Monday, September 30, 2013

Two weeks and counting

Great vintage jewelry box to use in my displays.
Yes, it's only two weeks until the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown. That meant three meetings for me today. But first, I had time to be upstairs in my studio to finish organizing fabrics. There's still some furniture up there that will be part of an estate sale in November. Then I'll have more room to completely finish what needs to be done. But for now, I can start sewing and making jewelry. I'm so happy to see the floor and the top of the table where I sew.

Roz has developed a very bad limp on her right leg. I have taken her to the vet before because she was limping. According to Dr. Duncan, because the Shih Tzu breed has shorter legs in the front than in the back, they can easily dislocate a shoulder or elbow. I'm afraid that's what she has done again. Yesterday and today we have carried her outside, set her down in the grass, waited for her to do her "business," and carried her back inside. So sad for her!

Today I'm creating a meatless Monday dinner. I've been talking about this for months, but Mr. B just got the idea today. Go figure.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Roz in a Halloween hat. She doesn't look happy!
An expansion of Hobby Airport breaks ground tomorrow. New parking garage. New international terminal that serves Mexico and Latin America. To me, it sounds like new headaches. I like Hobby Airport the way it is because it's easy to get in and out. I guess that will be going away.

It's raining in Houston, as it has done for the past several days. I'm thinking this is a good thing because if the weather wasn't a mess I might be tempted to drive to Round Top. I've seen pictures from people who are participating in the huge markets there and love it! But instead of a short trip to Round Top, I'm driving to Target to get a couple more bins for my fabrics.

Today I'm creating more organization in my craft area, with some time out to watch the Texans game. I found out yesterday that Mr. B removed the cable connection from upstairs. Unfortunately, I like background noise and now it's much too quiet up there.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another day of organizing

Saw this on Pinterest. Great idea for organizing all my ribbons.
I spent the afternoon upstairs my craft area. At one point there was a knock at the door. It was Mr. B, who had come upstairs to check on my progress. I'm sure he thought I was taking five steps backwards from where the space began, but I'm feeling progress.

There were shelves to move from the craft area to the office area. Still in the office area are a mid-century modern desk and two vintage chairs with lion heads that I hope will be sold in an upcoming estate sale. I'm so torn about a Knoll daybed that is doing nothing upstairs, but taking up space. Am I really sell it in my friend's estate sale? I sold a Knoll chair about a year ago and I still regret it. I love classic furniture!

Today I'm creating a delicious beverage to have with dinner. After a day of blood (I can't do anything without injuring myself), sweat and tears (why have I let things get so cluttered), I needed a specialty cocktail.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, fun day

I was busy yesterday and completely forgot to post. Today, for the second time in a month, I put eggs on to boil and completely forgot about them. What's up with my brain? Or should I slow down and take more time to "smell the roses?" If I don't write something down I completely forget. I just thought of something else I've forgotten about. Where's my note pad?

I'm going upstairs to my craft in a few minutes. I'm determined to find the bottom of the mess. Mr. B assembled shelves and took them upstairs for me last weekend. It's my turn to fill them with fabrics that are scattered all over the upstairs. I'm always amazed at how many fabrics I have, yet I will keep buying them. This is the way my sweet grandmother felt about fabrics. If she saw fabric or trim that she liked, she would buy yardage and keep it/them until she was inspired. I loved to go to her house because she would always pull out fabrics to find what I liked. She could sew anything without using a pattern. When my grandmother died, there were boxes and boxes and bags and more boxes of fabrics and trims. My mom was completely the opposite. She never bought fabric or trim unless she was ready to make something.

Today I'm creating job descriptions. Well, that was this morning. This morning, I'm putting on my organizing hat.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thanks for divine intervention!

Shirley, who works with Mr. B, is a truly wonderful woman. She has such faith and often post on Facebook her feelings of gratitude for her blessings.
One of my many blessings is the support and
love I receive from Mr. B!

