Thursday, May 28, 2015

Any and everything he can get his hands on
goes in his mouth.
It's fun to see all the graduation photos on Facebook. All the way from pre-K through graduate school, there are so many bright, smiling faces with brilliant futures ahead of them. It's very exciting and positive.

The TLP is also moving forward. He is not only rolling over, but also sitting up. He can reach something he wants by "worming" his way forward. He hasn't discovered how to get on his hands and knees, which leads to crawling. That will be soon, I'm sure.

Today I'm creating the set up for a photo shoot and setting up another for Monday or Tuesday. I've also repurposed one article and when Mr. Baby has his afternoon nap I'm going to work on another one.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mama & baby heading to the pool before
the rains came to Houston. 
There are so many frightening online photos and videos of Houston's flooded streets. I also lived in Houston during Tropical Storm Allison and Hurricane Ike. To me, both of those storms were worse because we were without electricity for days or weeks. Luckily, we never lost power during this storm.

The weather forecast was for more rain today, so all three local television channels had extended weather coverage. I think this is so annoying. For the most part, nothing is changing, it's not raining, and the same on-the-scene reporters are interviewing people standing around. The question is always, "Have you ever seen anything like this before?"

Today I'm creating reviews of articles and postcards at my client's office. I also took time out to go to the doctor about my ear, which is still swollen and throbbing. My ear was so swollen that all the doctor could do is prescribe an antibiotic so I can go back in a week.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What a night in Houston. Rain. Rain. And then, more rain, thunder and lightning. Once the sun came out, the photos on television and social media were disturbing. There was so much water everywhere.

We were extremely lucky! When the water started rising we were afraid that Mr. B's Lexus would flood. It was in the driveway and is so low to the ground. It was fine. Dr. Mc, Big Daddy, and TLP were across town and didn't make it home until this afternoon. They had parked a car on the street, but it was high enough and safe. I talked to Sweetness. She was out, but was close to the Zamora's house and was probably going to spend the night there. The only water we had was in the garage.

Today I'm creating work in the garage. Everything on the floor was soaked.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sweetness (always making a funny face) and Raff!
These Monday holidays confuse me. It's Monday, but it seems like Sunday. Tomorrow will be Tuesday, but I'll think it is Monday.

It's another cloudy day on the bay. It started out sunny, but well before noon it is already cloudy. The weather report (if that's really a true indication of the weather) says it's supposed to start raining around 1 p.m. today. It sounds like good napping weather. When we get back to Houston I'll probably curl up on top of the bed with Rose.

Today I'm creating nothing. Mr. B has already said that he'll drive back to Houston. I think I have a couple of magazines in my bag that I can look at on the drive home. Perfect. And I hope there is a Mr. Baby sighting sometime today.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The rains in Texas are crazy right now, especially in the center of the state. Mr. B and I are in Rockport for the weekend. It stormed lasted night, but I slept through the rain. This morning the roads were covered with water. It's mid-afternoon and the water is subsiding. I also see blue skies out one of the windows, but still gray clouds on the other side of the house.

Last night my niece married. Since Mr. B and I were out of town we weren't able to attend, but my kids went. The pic-of-the-day is of niece Rebecca and Dr. Mc. It looks like we missed a wonderful party!

Today I'm creating some retail therapy in downtown Rockport. We haven't been here in 10+ years so it was fun to see how much the little town has changed. Now, I think it's time to climb into the hammock and watch some eyelid movies.

Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm not sure about this napping position,
but it seems to work for TLP.
It's turning out to be a frustrating afternoon. First, I don't think the dryer is working. Mr. B and I are leaving town tomorrow morning for a long weekend. I'm trying to get all the clothes washed and put away before we leave, but the dryer isn't cooperating.

Also frustrating is the Internet/cable service at the house. It keeps going in and out. This seems to be a common problem at our house. And we pay how much for this unreliable service?

Today I'm creating a clean house. I'm waiting for Mr. Baby to fall asleep for his afternoon nap and then I'm tackling the kitchen and bathrooms. It's nice to come home to a clean house after a long weekend away.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another day of mostly rain in Houston. I'm not sure which is worst: all the rain or when it stops raining and the air is so thick. Maybe I should start looking online for an floatation devices. Was it an old George Carlin comedy album where God asked, "Noah, how long can you tread water?"

I had lunch with my friend Sandy today. I don't think I had really talked to her in about six weeks. Her son is getting married on May 30th in a lavish, over-the-top wedding. What an exciting time for her family!

Today I'm creating follow-up emails and calls to media people about getting two story ideas picked up. And then there is this face, which always makes me smile!