Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

Roz, with the typical Shih Tzu underbite, says don't hate
her just because she's beautiful.
I had no problem getting onto my blog today. How exciting not to have a struggle.

I was up early this morning for a conference call with my Tuesday client. I thought I should be fully awake for the call, so I got up and took the girls for a walk. Like her mama, Roz is not a morning person and doesn't like her beauty rest interrupted. I had to drag her off the bed and she yawned the entire walk. Finally she laid down and refused to go any further unless I carried her. Anyway, I was fully awake for my conference call and now have three pages of handwritten notes to take care of by the end of the week.

Today I'm creating a newsletter and following up on the two fliers I wrote and forwarded last night. Can you say, "full day?"

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Something new growing in the garden. It's
going to bloom soon and maybe then I can
identify it in a book.
Thank you, Mr. B, for the long distance diagnosis to the problem with the master bedroom television at the casita. Someone with four big paws (Rose) can't help but step on the remote whenever she gets on the bed. No kidding. Weird things happen to the television.

I'm totally in the Santa Fe state of mind, which means I reach into the closet and pull out linen pants and a linen top for my daily uniform. This morning I did this before I ran errands. When I got home and started walking the girls, I caught a reflection of myself a glass door. I'm wearing the colors of a watermelon and my body resembles one. How perfect. Note to self: Maybe the coral top and honey dew colored pants aren't a good match.

Today I'm creating a one-page flier. I got the bad news today that I didn't get a project for a national client that I created a proposal for about two weeks ago. I was bummed for about an hour, but decided I wasn't going to ruin my day pouting about something that didn't happen.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

I joined thousands of people today at the
Traditional Spanish Market and Contemporary Hispanic Market
under clear blue Santa Fe skies.
If I ever doubted the toil that five months of foot and ankle problems would take on my body, I got substantiated proof today ... and the result wasn't great. Normally I would be able to walk around for hours without problems, but not today.

I drove to The Plaza just before lunch. First I walked to a Mexican restaurant just off The Plaza, where I enjoyed Eggs Benedict (American origin) and a Bellini (Italian origin) while listening to live French-accordion music. Next I walked around the Traditional Spanish Market and the Contemporary Hispanic Market. After being on my feet and sore ankle for about four hours, I drove back to the casita and climbed on top of the bed for a nap with Roz, my Chinese Shih Tzu. When I woke up, my body felt as if a Japanese sumo wrestler had tossed me around. Perhaps a little Italian vino will be just what I need to relax after a culturally diverse day.

Today I'm creating names for a conference group and a mailer. I wasn't happy with my naming efforts on Saturday, so let's see what I can create today.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012

A stray cat kept Rose barking much of last night, which means I didn't get much sleep. If I did fall asleep, it was only for 30-45 minutes because Rose would start barking again. Consequently, I slept most of the day instead of going to the 61st annual Spanish Market on the Plaza. Oh well, it will be there tomorrow.
Tasty snack bar from Trader Joe's.

I get upset with myself if I don't do anything all day, but then I remind myself that I'm on vacation and don't have to work hard or be productive. But when I've grown up with the philosophy that people should make the most of every day, my self criticism can get tough after a day of being a couch potato. Still, I wasn't a complete couch potato: I did wash clothes and scrub the kitchen late this afternoon.

Today I'm creating a plan and timeline for Madame's bridal shower. The shower isn't until October 6, but I can't let my goddaughter down with poor planning and execution.

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

In a week, what looks like a weed will blossom
 into a beautiful sunflower. 
I've had another difficult day of trying to get on blogspot.com. Why? I decided early this morning (when I first started trying to get on blogspot.com) that this was going to be a boring summer of posts and pictures unless I started leaving the casita more, although I do like today's photo. But I'm sure photos of the dogs and the garden will be boring!

I did make it out of the casita this afternoon to have a mani/pedi. This is the first time in more than five months that I've had the nails on all four limbs soaked, scrubbed and painted. Then I made my first trip of the summer to Trader Joe's to get my favorite salad to bring home for dinner. I also got a bottle of Mondavi Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, which is OK but not great. I wish I had splurged on a bottle of bubbly to enjoy during the opening ceremony on the Olympics, but I'll make due with the Sauvignon Blanc. Speaking of the Olympics, I LOVED QEII's entrance. Now I'm looking forward to Sir Paul's performance.

Today I'm creating a postcard mailer for an upcoming corporate event. While I was walking the girls this afternoon, I ran across a woman who had matching hair and nails. I'm not exactly what color to call them: royal or electric blue? What ever you call it, it was not a good look.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012

Santa Fe garden photo.
Dr. Mc emailed me this morning asking about books she liked when she was young, even before she could read. This took me back a few years! When Dr. Mc was born, I had gone back to school to finish my degree. Since I was an English major, I read her lots of heavy literature and poetry while rocking. She never liked napping, but she liked me rocking her and reading in the afternoons. It was mother/daughter bonding time. Tt night before bed she liked Are You My Mother, Pat the Bunny, Go, Dog. Go!, and Dr. Seuss books.

