Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More opportunities to sell my jewelry in Santa Fe

Roz was bad to the bone last night. Here she is
giving me her please don't be mad at me face.
I was out with my jewelry yesterday afternoon at four different places. I got three nice rejections: I love what you're doing, but it doesn't fit with my store; I make all the jewelry in my store; and I like your jewelry, but jewelry doesn't sell well in my store. I also got one comment, "I'm not the owner so come back tomorrow and show it to her." This afternoon, with quarters in hand for the parking meters, I'm headed back out.

Last night I also got an email from Dee in Houston who says she enjoys reading my blogs. Thanks, Dee! She said she likes reading about what I do because it makes her think about what she would do if she were in my shoes. Her message reinforced to me that I'm a lucky woman to spend part of the year in Houston and part of the year in Santa Fe. Dee also gave me the name of a couple who are moving from Houston to Santa Fe. I've already emailed them about getting together.

Today I'm creating tote bags. I made one last night that looks really good. I have fabrics spread all over the bedroom and am ready to make more bags today, after showing my jewelry and going to the grocery store.

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