Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pasta for dinner

I got up this morning a went to two garage sales to look for fabrics and tins. Neither had good tins, but both had fabric remnants and scraps. Good finds! The second one also had a great old iron baby crib with layers and layers of green paint. I wanted it for my craft show display, but not for $125. Way too much money for the amount of time I spend at craft shows. Next I went to the flea market south of town. I was hoping there would be lots of vendors there since it was Labor Day weekend, but it was just the opposite. I did find some fabrics remnants, plus a vendor with Japanese indigo. Remember the poncho I posted earlier this week? The price for the indigo was higher than I wanted, but I did buy three pieces (I was hoping to get five). 

Today I Bacon Day. Who knew there was such a thing! It's an unofficial observance held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the U.S. Celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing of bacon. Unfortunately, I've thawed turkey meatballs to eat with pasta tonight. No bacon in the casita.

Today I'm creating pillows. On the way home from the flea market, I decided that I couldn't just sit around for the next three or four days until I return to Houston. So I stopped by the fabric store and found interfacing on sale for 50% off (I was out of it). I'm pulling out the sewing machine to see how many burlap pillows I can make. If I don't occupy myself, I'll want to go shopping ... and maybe eat bacon.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mixed weather in Santa Fe

It can't decide whether it wants to rain or shine in the high desert this afternoon, so it has done some of both.
The pic-of-the-day was taken around 5 p.m. You can see there are dark skies and blue skies and wet streets.

Former co-worker, current friend, and sometimes client Kelli was in town yesterday to scout places for an upcoming meeting she is coordinating. We met in the bar about 5 p.m. at the Four Seasons where she was staying. After a refreshing cocktail and lots of catching up we went a little further out of town to Gabriel's for dinner. Good view and Mexican food, with even better margaritas. Then it was back to the Four Seasons for a nightcap. We sat out by the fire pit and enjoyed the starry, starry skies. Since it was such a special occasion, I broke my longstanding policy to only drink Baileys Irish Cream in December. Last night the Baileys was shaken (not stirred) over ice and then poured into a cold martini glass. Nectar of the gods! So yummy.

Today I'm creating nothing. Yesterday I packed up my sewing and tins so I took the day off from creating. I read about a shoe sale at one of my favorite stores so I went to check it out. I left empty handed. Next I walked to the other end of Sanbusca Market to a clothing store I like. I found two jackets there, both on sale, that I couldn't resist. They'll be perfect for the cooler months in Houston.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thoughts about Leigh

For Leigh.
My cousin, Leigh, died today at 12:31 p.m. in Houston, exactly one week after her 60th birthday. This leaves many of us in sorrow and tears, but I know it's what Leigh wanted. She had many many surgeries for her cancer during the past two years along with radiation and chemo. For about a month she had been bedridden and continually asked when would "it" be over.

I'm so glad that when I was in Houston earlier in August I spent time with Leigh. And, as I wrote after I last saw her, I'm happy that the last words we said to each other were "I love you."

Today I'm creating time to remember Leigh. Since she was a little girl she giggled when she laughed. It drove our mothers crazy, but right now I'm smiling (and crying) as I think about her giggle.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A special find

Big ole' suitcase to use in my craft show displays.
After lunch I spent about an hour and half helping a real estate friend with some marketing ideas. He is always helping me, so I was happy to help him get organized and plan for the future.

Later I went to a resale shop to look for old Mexican tablecloths. I found many, but the shop thinks the tablecloths are more valuable than I do. While I was in the shop I found an big old suitcase (see pic of the day) for only $19.50. It's going to work really well in my display when I have craft shows. I may put a mirror on the inside of the lid so ladies can look at themselves when they try on jewelry.

Today I'm creating a delicious dinner for myself. I saw a recipe for chicken salad that uses avocado instead of mayo. I boiled the chicken this morning and have been waiting all day to try the recipe.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's complete

Photos of bags to submit with my application to the
Santa Fe Recycle Festival.
After several online tries and multiple (unreturned) phone calls, I was finally able to get a silly tax number from New Mexico, which is required on my application to the Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival.