Today on Facebook, Shirley wished her family and friends a wonderful Wednesday full of new blessings, grace and mercy. I responded that someone from above has certainly been guiding me or else I would have gone postal today. She replied back that she, too, has experienced guidance every day this week. I so admire Shirley, who has plenty of reasons to be bitter, but instead keeps the faith. I could learn so much from her about focusing on the positive.

Today I'm creating thanks for divine intervention and a life of blessings and mercy. If it's not too much to ask, I'd appreciate a little more grace sent my way. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Days filled with pro bono work

On this day in 1991, the album "Nevermind" by Nirvana
was released. I didn't like Nirvana, but bought the album
because of the cover. Yes, it's all in the presentation!
This  morning I worked on marketing for the Houston Heights Association and this afternoon I worked on publicity for the Bayou City Art Festival. I can hear Mr. B saying right now that I should be spending as much time on paying work or creating items for the upcoming Santa Fe Recycle Art Festival. Just to keep him from fussing at me, I'm going upstairs after I post this blog to work on organizing my fabrics and tins.

Yesterday I got an IKEA catalog and was looking for inspiration for my booth at the recycle festival. As I've said before, "it's all about the presentation." These have been words to live by in my professional and volunteer life. Hum. Perhaps I just decided on the inscription for my headstone. Except that I'm going to be cremated, not buried. But I digress. Back to my recycle festival booth. I'm envisioning a rustic-meets-shabby-chic look. I think. I see it in my head so hopefully I can make it work.

Today I'm creating copy for a poster. A sceptic might think that writing a poster is nothing. "Oh, I could do that and I'm not even a professional writer." Really? There's a small space and tons to communicate. It's not as easy as you might think.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Great Day!

Artwork of Syn Moen, featured artist at the upcoming festival.
Except for my iffy stomach, it was a very productive day and so much was accomplished. Smoothing feathers. Calming nerves. Making people smile and laugh. And creating future plans. Today was great.

Back to my iffy tummy, which was not so great. Since the first of the year I've revised my eating habits, but threw caution out the door last night. Dinner, although so yummy, was probably too rich. A perfectly grilled filet by the grill master himself (Mr. B). Cheese grits (by moi) made from combined Martha Stewart and Paula Dean recipes. The mandatory stick of butter came from Paula Dean and rich cream from Martha Stewart, plus the upgrade of cheeses. I mean, who wants simple cheddar when Gruyere, parmesan and white cheddar can be mixed?

Today I'm creating magic with the staff at Bayou City Art Festival. Just three weeks until the Downtown Festival and there is so much to do. It was fun hanging out with them today.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What does it mean?

I love this old chair, table and big plant on my neighbors porch.
I had a dream last night that I killed someone. Yikes! Needless to say, I was freaked out when I woke up this morning! Why would I have such a dream? So today I researched dreaming that I killed or murdered someone. Now it makes sense.

To dream that you killed or murdered someone forewarns that heavy stress may cause you to lose your temper and self-control. (Heavy stress, yes. Losing temper and self-control not yet, but I can see it happening.) Another meaning is that you're putting an end to an old habit and former ways of thinking. (Definitely happening.)

Today I'm creating a file filled with craft booth ideas. In all my years of marketing and event planning, I know that presentation is everything!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A full range of emotions

Totes, such as this one made from African
mudcloth, will be part of what I sell during
the Santa Fe Recycle Art Festival in November.
A tree in our neighbors' yard fell on the power lines behind their house around 10:30 p.m. yesterday, which left us without electricity for about six hours. The only audible sounds for six hours were Mr. B and Rose snoring, the beeping of the Internet box, and the sounds of trucks in the middle of the block. No doubt these are the reasons I had a migraine headache this morning and missed my cousin's life celebration this afternoon. I was very disappointed, but knew that I couldn't drive an hour and be around family with a migraine. I couldn't even lift my head from the pillow or open my eyes. Good drugs and about six hours of sleep finally cured my problem.

