Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Sunflowers from the garden adding color to the dining room.
I found a great little shop in Santa Fe that is now selling my jewelry. Mary Kay, the shop owner, was so excited about my up-cycled tin jewelry and I'm so pleased to have representation in Santa Fe! I still have another shop in town that I'm going to visit. I don't think the two shops have the same customers, so there wouldn't be a conflict (if the second shop would like to sell my jewelry).

This afternoon I signed closing papers to refinance the casita. The new rate on the loan is so much better than the original rate. As much as I love this casita, I did purchase it when interest rates were high, as were housing prices. With a lower monthly payment amount, I now love the casita even more!

Today I'm creating handbags. Yesterday I made some really cute tote bags, but felt the need change things up today.

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