Monday, July 21, 2014

Waiting on the Postal Worker

Another quilt top coming together. 
In Houston and Santa Fe the Postal Workers (I hope that's politically correct) come very late in the day. In Houston I always know when he is walking up to the mailbox because Rose starts barking. In fact, she gets in a chair in front of the window closest to the mailbox and watches for Ray, our delivery guy. But in Santa Fe, Rose can't warn me because I have to walk up the drive to check the mailbox.

I'm waiting on the Postal Worker today because s/he should be delivering the last piece of solid blue vintage chenille I need to finish piecing a quilt together (see the pic-of-the-day). This will probably be the last quilt I make for Baby Boy McZam, but I have other things to make while I'm here.

Today I'm creating a print out of several items I need. I went a computer store because the printer in the casita isn't hooked up. I thought paying for the copies would be less stressful than trying to set up the printer myself. This also meant that I would be across the street from one of my favorite places to have lunch. It's meatless Monday so I ate half of my brie, tomato and roasted pepper sandwich and brought the reset home for dinner. Yum!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

It must be Saturday

More garden flowers.
As we often do on Saturday, Debbie came by and we went to the Farmer's Market. I got some fresh vegetables that I may use to make a soup, and of course I had to get some bread with roasted garlic. Yum! I also got some lettuce that I'm going to use tonight to make wraps.

Next we went out to The Flea, which is a market to the north of Santa Fe. I was hoping that a couple who was there last summer with indigo fabrics might be back, but I didn't see them. There was a man selling raw silk from India, so I bought a large piece of it. I'm thinking it would be a great knee-length vest.

Today I'm creating a trip to a shop I've heard about, but had never shopped. The woman makes linen clothing that is wonderful! Some she leaves in neutral colors and the others she hand dyes. Great little shop that I'm sure I'll visit again.

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's the weekend

Thistle, the national plant of Scotland, growing by the front gate.
Let's see. What did I do today that's creative or even interesting? This could be a very short email.

I woke up to let Rose out around 8:15 a.m., but went back to bed after I fed her. She also had her morning nap after she ate her breakfast. Then we went to get a paper from my favorite little-old man on a downtown corner. I reviewed the paper, but unfortunately there wasn't a single garage or estate sale that I wanted to visit, so I didn't go back out today except to check the mail.

Today I'm creating an e-mail blast, finalizing an event contract, following up on the design of my magazine advertisement, and cutting out the last three blocks needed for a quilt top I'm piecing.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lunch with Richard A.

Full-size ( approximately 30" x 36")
I got to have lunch and catch up today with Richard A. It's always fun to catch up with him and find out what's going on in Santa Fe. The conversation always gets around to new art in the city, new places to eat, and crazy clients.

At the restaurant, I picked up the Santa Fe Reporter Best of Santa Fe issue. This is a small weekly magazine that reports on local news and culture. I don't normally read it, but always like the "best of" issues of anything.

Today I'm creating a finished blanket. I'm calling this a blanket instead of a quilt because there were only five pieces on the front and a solid back. There is batting between the front and back, but the quilting is only in the seams of the pieces. Dr. Mc … you knew I had to make something with foxes on it.

Close up of the little foxes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A morning in the garden

Serviceberry has tasty fruit. It was brought
from the northeast to the high desert by
Native Americans. 
I had a arborist come to the casita today to check on the apricot tree. The tree, which is a huge part of the garden, is infested with borers and needs injections to get rid of them. These insects infest fruit trees such as apricots and often result in severe damage, even plant death. The first arborist referred me to another company that uses chemicals to treat the problem of borers. I certainly hope the tree isn't so damaged that it needs to be cut down.

While the arborist was in the garden he talked to me about a large shrub, which is commonly known as a serviceberry. He told me that the fruit is excellent to eat raw, tasting somewhat like a blueberry mixed with an almond-like flavor. Come to find out, George Washington planted specimens of serviceberries on his Mount Vernon estate in Virginia. The arborist was eating the berries from the tree, so I picked some, washed them, put them in a bowl with yogurt, and sprinkled some flaxseed on top. Yummy and healthy breakfast!

Today I'm creating cutouts for another quilt. I've been looking at quilts on Pinterest and Etsy for new ideas. I have some fabric with me that will be really cute on a quilt with horizontal stripes. Keep your fingers crossed that my limited math skills will do their job today.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another trip to the fabric store

More flowers in the Santa Fe garden.
It had been two days since I was in the fabric store, so of course it was time for another visit today. If I were in Houston I would probably have what I need, but instead I have to go buy more.

After I finished at the fabric store I decided to go downtown. I parked and walked around for about 45 minutes. I was going to come back to the casita, but then decided to visit a few of my other favorite stores that I haven't been to this summer. All was going well and I hadn't spent a dime, until I entered the last store I was planning to visit. That store, which carries many of my favorite clothing designers, was having a sale. So much for not spending anything!

Today I'm creating follow-up emails and setting up appointments for when I'm in Houston at the end of this month. I'll be there to coordinate White Linen Night, but I've made plans to have lunch with girlfriends and brunch with the lovely McCarley sisters and my nieces.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday, y'all!

After I make a few block quilts I may move
on to something more difficult.  Or not.
As expected, Sunday was followed by Monday. And I bet tomorrow will be Tuesday. Funny how that works week after week.

I'm trying to get in touch with an arborist who has been recommended to me. Again this year, there was a late freeze and snow storm that destroyed all the apricot buds on our huge tree here. I noticed when I was walking around it that there are some dead limbs that need to be removed, and there is some type of resin-like bubbles on many of the branches. Our tree has been invaded by some type of critter. Hopefully the arborist will call me sooner rather than later and fix the tree problems.

Today I'm creating my second quilt top. I cut out the blocks last weekend and pieced it together from vintage lime green, pale blue and snow white chenille. The finished size of this quilt will be 30" x 36", so I should be able to put it on the dining room table to fit the batting and backing. My project for tomorrow.