Another thing that happened today was receiving word this afternoon that I have been accepted into the Santa Fe Recycle Art Festival. I don't think I've used as many explanation points as in the email that I sent back to the festival thanking them for accepting me. That was before the trucks arrived this afternoon to make a permanent fix to the power lines, which left us without electricity again this evening for several hours.

Today I'm creating nothing, but tomorrow is another day.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Rain is good. Flooding is not.

The Suffers make the news.
The forecast is for rain today and tomorrow in Houston. This is great, but the forecast is also for flooding in parts of town. Fortunately the 'hood where Mr. B and I live is in a non-flood area. But when other parts of Houston flood it's hard for Mr. B to get home from work. We're planning to attend a reception and an open house tonight, which might not happen if the weather doesn't improve.

My #1 son-in-law Nick and other members of The Suffers have a great write-up in 002 magazine in Houston. The extremely handsome Nick is on the far left and his cutie-patootie brother Alex is second from the right with his hand in the air. Always front and center is the fabulous miz-thang, Kam Franklin. The Suffers will be playing in Austin tonight. I hope they have a safe trip and better weather than we're having in Houston.

Today I'm creating two e-blasts (done) and washing clothes (next on my list). I might as well be productive since I'll be in the house all day.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun day

Nana's little red travel case and two old jewelry boxes.
I had lunch today with Mitzie, which is always fun. We hadn't seen each other since before I left for Santa Fe. She spent much of her summer in Salina, KS, with her mom (Connie or Mims). The plan was to move Mims into a retirement community, but instead she got really ill. She was in the hospital and then rehab and is has now finally moved into her apartment. So Mitzie was back and forth to Salina taking care of her mom, and packing and moving her into the apartment. We agreed that my summer in Santa Fe was probably more fun.

Mitzie brought me a little red suitcase or travel case that belonged to her grandmother (Dorothy or Nana). Nana was an incredibly independent, intelligent, no-nonsense and outspoken woman who we all adored. Mitzie knew I was looking at old suitcases and she brought Nana's to me. I love it, as did people in the cafe where we were having lunch. Several people commented on the little case.

Today I'm creating an afternoon of resale and thrift store shopping. I found two vintage jewelry boxes that I will use along with the suitcases for my displays. Still no word about the Santa Fe Recycle Art Festival, but I'm keeping a positive attitude and moving forward.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another busy day

Looks like a wine bottle, but it's actually shampoo.
Yesterday I saw this shampoo in the pic-of-the-day. It has my (maiden) name all over it – literally! I used the shampoo this morning and can't believe how good it smells. Mr. B, on the other hand, doesn't like to use "fancy" shampoos that make his hair smell. For me – bring on the rosemary and lavender.

Starbucks published a statement today telling customers that guns are no longer welcome in its stores. Their statement continued by stating that if you take a gun into a Starbucks store or outdoor seating area, they will still serve you. Let's see. So what they're really saying is guns are banned in our stores, but if you have one it's OK, they'll still serve you. In my opinion, their statement is the same as not taking a position at all. 

Today I'm creating a flier for a client. It must be getting close to time for the Bayou City Art Festival. How do I know? I had five hours of meetings today with BCAF.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Tuesday, all day

So how was your day? My day was busy doing a million and one little things.

I was on the hunt for a good looking yet affordable rug. Mr. B has lots of requirements for a rug. He doesn't like pile, but he wants a rug that's soft. He doesn't like flowers or bold patterns. Colors are also a consideration. I'm wondering when I'm out looking for his ideal rug why he didn't go find his own rug!

Today I'm creating work in the morning, errands in the afternoon, and pro bono work most of the evening.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rain in the Houston Heights

Seeing this old bike reminds me that I need to have the tires
on my bike filled. It's getting cool enough to ride a bike.
I've attended three meetings so far today and have one more to go. As a result of wearing wedges, my legs are so tired right now. My feet don't hurt. Just my legs.

