Sunday, August 18, 2013

A complicated invitation for an upcoming event

The cat hiding behind this enormous bottle
brush plant didn't want to play with Rose.
I haven't sewn a single bag today or made my bed. I still have time to make a couple of bags. But I haven't made the bed because I stayed in it until noon watching movies with Roz. She still hasn't left the bed and she makes a fairly noticeable lump under the sheets if I make up the bed while she's still in it.

The pic-of-the-day is of the magnificent bottle brush plant in the yard at the casita. Yesterday Rose found a cat hiding behind the bush. While wagging her little nubby tail as hard as she could, Rose barked and barked at the cat, who never moved. I told Rose the cat could hurt her, but Rose just kept wagging her tail and barking. After I told her a half dozen times either "no" or "stop" I finally popped Rose on her bottom. She turned and looked at me. If she could talk I know she would have said, "Why did you do that, mama?" By the time Rose turned back around the cat was gone, but that doesn't stop Rose for going to the same place to look for the cat. Every time we go outside Rose runs straight to where the cat was yesterday. Rose, the cat has left the building yard.

Today I'm creating an invitation for an upcoming event. Oh, don't laugh. It's not a simple wedding or party invitation. I wrote a four-page invitation with a two-sided insert card for an upcoming event. It was themed, of course. It took me about three hours. I'm a good girl for doing it today until waiting until tomorrow.

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