Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At the Office

Sweetness and Girafferty at her birthday dinner.
Last night we celebrated Sweetness' 27th birthday with a family dinner at Backstreet Cafe in Houston. Even TLP was there, although he slept through part of the dinner. The food and conversation were great, but the temperature was a little warm. I forget that the upstairs is always warm. Good for the winter. Not good for the hot, hellish, humid summer. When will the summer end?

I tried a new place the last time I got a haircut and I'm going back there today. I had been going to the same place for years, but it just got too expensive. I think $120 plus tip (and often products) is just too much! I like the haircut I got last time for $46 so I'm giving it another try.

Today I'm creating stuff. Now that I'm working so much and creating all the time, I may change the name of my blog to Today I'm Celebrating. Yeah. Maybe.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Birthday wishes to Evan McCarley (a.k.a. Sweetness)

The balloons behind TLP spell his name, although he mainly
answers to Mister. The pool is filled with clear balls. He loved it!
Last week was TLP's birthday week. This week belongs to Sweetness. She is 27 years young today. I might as well say that the entire month of September belongs to her since she and Raff are getting married on September 18 and having a celebration on September 19. Lots of activities for them between September 1 and the wedding.

I developed gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Sweetness so my OBGYN wanted to deliver her a week early. She was due on August 31, but I went to the hospital on August 24 around 10: 30 a.m., already in labor. She was born around 2:30 p.m., weighing 8 lbs., 9 oz. Thank goodness she didn't go full term or beyond!

Today I'm creating folders for all the upcoming Fall events. Right now there are 14 events from  September 1- December 16 on the calendar. I'm fairly sure there will be other political events that I work on between before the Nov. 3 local elections. It's going to be a busy autumn! Also, I'm pre-planning for two January events.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's "volunteer-editor-of-neighborhood-newsletter" time

TLP's second 1st birthday party was a success, even though we ate at 8 p.m. and he was asleep. He tried to stay awake, but got so fussy that we finally put him down.

Big Daddy Nick woke TLP up so he could eat some mac and cheese and green beans. There's a reason for the old saying, "let sleeping babies sleep."

Today I'm creating edits and revisions to the monthly neighborhood newsletter. I also wrote a bio for Mr. B. Now it's time to resume my grandparent duties. I hear my little friend jabbering which means he is awake from his afternoon nap.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy 1st birthday to TLP

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since TLP was born three months prematurely. Watching him grow and develop the past year has been a joy and a delight. I can't help but smile when I see his beautiful little face. And there aren't words to describe his kisses.

He is pulling up on everything. A couple of weeks ago when he first started pulling up, he would crash to the floor, which resulted in more than one bump on his little noggin. He is steadier now, but as Big Daddy Nick says, he still needs to work on his dismount.

Today I'm creating a party for TLP. Last night the Zamoras had a little party for him at their house. Tonight we're having a party for him at our house. Sunday he is at McCarley house. What a lucky little man to have three birthday celebrations.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A quiet afternoon at home

Bath time.
I'm hoping that the tree trimming is finished. The workers were here this morning, but the noise of the buzz saw has stopped. Could it be that after four days they are finished?

I see lots of FB postings of recent high school grads heading off to college. Can I remember back that far to my freshman year at college? Barely.

Today I'm creating nothing. Last night we lost electricity for about three hours. After one hour in the hot dark house, Mr. B and I put Rose in the air-conditioned car and rode around. On the way to the car, I tripped and went down on my left knee. The really bad part was the jolt to my back.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


We have had tree trimmers in the yard since early this morning. Working is going on in our front and back yards, plus at our neighbor's yard. All the noise is making it very difficult for TLP to nap, which isn't a good thing. I just gave him a bottle. He was so tired that he was falling asleep while drinking it. Then he rolled over on his tummy and went to sleep on the quilt. This never happens.

We are also having the fence replaced on the south side of the house because it is short. Also, on the back of the house next to the garage we're moving the fence in so Dr. Mc and Big Daddy Nick can park there. I'm not sure when that work will begin.

Today I'm creating a trip to the grocery store and getting what I need to make two pies. I may wait until Dr. Mc gets home from work around 5:15 p.m. It's supposed to be 100 degrees at 3 p.m. and I'm not sure I want to be outside until it is cooler.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The romper he has on is now knee
length until ankle length. 
I've been a little down this week. I know the weather has contributed to my mood. Since 2007, I've spent the summer in Santa Fe where the temperature at this time of year is usually in the mid-80s during the day. Instead I'm in Houston, sweating my buttock off! Usually around August 15 the weather starts cooling off during the day. By Labor Day when I usually leave I'm wearing long sleeves and/or a light sweater. <Insert heavy sigh here.>

The good news is that Mr. B and I are going to Sonoma next week. Good food. Good wine. Cooler weather. My wishes will come true.

Today I'm creating a shopping trip for a client. He wanted some new vases, candleholders, and kitchen items. I think I may need to go back to one place for some personal shopping.