It rained quite a bit today, which was really nice. The temperature dropped to the low 80s, although it didn't feel any cooler because of the humidity. I'm watching the weather report right now and there is a weak front that's supposed to be heading to Houston. Our first fall front.

Today I'm creating a short write-up about a friend's yard. A group is go
ing to look at his trees that are protected landmarks. It was a first for me to write about a yard.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Disappointing football

Harvard Elementary School in the Houston
Heights, where Dr. Mc and Sweetness
both attended kindergarten.
I don't think a single team I like won their football game this weekend. And now the Texans are falling apart. Or are the Titans just playing dirty? Maybe both. For sure both!

Mr. B went to his office this afternoon to catch up on some paperwork. I've been glued to the television, hoping for the best for the Texans. Once Mr. B gets home we're going upstairs above the garage to my craft area. He has put the shelving together for me. Let's move some piles of fabric around, put the shelving in place, and start making new stacks.

Today I'm creating organization of the fabrics. I'm still waiting to hear if I will be participating in the Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival. I need to suggest that the jury process starts earlier so the artisans can have more time to prepare.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A low-key weekend

I'm excited about the upcoming weekend because I'm going to spend it organizing my craft area. I have purchased inexpensive shelving from Target that Mr. B is going to put them together for me. Then I'm going to organize my fabrics. Once I get the fabrics organized then I can tackle all the tins. I haven't sewn anything or made tin jewelry for a week, since I've been home from the high desert. Time to get back in the groove.

My calendar is filling up quickly. The fall is always a busy time. It will be especially busy this fall if (when) I'm accepted into the Santa Fe Recycle Market that takes place in mid-November. It's a lot simpler to create if I'm organized before the mayhem starts.

Today I'm creating a lunch meeting to discuss the upcoming Bayou City Art Festival/Downtown. It's crunch time!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time for blogging

Lassie debuted on Sept. 12, 1954. 
I didn't realize that it has been four days since I've written a blog. I think I'm still adjusting to being back in Houston. I see photos of Santa Fe and wish I was still there. Snap out of it!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were busy, not to mention hot. On Tuesday afternoon, I was jumping in and out of the car taking photos for an all-volunteer nonprofit. I'm surprised I didn't get sick from sweating and cooling, sweating and cooling. I also had really bad hair at the end of the day.

Today I'm creating two phone conferences. Unfortunately, the first resulted in a postponement of a project until October. I'm hoping for better luck with the second conference call.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Finding the cool

Mr. B had beautiful white roses waiting for me when I got
home on Thursday. So sweet!
It was still hot when I took the little girl dogs outside at 10 p.m. last night and hotter when I took them out at 7:30 a.m. Then there was off-and-on rain during the day so I don't think the temperature got as high today as it was supposed to get. Still, I've noticed that the hot weather is zapping all my energy, or maybe I'm still recovering from the long drive from Santa Fe to Houston. Either way, I had things I was going to do today outside of the house, but did none of them.

Yesterday I didn't feel wonderful. I did have a salad for dinner, but didn't drink any wine. Water seemed nice and refreshing. Today I have felt about the same as I did yesterday, so I have been loading up on water all day and just had little bites to eat. To tell the truth, it takes all my energy to go to the kitchen or the restroom or to take the girls outside.

Today I'm creating more magazine time and lots of nap time. Maybe I'll feel like running a few errands tomorrow before Mr. B gets home in the evening.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dinner out with friends

While Mr. B is out of town, maybe I'll should in my stash of
vintage brooches and buttons for bag embellishments. 
Mr. B left for the airport for his weekend trip to Dallas, so I've made plans to have dinner out with some girlfriends. The only problem is that I ate so much junk yesterday and the day before that my entire system is upset. I don't want to eat and I certainly don't want to drink, but I'm definitely in the mood to catch up with friends who I haven't seen in two or so months.