I started completing the festival application, but needed a Gross Receipts Tax number, which New Mexico abbreviates as CRS. Silly me. I would have abbreviated it Gross Receipts Tax as GRT, but I'm not part of the New Mexico government. Anyway, I could complete the CRS application online, except that whenever I got to a certain point I was stopped. After trying for days on my MacBook Pro, I decide there might be a communication problem between the State of NM and my Mac, so today I switched to the HP computer in the bedroom. Success! I got past the previous stopping point, only to find out I needed a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) number from the U.S. Census Department before I could complete my New Mexico CRS application and finish my Santa Fe Art Festival application. For every step forward I felt like I was taking two steps backwards, but all ended well. However, I'd like to state for the record that the New Mexico government may be slow, but the U.S. Census Department is confusing. The closest I could find to craft artist or artisan (my primary business in New Mexico) is manufacturing. There is a classification for art and recreation, but the classifications are all performing artists, not visual artists.

Today I'm creating a trip to the grocery store. One of the stores I like in Santa Fe is Sprouts, which I just read is opening a store in Houston. Today my trip will be to Albertson's because stores like Sprouts and Trader Joe's don't carry Quilted Northern toilet paper or Starkist tuna.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Plans to shut down the casita

Today I completed all the paperwork to enter the recycle festival in Santa Fe. I also took photos that show samples of my sewing and upcycled tin jewelry. Tomorrow I need to go to the tax office and apply for a New Mexico tax identification number. I've tried several times to complete the paperwork online, but it's not working. It's the last piece I need before I apply to the festival. Then all I can do is keep my fingers crossed for positive results. 
Pillows made from used burlap sacks.

Friends who have attended the festival in past years have been encouraging me to enter, so I wanted to sew as many pieces as I could and leave them here. When I get back to Houston I still have time to sew more if I get accepted into the festival. For now, I'm out of interfacing and have tons in Houston, so I decided that I'm finished sewing until I get back there. 

Today I'm creating one last tote bag that I have cut out. The small bags I've made don't have handles yet, so I'll work on those tomorrow, but for the most part my sewing is finished for now. I'll have a few days to do a couple of things before I return to Houston. A friend and former co-worker will be in town on Thursday and we're going to have cocktails and dinner. Then I'll begin the deep cleaning I do before closing the casita for a couple of months. Either next Tuesday or Wednesday I'll put the girls in the car and hit the road back to Houston. As usual, the summer has gone by quickly.  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Soft ponchos from Japanese indigo

At the two flea markets in Santa Fe, there are vendors from Africa who import all sorts of items. I especially like the textiles, such as the mud cloth from Africa. These same African vendors also sell Japanese indigo (go figure). Several retail stores in Santa Fe also sell indigo and mud cloth, but they buy it from the flea market vendors and mark it up.
Add caption

Japanese indigo was devised during the period from 1600-1868. First a design was cut onto tanned Japanese paper that consists of many layers glued together. The pattern was then placed on a sheet of textured cotton cloth. A paste of rice was spread over it and covered the parts of cloth where the patterns were cut out. Once the cloth was dipped in the Japanese indigo dye, the parts not covered with the rice paste were dyed a deep blue. I've seen indigo that's similar in design, but have never seen two exactly the same. Just like mud cloth from Africa, patterns are similar, but no two are exactly the same.

Today I'm creating totes and ponchos. I've already made two tote bags and will probably make two more, once my back recovers. I've also made three ponchos, two from indigo and one from a fabric that came from Guatemala. The pic-of-the-day is one of the ponchos I made out of indigo. It's really soft and cute. I can see wearing it over a long-sleeve t-shirt with jeans or leggings. I fought myself today because I wanted to go get more indigo and make more ponchos to sell. Would they sell?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Birthday wishes for Sweetness

Happy birthday, Sweetness.
Sweetness is 25 today. In many ways she's an old soul who has been here before. Yet she has always been young at heart, wide-eyed and innocent. She's such a compassionate woman, quick to befriend people and always the champion of the underdog. As her mom, I worry about her because she is somewhat fearless and independent. She can disregard her own safety. But I love her quick wit and the fact that she wants the world to be a better place. Happy birthday, sweet Evanita!

On the little road where the casita is located, there are three houses further along from me. For several years only one house has been occupied. David lives there. The house between David and the casita is owned by a man in California. He bought the house last summer. I've only seen him a couple of times. People have been working on the house on the opposite side of the road. It's looking good, but every time someone goes to the house Rose starts barking. She's very protective of the casita!

