Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Quiet day

It's margarita time.
I had tons of fun last night with Tracye. I drove her downtown and up Canyon Road. Then we had wine and crudités before dinner, all the while talking and laughing. It was a great visit in Santa Fe with someone who lives less that a half mile from me in Houston. Rose even gave Tracye a kiss when we dropped her back at her hotel.

Since I cleaned house and washed clothes on Monday and Tuesday, today has been a (mostly) quiet day at the casita. Of course, the day is never totally quiet when Rose is within ear range. Her snoring can be heard all over the house.

Today I'm creating check lists. Before I get on the plane tomorrow morning, I have to make sure that two ads are resized and sent to the publications. I also need to send the shopping list for White Linen Night. Check. Check. And done. Tonight I pack and eat yummy leftovers.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the garden, a rusted wagon I "rescued" last summer.
A friend from Houston is in town attending a ceramics workshop and is coming to dinner at the casita tonight. I was hoping that we would eat outside under the apricot tree, but that's not going to happen. It's supposed to rain again, which means that al fresco dining is out of the question.

Question of the day: Is there life outside of work? Can there be a balance between work and life experiences? (I guess that's actually two questions.)

Today I'm creating dinner for Tracye and a fun evening.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Plans for a long weekend in Houston

I'm excited to return to Houston on Thursday of this week for about five days. Although I talk to Mr. B every night (and sometimes during the day) I'm anxious for a hug and some cuddle time. Also in the plans are lunch with ladies I used to work with, White Linen Night in the Heights, brunch with the lovely McCarley sisters and my three nieces, and lunch with friend Kelly who has moved into a new house and is getting married in October. Oh yeah, and I'm having some face time with clients. I'll be ready to get back to the calm high desert after all that.

I cut my finger with a rotary cutter last night. I thought it would never stop bleeding! Then this afternoon when I was doing a some gardening, it started bleeding again. This isn't good timing because my plan was to clean house tonight while watching the finale of The Bachelorette.

Today I'm creating a trip to the grocery store and the plant nursery. Now it's time for dinner and I don't know what I have to eat on meatless Monday. I should have thought about that while I was at the store.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Another colorful tin bracelet. I like the circle with the hen.
I feel sorry for the vendors in the Spanish Market. It started raining about noon and I'm pretty sure that was hail I heard on the metal roof of the casita and portal. It's now close to 2:30 p.m. and the skies are still gray plus I hear thunder in the background. Rose and I don't mind the rain because we don't have any outdoor activities planned for today.

I guess since I'm in the house all day I might wash clothes. It seems like a good thing to do on a rainy afternoon.

Today I'm creating a baby blanket. Since the temperature has dropped because of the rain, I might curl up the blanket after I finish it.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A beautiful Saturday

I pushed away from the sewing machine for a few days
and made some tin jewelry instead.
This morning I took Debbie to a shop the my cousin Susan and I found when she was here with me. Debbie loves rali cloth, and almost everything in the shop is made from it. I also love the fabric. I have a couple of silk scarves and two cotton kantha quilts made from it. While the fabric is new, the hand-stitching technique that's used by the women of India is centuries old.

We also went to a gallery, of sorts. The poor old man and the gallery were a crazy mess. In fact, the gallery is such a mess that the man pulls binds out for people to go through. He doesn't even sit in the gallery. I was interested in the "ledger art" that he had. Some of the ledger paper that's painted on dates back to the Civil War. I was a good girl and didn't buy anything, but I'm still thinking about several of the pieces.

Today I'm creating a trip to the Spanish Market. Debbie and I were there at 8 a.m. when it opened and had finished looking at everything before 9 a.m. I've enjoyed the Spanish Market in past years, but this year there was nothing I wanted to see.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good morning, Rose

Rose standing sentinel.
Rose's favorite time of every day is in the morning when I open the backdoor so she can sit on the portal and watch the birds, butterflies, bees and everything else that visits the garden. Since the casita is down a private road I can leave the backdoor open, which is something I wouldn't do in Houston. There aren't any mosquitos here to invade the house. I did see a fly the other day, but those are also uncommon. So the morning ritual here is for me to spend mornings on the computer with the television on in the background and Rose to guard the house from the portal.

I hadn't seen The Grand Budapest Hotel so I rented it and watched it yesterday. It's listed as a comedy, but I thought it was more of a farce. I enjoyed how the background for director Wes Anderson's story was so symmetrical juxtaposed against the off-kilter story. What was really fun was seeing all the cameo appearances. It was a fun movie that I'm glad I saw at home instead of paying to see it in the theater.

Today I'm creating more tin jewelry and I think I'll piece together a quilt top that I have on the dining room table. The casita windows are open and it's a very sunny, cool morning.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An unusual rainy midday

Good news! No borers in the apricot tree.
Rose was sunning herself on the portal this morning when a clap of thunder brought her back into the casita. Granted it's the monsoon season in the high desert, but that usually means mid-afternoon showers for 30 minutes to an hour, not midday thunderstorms.

I made a tasty pot of soup yesterday with vegetables I bought at the Farmer's Market. The only problem is that it is a HUGE pot of soup. Can I freeze most of it, or should I divvy up the soup and deliver some to friends?

Today I'm making tin earrings. I've been sewing and hadn't done anything with the tins I brought. Last night I took out my little snack tray that I use when making jewelry. I filled the tabletop with tins and started cutting. I'm still looking for a tin canister I brought with earrings in it, but maybe I left it in Houston.