Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday wishes for Sweetness

Happy birthday, Sweetness.
Sweetness is 25 today. In many ways she's an old soul who has been here before. Yet she has always been young at heart, wide-eyed and innocent. She's such a compassionate woman, quick to befriend people and always the champion of the underdog. As her mom, I worry about her because she is somewhat fearless and independent. She can disregard her own safety. But I love her quick wit and the fact that she wants the world to be a better place. Happy birthday, sweet Evanita!

On the little road where the casita is located, there are three houses further along from me. For several years only one house has been occupied. David lives there. The house between David and the casita is owned by a man in California. He bought the house last summer. I've only seen him a couple of times. People have been working on the house on the opposite side of the road. It's looking good, but every time someone goes to the house Rose starts barking. She's very protective of the casita!

Today I'm creating totes, after I clean the kitchen and the floors. I cut out the totes in the kitchen on a long countertop. It's time to organize my remnants and stacks in the kitchen. I sew in the dining room. Threads and small scraps are everywhere. And I do my hand sewing in a comfy chair in front of the television. More scraps and threads. Regrouping and cleaning up will energize me for a final push final push before I return to Houston in a little over a week. Once again the summer has gone by quickly!

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