Today I'm creating totes, after I clean the kitchen and the floors. I cut out the totes in the kitchen on a long countertop. It's time to organize my remnants and stacks in the kitchen. I sew in the dining room. Threads and small scraps are everywhere. And I do my hand sewing in a comfy chair in front of the television. More scraps and threads. Regrouping and cleaning up will energize me for a final push final push before I return to Houston in a little over a week. Once again the summer has gone by quickly!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Something a little different

Small tote with cute, cute fabric.
I've had a little bit of a headache all day. This morning I took something and hung out before getting dressed to go out to find some trim. It's one of those nagging headaches on the left side of my face that just won't go away, no matter what I do or what I take.

I had lunch by myself at Santa Fe Baking Company. It's a popular hole-in-the-wall with good food. Many of my favorite places to eat in Santa Fe are small in size. Anyway, I had tasty quesadillas. I was given so much food that I brought half of it home to eat for dinner. Unfortunately, I don't want to eat dinner because I still have the headache.

Today I'm creating embellishments for my bags. I didn't sew a stitch. There's always tomorrow.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

More fun totes

The main fabrics in this large tote came from
old tablecloths. The back matches the front.
This is my cousin Leigh's 60 birthday. She is still clinging to life, although wishing it was over. I talked to her sister Susan today about Leigh's condition. Susan said Leigh sleeps most of the time and is disappointed when she wakes. I remember all too well the sadness I felt when my brother died. Soon Leigh won't wake up and for that I'm sad for Susan.

I keep thinking that I should sweep the floors and vacuum the rugs. There are small threads and strips of fabric everywhere, but until I put the sewing machine in the closet there are going to be threads everywhere. Roz walked up to me this afternoon looking like she had rolled around in the thread. I found the sticker roller and cleaned her.

Today I'm creating the finished draft of a marketing plan. I sent it to my client this afternoon for review. Tonight it's time for more totes and bags that don't require magnetic snaps. I found the battery charger for my camera, so today's pic-of-the-day of a tote I made yesterday is much clearer than the past couple of photos I have posted.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another finished tote

I stepped out of my comfort zone today and made a tote bag with fabrics from an old tablecloth, a used Purina Chow bag, two striped fabric remnants and canvas. The pic of the day is dark because I hung the bag on a hanger and then put it on a door in the hallway. Even in the dark photo it's so cute. I love it! I have several old tablecloths that I'm going to use tomorrow.

I did a little bit of shopping today. "Little" refers to the amount of time I spent, not the amount of money. I'm tired of walking around in clothes that are way too big, so I went to town on a sale rack. The clothes would be too light weight for winter in Santa Fe, but will be just right for the cooler months in Houston. I refuse to refer to December, January and February in Houston as winter. Those months are just cooler. In Santa Fe there are lots of sales right now because Labor Day marks the end of the city's "high season."

Today I'm creating tote bags. I also worked on projects for the Art Heist, which is the event within an event that takes place on Saturday night of the Bayou City Art Festival. All the pieces are coming together and it's going to be a fabulous party.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tote bags

Front of bag
I'm out of magnetic snaps to use on my bags, so I'm putting those fabrics aside for a couple of days until my new supply arrives. I tried not to over buy because I have plenty in Houston. But trying to get Mr. B to find the magnetic snaps and mail them to me was just too much to consider. So in the meantime, I have tote bags to make, which don't require snaps.

In the pink-theme bags I made yesterday, I think the pic of the day is my fav. I've had the fabric with the big flowers for at least a year, but couldn't decide how to use it. The colors are vivid and mixed well, but I only had a small piece. Then when I found the remnant with small pink flowers, it all came together. The bag still needs a strap or handle. That will come soon.

Today I'm creating ... oh boy, the list is long. First I had a conference call with my Tuesday client. I must admit that making the conference calls in my pajamas is great! Next was follow up emails and a separate interview for an article. After I wrote the article and got it approved, I coordinated calendars with clients upcoming events. Then I had two pro bono projects to complete and an e-blast to get out. Needless to say, the day has gone by quickly, and I still have tote bags to sew. No nap today. Bummer!

