Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tote bags

Front of bag
I'm out of magnetic snaps to use on my bags, so I'm putting those fabrics aside for a couple of days until my new supply arrives. I tried not to over buy because I have plenty in Houston. But trying to get Mr. B to find the magnetic snaps and mail them to me was just too much to consider. So in the meantime, I have tote bags to make, which don't require snaps.

In the pink-theme bags I made yesterday, I think the pic of the day is my fav. I've had the fabric with the big flowers for at least a year, but couldn't decide how to use it. The colors are vivid and mixed well, but I only had a small piece. Then when I found the remnant with small pink flowers, it all came together. The bag still needs a strap or handle. That will come soon.

Today I'm creating ... oh boy, the list is long. First I had a conference call with my Tuesday client. I must admit that making the conference calls in my pajamas is great! Next was follow up emails and a separate interview for an article. After I wrote the article and got it approved, I coordinated calendars with clients upcoming events. Then I had two pro bono projects to complete and an e-blast to get out. Needless to say, the day has gone by quickly, and I still have tote bags to sew. No nap today. Bummer!

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