who weighed 1 lb. 6 ozs., which led me to reflect on August 19, 2014, when TLP was born weighing 1 lb. 14 ozs. I'm snuggling a little closer this morning with the miracle baby that has been given to my family. TLP is such a blessing and my hero! God is good!

Today I'm creating loads of clean clothes. Not only is it supposed to rain today,  but it's also National Pajama Day. I think I'll celebrate this important day by staying in my pj's all day and keeping TLP in his, also.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tonight Mr. B and I watched the series finale of Justified. As much as I enjoyed the series I'm not sure I liked the finale. Everything was tied up in a neat little bow in the last 15 minutes of the show, leaving lots of chances for movies in the future. But does the series have enough of an audience for a movie? Now we're going to power watch The Americans, which is from the same creators as Justified.

Tonight Mr. B made eggs, bacon and biscuits for dinner. I especially enjoy breakfast for dinner during cold weather, but it was mighty tasty tonight, also.

Today I'm creating a press release and working on a community newsletter that needs to be completed tomorrow. I also gave TLP a bath this morning in the bathroom sink. Soon he will be too big to fit in it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

For a change of pace, I'm posting a photo of irises that are blooming in the front yard instead of a Mr. Baby picture. The rains in Houston mean that all the flowers are blooming, including so many roses in the yard. We decided several years ago that we needed a garden that required less maintenance from us. It seems to be working. Everything survives on sunshine and rain that are provided by mother nature.

Once again I rocked TLP to sleep tonight while humming hymns to him. He's a tough one to get to sleep, but eventually falls asleep on my shoulder. I say I hum hymns, but sometimes The Eyes of Texas gets into the mix.

Today I'm creating a bio. It was immediately approved which left me time to continue trying to get approval on an invitation that needs to go out on Thursday. I also did some social media posting and continued to work on events that will take place in the next two weeks.