Monday, August 19, 2013

All things pink

Pink is the color of the day. I even put on a pink bra. TMI?
I'm all about themes. For example, when I plan an event for a client or myself, I like to present a theme. It doesn't have to be over the top, such as I would do for a kids birthday party, but a theme is involved in my planning. In organizing my storage in the casita, I have items in clear boxes labeled by theme: gardening tools, office supplies, light bulbs, etc. Even when I sew I have themes. On Saturday I sewed bags that all used stripped fabrics. So my theme today is the color pink (see pic-of-the-day). All the fabrics have pink in them. Even this blog has a theme. I always write three paragraphs and the last paragraph always begins with Today I'm Creating.

The invitation I wrote yesterday was well accepted by the reviewers. I made a few tweaks based on comments and am waiting on a couple of clarifications before the invitation is finalized to go to the designer for the real magic.

Today I'm creating bags. A high school chum (male) asked if the bags pictured on my blog and on Facebook were for use in microwaving potatoes. What? I thought Ed was being funny, but then he sent a photo of a tater baking bag that his wife got him. Since this is meatless Monday, I may have to go to the store to buy a potato. Then I'll put it in the least favorite bag I've made, place it in the microwave, and see if the spud actually cooks faster in a tater baking bag. Spud sack? Potato pouch?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A complicated invitation for an upcoming event

The cat hiding behind this enormous bottle
brush plant didn't want to play with Rose.
I haven't sewn a single bag today or made my bed. I still have time to make a couple of bags. But I haven't made the bed because I stayed in it until noon watching movies with Roz. She still hasn't left the bed and she makes a fairly noticeable lump under the sheets if I make up the bed while she's still in it.

The pic-of-the-day is of the magnificent bottle brush plant in the yard at the casita. Yesterday Rose found a cat hiding behind the bush. While wagging her little nubby tail as hard as she could, Rose barked and barked at the cat, who never moved. I told Rose the cat could hurt her, but Rose just kept wagging her tail and barking. After I told her a half dozen times either "no" or "stop" I finally popped Rose on her bottom. She turned and looked at me. If she could talk I know she would have said, "Why did you do that, mama?" By the time Rose turned back around the cat was gone, but that doesn't stop Rose for going to the same place to look for the cat. Every time we go outside Rose runs straight to where the cat was yesterday. Rose, the cat has left the building yard.

Today I'm creating an invitation for an upcoming event. Oh, don't laugh. It's not a simple wedding or party invitation. I wrote a four-page invitation with a two-sided insert card for an upcoming event. It was themed, of course. It took me about three hours. I'm a good girl for doing it today until waiting until tomorrow.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

More bags

I wish I had something exciting or fun to write about today, but it's not happening. I just answered the question correctly on Final Jeopardy. This might be the highlight of my day.
Four of the five bags I made today.

I kind of made tortilla soup from scratch today. I say kind of because I had to substitute some ingredients, but it was OK. I was tempted to try one of the recipes people keep posting on Facebook: crack potatoes. It looks terrific, but if I made it I would want to eat the entire casserole. That would not be a good thing. 

Today I'm creating more bags. The theme for today was stripes. I got five bags made before my back started aching. That's the same number I made yesterday before my back started aching. These bags are longer than the ones I made yesterday. Still no embellishments or straps on any of them. That will come later.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Best grilled cheese sandwich ever!

These bags were made from old flour sacks,
 except the one on the lower left. It is made 
from silk obi, which is a sash from a kimono.
In my search to find the most tasty grilled cheese sandwich, I hit the jackpot today! There's a restaurant in Santa Fe called Cowgirl. My friend, Debbie, wanted to go there for lunch today. Most everything on the menu is heavy, but I decided to order something and take half of it home for dinner tonight. The grilled cheese sandwich had sharp cheddar, gouda and brie with tomato and pesto served on sour dough bread. The second half of this delightful treat is in the fridge. Let's see if I eat it before dinner, or if I can make it that long!

The pic-of-the-day are bags that I made yesterday. What can I say, I was on a roll! I still need to put straps on the bags and I'll embellish most of the flaps with a vintage brooch or a large button. I developed the pattern for these bags, which are simple to make and fun to carry.

Today I'm creating more bags. I have a bunch of Southwestern fabric that I can't decide if I want to use for totes or bags like the ones I made yesterday. Maybe I'll make the bags longer and change the shape of the flap. Sounds like a plan to me.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peace among fools

I was so frustrated by a phone call I had yesterday from a rude woman. I was trying to help this woman, but she was acting crazy, yelling at me on the phone, and calling me names. She kept threatening to quit the project she volunteered to do. Let me make this clear. This is an adult woman threatening to take her toys and go home if she didn't get her way. After a 30+ minute conversation with the crazy woman, I was tempted to seek out the nearest comfort food. Mr. B helped calm me down and I ate a grilled chicken wrap instead of a hamburger and fries. Not too bad.

