Thursday, August 15, 2013

Peace among fools

I was so frustrated by a phone call I had yesterday from a rude woman. I was trying to help this woman, but she was acting crazy, yelling at me on the phone, and calling me names. She kept threatening to quit the project she volunteered to do. Let me make this clear. This is an adult woman threatening to take her toys and go home if she didn't get her way. After a 30+ minute conversation with the crazy woman, I was tempted to seek out the nearest comfort food. Mr. B helped calm me down and I ate a grilled chicken wrap instead of a hamburger and fries. Not too bad.

Before the craziness, I did get some bags made. The pic of the day is my favorite. Really fun use of fabrics on my part, if I do say so myself. I have three other tote bags completely finished and two more that need handles and some sort of embellishment. I'm heading out to the flea market tomorrow to see if I can find an old belt to use on a denim bag. We'll see how much my sewing machine likes leather.

Today I'm creating casual handbags from fabrics. (I need a better description for them.) I started making one yesterday, but was interrupted by the call with the crazy woman. I don't use patterns to make the bags and was screwing up on my sewing. I just wasn't thinking clearly, so I decided it was best to step away from the bag until today.

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