Monday, September 15, 2014

Aulay, Day 28

Sleeping after his noon feeding.
Mr. B had his stress test this morning and all is well! While it's still frustrating that no doctor has been able to give us a definitive answer regarding why his blood pressure was high and his heart rate was so low, they can find nothing wrong with Mr. B. His heart muscle is strong and he doesn't have any clogged arteries. Medication has brought his blood pressure down. His heart rate is still low, but he doesn't need a pacemaker. He'll have another checkup in six months.

While Mr. B was having his stress test, I was at the hospital visiting with the little prince. He has gained a pound since his birth on August 19. His red blood cell count is up, which is more good news. He is still having a problem with reflux, which I've read is a common gastrointestinal problem in premature infants. When babies are bigger and don't use a feeding tube, burping helps with this problem. For now, his feeding time is being lengthened from 60 minutes to 90 minutes to give him more time to digest. This is just another issue that will probably go away as Aulay's organs develop.

Today I'm creating another baby blanket, or at least cutting it out of fabric. This time I'm making a UT fleece blanket. The wee one will need it for his incubator before the game on September 27, when Texas plays KU. Since both of Aulay's parents are graduates of UT, I have a feeling that Hook 'em will be part of his vocabulary. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Aulay, Day 27

Yesterday I was able to finish the Texans blanket for the little man's incubator. I went to the hospital around 5 p.m. to take it to him. You can't tell from the photo, but the underneath is red fleece with big white dots. The Texans fabric, which is also fleece, is authorized by the NFL, but not the underneath fabric. I think it would be really cute if the team wore red pants with white dots, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

Aulay was feeding and sleeping while I was at the hospital yesterday. I love just watching him. Yesterday I think he was saving his energy for when Dr. Mc and Big Daddy Nick came to see and hold him after I left.

Today I'm creating an afternoon with some friends. Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Kim P. She and I met in 1995, while I was working in corporate communications and she was working for our advertising agency of record. We don't see each other enough, but are always able to pick up where we left off when we do get together. I appreciated her reaching out to me recently and offering  support. As Dionne Warwick sang, "That's what friends are for." I'm blessed to have so many caring friends in my life!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Aulay, Day 26

Great picture of Nick and Aulay taken by Dr. Mc.
Dr. Mc and I were at the hospital yesterday to visit with the wee one. There was another scan, or maybe it was an ultrasound, on Aulay's head to check on brain hemorrhages. The results were the same as the one done when he was 10 days old. He has one hemorrhage that's resolving itself without intervention. This is terrific news! When we were there he really didn't open his eyes much, but that's OK. He needs to reserve his strength to grow stronger. Dr. Mc and Nick go together every night to see Aulay. It's great family time for the three of them. They alternate who holds him and the other one takes the most awesome photos of cuddle time.

Mr. B went back to the cardiologist yesterday to have his monitor removed. Then he went to his office. The owner of the company is being so wonderful. He told Byron that he wants him to take as much time as he needs to get well before he returns to work. Mr. B probably spent four hours at the office yesterday. I think everyone was happy to see him. He said he spent time showing everyone photos of Aulay that he has on his iPhone. Such a proud grandpa!

Today I'm creating a Texans' blanket to put on the little prince's incubator. I went to the store yesterday and got fabric licensed by the Texans and the Longhorns. Hopefully I'll finish the Texans' blanket before the game on Sunday. Next week I will work on the UT blanket. Aulay is going to have to learn to watch sports with Big Daddy Nick.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Aulay, Day 25

I love looking at his little blonde head. So sweet!
I've been posting photos of the little man's face, but yesterday when I was visiting him with Dr. Mc, I took this picture of his little booty. And what a cute little bottom! He loves to get on his knees and put his bum in the air. I asked the nurse yesterday about the oxygen that continues to flow in his incubator. She said it is such a low amount that it shouldn't bother his eyes, which is a concern with preemies. More good news about the little prince.

Mr. B is trying a half day of work today. I'm not in favor of this, but at the same time I don't want him to get stressed out about missing work. He never misses work so I know he is concerned about what's piling up on his desk since he has now missed a week at the office.

Today I'm creating a morning at the hospital with Dr. Mc. In the afternoon and again on Saturday I'd like to be at my sewing machine working on a quilt. I have two tops pieced and I'd like to machine quilt one of them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aulay, Day 24

I'm so excited that Mr. B saw a cardiologist this morning. He has to wear a monitor for 24 hours and then take stress test on Monday. So although we don't know what is going on yet, at least something is happening.

The "wee one" was toying with me last night. He was on his stomach and I could only see one of his eyes. I know it's not possible, but it sure looked like he was smiling and winking at me. He also had his little arm and hand free. Sometimes he seemed to wave at me. I know he can't wave, either, but a tired grandmother with a great imagination can dream.

Today I'm creating a morning visit to see the little prince. Then I have errands to run including a trip to the grocery store. Grocery shopping is normally something that Mr. B does (and enjoys), but it won't hurt me to do it, especially if I go in the early afternoon before the after-work crowd arrives.

Aulay, Day 23

Although I'm a "word person" I'm without words to express the love and appreciation I have for everyone who continues to send prayers and well wishes for Aulay and his family. He is now three weeks old and so many people continue to read about him and post positive thoughts. Every night when I visit with the little prince, I tell him about all of you and keep him updated on your kindness.

The little man's eyes weren't open very much last night, but he was still wiggly and cute. I like it when he opens his eyes, but think when his eyes are closed he is concentrating on growing big and strong. The #1 concern for Aulay right now is the oxygen he is receiving in the incubator. If he stays on the oxygen for too long it might damage his eyes. To me, this is not a problem. I'm sure the little prince can "rock" a pair of tiny blue glasses. Other than that, Aulay just needs to continue growing and gaining weight.

Today I'm creating time to spend with Mr. B. The cardiologist who was recommended by his internist can't see him until September 25. This timing is too far out for me. I want my sweet hubby to feel better!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Aulay, Day 22

Aulay and me.
The little prince was born three weeks ago today. He has changed the lives of so many people! I'm not sure how it is possible, but I love him more every day.

I had a terrific visit with him last night. He was alert and wiggly for most of the hour I was there. Fairly soon after I got there, the nurse said she was going to do his assessment, which includes taking his vital signs, changing his diaper, and feeding him (through the tube that goes to his stomach). She opened the top of his incubator, which meant that I was able to touch the sweet boy. After she took his vital signs, the nurse asked if I wanted to change his diaper. This sounds crazy, but what a treat for me! I had removed his diaper and cleaned him up when he decided to pee on the nurse. That meant that I got to clean him again before putting a new diaper on him. I explained to Aulay that I didn't have experience with little boys, since I had two daughters, but that I would learn and get faster. Before the nurse put the lid back down on his incubator, she asked if I had a picture with him. I said no so she took one (pic-of-the-day, week, month, year, decade, etc.).

Today I'm creating a morning at my client's office. I'm hoping that when I'm finished, Mr. B will have made an appointment with the cardiologist he was referred to late yesterday afternoon. While he is in good spirits, I can tell that he isn't feeling 100%. Love you Mr. B and little prince.