Before the craziness, I did get some bags made. The pic of the day is my favorite. Really fun use of fabrics on my part, if I do say so myself. I have three other tote bags completely finished and two more that need handles and some sort of embellishment. I'm heading out to the flea market tomorrow to see if I can find an old belt to use on a denim bag. We'll see how much my sewing machine likes leather.

Today I'm creating casual handbags from fabrics. (I need a better description for them.) I started making one yesterday, but was interrupted by the call with the crazy woman. I don't use patterns to make the bags and was screwing up on my sewing. I just wasn't thinking clearly, so I decided it was best to step away from the bag until today.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Sunflowers from the garden adding color to the dining room.
I found a great little shop in Santa Fe that is now selling my jewelry. Mary Kay, the shop owner, was so excited about my up-cycled tin jewelry and I'm so pleased to have representation in Santa Fe! I still have another shop in town that I'm going to visit. I don't think the two shops have the same customers, so there wouldn't be a conflict (if the second shop would like to sell my jewelry).

This afternoon I signed closing papers to refinance the casita. The new rate on the loan is so much better than the original rate. As much as I love this casita, I did purchase it when interest rates were high, as were housing prices. With a lower monthly payment amount, I now love the casita even more!

Today I'm creating handbags. Yesterday I made some really cute tote bags, but felt the need change things up today.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More opportunities to sell my jewelry in Santa Fe

Roz was bad to the bone last night. Here she is
giving me her please don't be mad at me face.
I was out with my jewelry yesterday afternoon at four different places. I got three nice rejections: I love what you're doing, but it doesn't fit with my store; I make all the jewelry in my store; and I like your jewelry, but jewelry doesn't sell well in my store. I also got one comment, "I'm not the owner so come back tomorrow and show it to her." This afternoon, with quarters in hand for the parking meters, I'm headed back out.

Last night I also got an email from Dee in Houston who says she enjoys reading my blogs. Thanks, Dee! She said she likes reading about what I do because it makes her think about what she would do if she were in my shoes. Her message reinforced to me that I'm a lucky woman to spend part of the year in Houston and part of the year in Santa Fe. Dee also gave me the name of a couple who are moving from Houston to Santa Fe. I've already emailed them about getting together.

Today I'm creating tote bags. I made one last night that looks really good. I have fabrics spread all over the bedroom and am ready to make more bags today, after showing my jewelry and going to the grocery store.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Missing family and friends in Houston,
but not the heat and humidity.
I have contacts with two small shops in Santa Fe that might sell my jewelry. I've already been rejected by three shops here. One shop owner said she liked it, but had enough jewelry. The second shop owner said my jewelry wasn't a good fit with what she sells (I agree). And I don't think the tin was turquoise or Native American enough for the third shop owner. But today is a new day and I'm off this afternoon with product in hand, a positive attitude, a smile on my face, and fingers crossed that the fourth and/or fifth tries are the charm.

My friend Debbie who is from Houston and has a house here, is probably going back to Houston this coming weekend. She said yesterday that she doesn't want to leave Santa Fe to return to the heat and humidity of Houston, but feels guilty for being gone so long. Like me, she arrived at the end of June. I feel her pain. There's nothing I would rather do than spend time with my family and friends right now, and I feel the need to be in Houston for the Bayou City Art Festival, but it would be hard to leave the cool weather in the high desert. I'm planning to stay here until after Labor Day.

Today I'm creating an invitation to the Art Heist hosted by Bayou City Art Festival and then I'm sewing. I'm surrounded by wonderful textiles and need to stop simply looking at them. Time to spread the fabrics out and get creative with them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time to write something

Neither Rose nor I are pleased with her new hair cut!
I have a fun time last night with Susan from Houston and Rebecca from Dallas. We started out at Vanessie for cocktails. Vanessie is a small inn in Santa Fe with a nice restaurant and a great piano bar. Acclaimed and renowned celebrity Doug Montgomery has been playing the piano and singing there for years. I understand he is Julliard trained, so imagine his displeasure when people request that he play "Piano Man" and "Build Me Up Buttercup." But he is very entertaining as he grins and plays the requests.