Before going out tonight I'm catching up on magazines that came to the house while I was gone. It's still close to 100 degrees in Houston, but October magazines are all about fall clothes and accessories in wool, felt and cashmere. I love the colors, but the fabrics don't work here.

Today I'm creating an invitation for a client and then reviewing a brochure and newsletter article for pro bono clients. That work is completed so it maybe time for a nap with the girl doggies. The perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon in Houston.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Final leg to Houston

Home, sweet home.
The girls and I got in the car around 9:30 a.m. to drive the final five hours to Houston. I kept thinking about what I needed to do once I got here. I did make a quick stop in Boerne, TX. My original purpose was to get gas in the car and clean my windshield, but after driving on Main Street, I decided to make a quick stop and run through a couple of stores. Once in the car and on I-10 again, I decided that I should have bought one little display piece. Oh well.

When I got to the Houston house, I immediately opened my computer and started firing off emails. So much to do. So little time.

Today I'm creating an e-blast and reviewing collateral for a non-profit, working for an invitation for a client, and chairing a meeting for Bayou City Art Festival. I tell people that it usually takes me about two or three weeks to get back in the "groove" in Houston, but not this time.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The trip back to Houston

Half way home to the Houston house and Mr. B.
The girls and I left the casita this morning with the backend of the Explorer filled. Of course, there was a cleared spot so Rose could stretch out in front of the back seat air conditioning vents. Roz always lays on the driver's left leg. I'm tired, but the girls slept the entire time, except when I stopped for gas and I would take them on a short walk. We drove south on Hwy. 285 until we reached I-10, where we turned left and kept driving.

Before we left the casita, I watched Good Morning America to see who was included in the new cast of Dancing With The Stars. I don't know two thirds of the so called "stars" on the show. This season it seems like the dancers are more well known than the actual "stars." Perhaps the show should be renamed Dancing With The Wannabes.

Today I'm creating a eight-hour drive from Santa Fe, NM to Sonora, TX. I'm exhausted from driving, but will get up in the morning and drive another five hours or so.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A clean and organized casita

I'm so confused about the day of the week. I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday instead of Monday. And my client is out of the office and there wasn't a conference call, so it certainly didn't seem as if today was Tuesday. All I know is that, whatever day tomorrow is, I'm getting in the Explorer with the girls and heading to Houston.

As of right now the casita is spic and span except for the master bedroom. I spent a great deal of time today packing my clothes, fabrics and tins, as well as organizing what I'm leaving here. Winter and summer clothes are in separate under-the-bed storage bags. The clothes I'm taking back to Houston are in my suitcase and the clothes I'll need tomorrow night at the hotel are in a separate bag. As soon as the sun goes down, I'm putting on my pink pajamas and washing the last bit of clothes, including what I have on.

Today I'm creating a few last photos of the garden. Since it's September, many of the flowers and plants are finished blooming. The lavender bush is still blooming and smelling so good. I wish computers had scratch and sniff screens because the lavender in the house smells so nice.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor day = lazy day

'Tis the last rose of summer
Left blooming alone;
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone.
-- Thomas More
I ate lunch outside today with Princie and John who are in town from Houston. They're seriously thinking about buying a house here. Princie is an artist and I know she would find great inspiration in the high desert. The three of us walked over to eat, ate outside, and then walked back to the casita. I loved the walk, although I'm sure my head and shoulders got too much sun.

Princie asked me if I was sad to be leaving to go back to Houston in a couple days. That question gets yes and no answers. I'll miss the casita and the beautiful weather, but I'm ready to get back to Mr. B, family and friends. When I come back in November, it will be a completely different landscape in the high desert. It will be cold. It might have already have snowed. And all the beautiful flowers and plants will be dominant and brown.

Today I'm creating stacks and piles. Items to pack away in the casita. Items to take back to Houston. And I've started deep cleaning, which involves housework as well as putting away the summer linens and putting out cold-weather blankets and quilts.