Next we went to dinner at Geronimo Restaurant, which is one of the best in Santa Fe. We were greeted at the door with a glass of bubbly. Chris, who mans the front door at Geronimo's, is probably the best looking host I've ever seen. I say that only because Mr. B isn't a restaurant host anywhere. Otherwise, my hubby would be the best looking host I've ever seen.

Today I'm creating responses to questions a client received for a newspaper article. But first, I was up early to make breakfast for Susan, Rebecca and Debbie. Yummy.
Then Debbie and I were off to the flea markets in town. One was a bust, but I found some vintage tablecloths at the other and a great piece of fabric from Guatemala. Tomorrow I'm bringing out the sewing machine so I can continue sewing after a week's break.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Borrowing an appropriate tune from Sesame Street

The fluffy clouds are perfect above the mountain.

Mr. B called me this morning. He said it was raining in Houston. I had a little song for him:

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
How to get to Sesame Street

It often rains for a hour or so in August in the high desert, but today has been cool and sunny. I don't think it reached 80 degrees. I've noticed from spending summers here since 2007, that around August 15 the cooler Fall weather arrives in Santa Fe. Maybe autumn is here a little early this year. 

Today I'm creating a drive into the mountains. I woke up this morning with a bit of an upset stomach, so the girls and I stayed close to the casita. This afternoon I felt better, so we drove out of the city (see the pic-of-the-day). Tonight I'm going to meet a couple of women for a cocktail. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh happy day!

The handsome and happy face you see in the pic-of-the-day is #1 son-in-law Nick. On Tuesday night his band, The Suffers, was voted best ska/reggae/dub band by the Houston Press. Congrats to Nick and the other band members!

For those of you who don't understand what ska/reggae/dub music is, I once helped Nick write a bio for The Suffers that describes their music: The Suffers is a Houston, TX-based group that brings together members of the city’s best bands to create music that drips with the sweaty sounds of Jamaican Rocksteady and classic American Soul. The band’s sincerity and blatant passion for their music resonates with listeners. In fact, the band has garnered a broad following, which affords them the ability to cross over genre divisions effortlessly. I can't keep my body still when I hear The Suffers perform!

Today I'm creating minor revisions to a magazine article I wrote yesterday. This afternoon I'm going to an antique show and an estate sale. It sounds like the perfect day to me!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A new day

The sunflowers are opening up.
My friend who came to Santa Fe with me on Monday left to return to Houston this morning. Once again it's just the furry Pettit girls and me at the casita. I'm washing my second load of clothes before I wash the sheets and towels. I want to get my business work and house work done today so I can play Friday-Sunday. I like just working one day a week ... but I'm sure Mr. B has other ideas about my work schedule.

When I came back to Santa Fe I brought several pieces of heavy fabric with me so I can make bags. I don't think I'll pull out the sewing machine until this coming Monday. Instead I'm going to work on jewelry. I have leads at two places in Santa Fe. Both shops carry all sorts of different items. I want to make sure the jewelry I take to show the owners is tailored to the shops.

Today I'm creating a couple of bios, a couple of newsletter articles, a couple of invoices, and I'm working on a website. These are all items that I put on the back burner while I had company. Now it's time to get down to business. Wait ... The Price is Right just came on. Maybe I'll delay work until after it is over.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Super short

You know I'm having fun when lunch
involves adult beverages. 
How short can one blog be? Let's see.

I'm writing a short blog tonight because I'm super tired from three days of good food and shopping. The pic-of-the-day is from lunch today. Yum.

Today I'm creating nothing, but tomorrow is going to be extremely busy. I've promised lots of items for tomorrow. Tonight I need to make a list, but instead I'm going to sleep. Good for me.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Back in the Land of Enchantment

Colorful flowers (Ginger?)  from the Houston yard.
It was an easy, breezy plane ride to ABQ and drive to Santa Fe this morning. On the way into town I called the kennel to check if the furry Pettit girls were clean and ready for pick up, and they were. I don't like the way the groomer cut Rose's hair, but it will grow. Roz's new hair cut is fine. She was so happy to see me she even wagged her tail.

Once in the house I opened the windows, turned on the fans, and unpacked. It was then time for a nap. Now I'm going to check what type of music is going to be performed on the Plaza bandstand this evening. If it's something I like, I may drive to town to enjoy some music.

Today I'm creating egg salad for lunch. Yum! It was supposed to be 100 degrees in Houston today. The high in Santa Fe is 81 degrees. Lovely!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sad goodbyes

Beautiful roses growing in the Houston garden.
White Linen Night in the Heights was so much fun! All my preparations for the party at my clients office came together beautifully with the help of Mr. B and Dr. Mc. Everyone loved the food. Everyone loved the cupcakes and snow cones flavored with Vodka. And everyone loved the live music. Down on 19th Street, which is the heart of the Heights, there were so many people. Jubilee, the fabulous store that sells my up-cycled tin jewelry, was packed. It was so packed with people that I went behind the counter to help write tickets and package merchandise. I love living in this community! It really does have a small town feeling, yet we're only four miles from downtown Houston.

I can't believe it's already time to pack for my return to Santa Fe. I wish I could take Mr. B., Dr. Mc, #1 son-in-law Nick, and Sweetness back with me. Not having them with me is the only thing missing during my summers in the high desert. I miss them and hate saying goodbye to them.

Today I'm creating time to spend with my cousins, Leigh and Susan. Doctor's have given Leigh about a month to live. Although she is at her sister Susan's home now with hospice care, in a very short time Leigh will be in a hospice facility. Leigh and Susan being close in age to me were the closest I had to sisters. Today, after several hours of reminiscing, I could tell Leigh was tired so I took her hand in mine before I left. We used to hold hands and giggle as little girls. Not so today. Leigh said not to be sad because she wasn't in any pain and she was prepared for what was going to happen. We gave each other a big hug while tears rolled down our checks. I was very sad, but if today was the last time I see Leigh alive I'm glad that the final words we said to one another were I love you.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Day one of rushing around

I'm missing the furry little Pettit girls.
I begin the morning with an 8:30 a.m. doctor's appointment. I made this early morning appointment so I could get in and out in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, this was not to be. I spent an hour and a half in the doctor's office. Crazy amount of time that threw my day behind!

I met with Kristal at Jubilee so she could select new jewelry for tomorrow night's party before meeting Mr. B for lunch. Get this. We're invited to a February wedding in Mexico, but our passports are expired. He is insistent that we get our passports renewed ... today. Never mind that the wedding is five months away. To the post office we go, but we need to complete paperwork in black ink. Plus the camera is broken at the post office so we have to go to CVS to get passport photos taken. Lunch and the passport adventure, and I finally split from these errands because I still have miles to go today. To the Bayou City Art Festival office to borrow two tents. To Aztec Rentals to rent chairs and table clothes. To a friends house to borrow four tables. To my clients office to drop everything. By this time it was 4 p.m. and I needed to get out of the heat!

Today I'm creating preparations for tomorrow's party. I still need to go to the grocery store and the paper warehouse to buy plates, cups, napkins and forks. The grocery store is a must for tonight because the pork has to be in the oven early in the morning so it can show roast. My day isn't over and tomorrow will be another busy day!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

hot, Hot, HOT!

Final necklace and earrings before putting
everything away to come to Houston.
I've been in Houston for about an hour and I think I started sweating the minute I walked outside of Hobby Airport to passenger pick up. The thermometer in Mr. B's car said it was 102 degrees. No wonder I'm sweating! My hair is also starting to frizz. Welcome home.

I took the two furry girls to the kennel around 8:30 a.m. MDT. Roz walked in the door and immediately crapped on the floor. How nice of her. Then she stood by the door and fought the man trying to take her to the Pettit suite. I finished filling out some paperwork and then went to the car. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw sweet Rose standing by the fence staring at the car. Oh, my heart is broken! Both Roz and Rose are rescue dogs. I have the feeling that Rose thought she was being abandoned again. It was like leaving the McCarley sisters on the first day of pre-school. "Please don't leave me." I can still see Rose's sad little face. Hopefully she has already made dog friends.

Today I'm creating a trip to Houston. Southwest Airlines has a new rule that passengers can only take one carry-on bag and a small personal bag (i.e., a purse or backpack or briefcase). In the past I have always been able to take my suitcase and overnight bag onto the plane along with my purse, but no longer. Bummer.