When she began reading on her own, she LOVED everything Dr. Seuss! On Saturday mornings she would get in bed with her dad and me, and read. What she really wanted was for someone to go downstairs, feed her breakfast, and turn on cartoons. As a stalling tactic, so we could get more sleep, her dad and I would tell her to read some first. Her very favorite was Green Eggs and Ham. She would read out loud, asking for prompting every once in a while. For months it was always Green Eggs and Ham. We got so tired of that book. I think we hid it to get her to stop reading it. Then came Cat in the Hat; One Fish, Two Fish, etc; Fox in Sox – everything Dr. Seuss – before she finally moved on the Winnie the Pooh, My Little Pony books, and Strawberry Shortcake books. She always loved her books and I don't remember her ever coloring or drawing in them, as Evan liked to do when she came along. 

Today I'm creating nothing. It's one of the few days in Santa Fe when it's not sunny. Instead it's cloudy and thundering, with a few drops of rain falling now and then. It's a great day for sitting on the portal (porch) and reading silently to myself.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

Rose has rediscovered the cool stone window ledge where
she likes to sleep. It also gives her a good view of of the garden.
Finally! I've tried and tried and tried again to access my blog today. I have no idea what the problem was, but I'm just now getting on at 5:30 p.m. I'll just say slow is typical for New Mexico where everything takes longer than anticipated.

I spent less time working on my computer today, which is a good thing! This left me with time this afternoon to drive around Santa Fe looking for all the accoutrements I need to start canning. I hope all the apricots I've picked don't spoil before I get them processed and in the jars.

Today I'm creating egg salad wraps for dinner. This is the third day of eating better, and I'm finally getting used to it. I usually give up drinking Diet Coke for the summer. While I'm still enjoying soft drinks I am also drinking more water than usual, plus eating healthy. Kudos to me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012

Big bowl of apricots I picked yesterday. I can probably pick
another bowl today, if I can reach them.
Let me set the stage for you. When it comes to food, Roz is a nibbler and Rose is a cobbler. So when the girls are fed, (A) Rose eats her food and (B) then moves to Roz's bowl, which results in (C) Rose is overweight and needs to shed a few pounds. A+B=C.

Now for why they are mad at me. I've cut back a bit on Rose's food. After two days of this, she's upset and pretty sure her throat has been cut. To ensure Roz gets a chance to eat her food, after we go outside around 7:30 a.m., I put her in the bathroom with her food and water.  She's upset because she thinks having to go in the bathroom with the door closed is some sort of punishment. Then I take up the Roz's food bowl, which upsets both the girls. Roz can't nibble during the day and Rose can't cobble up her leftovers. Just like is the case with the lovely McCarley sisters, I'm trying to do my best but that's not the way my actions are perceived. What's a mom to do?

Today I creating something with all the apricots I picked yesterday. I've re-read the Ball Blue Book guide to preserving and canning. While all sounds simple enough, baking, cooking, grilling, canning, etc. is always a challenge when I'm 7,000+ feet above sea level.

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

The Aurora, CO shooter appeared on television this morning. The media reports it's probable that the attorneys for the shooter will claim he is insane. There's no doubt in my mind that the young man is mentally unfit, but I wonder why our society isn't doing more before another shooter kills 12 people and injures 58 others? There must have been signs that were ignored. How many people thought to themselves, "Oh, he's just a harmless kook." The real question in my mind isn't whether or not this young man is insane, but rather what can we learn from this and do proactively to prevent other such occurrences. Just as is the case with car alarms, we shouldn't ignore what is going on around us. As the song by the Five Man Electric Band goes, "Signs, signs, everywhere a sign."
I need to find out from Richard Lawn if these
tiny apples are edible.

On a lighter note, Roz, Rose and I went on a short walk this morning. We found a tree that is producing the tiniest apples. I photographed some next to a champagne cork for size comparison. Look how tiny!

Today I'm creating a to-do list. So far my list contains a trip to the pharmacy, grocery store and nail salon, as well as cleaning up apricots that have fallen on the ground. This morning Rose had one in her mouth. I know the apricots are healthy human food, but I'm not sure what they will do to canines. Any thoughts?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

Flowers layered in the garden.
It's a beautiful Sunday morning. I can't tell you how nice it is to open the door and breathe in the cool air. Houston neighbor Sandra York emailed me last night to ask about the weather. My reply was that it is warm during the day and cool at night. I can live with that! I found Rose in her window this morning. Behind the couch in the main room, there is a sandstone ledge. Last summer she loved to lay on the ledge, but so far hadn't rediscover it, until this morning. The ledge is cool on her belly, plus she can look out the window to watch the birds and anything else that comes in the yard.

Mr. B goes back to Houston today. We're planning to pick up the apricots that have fallen on the ground and gather others that are still on the tree. But first, he wants breakfast as Pasquales in town.

Today I'm creating a trip to ABQ to take Mr. B to the airport. Let my summer vacation begin.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

Unpacking the linen clothes to enjoy in Santa Fe.
I finished unpacking and getting everything hung up. Looking at all the linen in the closet makes me happy and feel cool.

I'm loving the garden. I wish I could take everything back to Houston with me, but not much would work in the tropical climate. Then again, the beautiful roses in our Houston yard wouldn't last in the dry desert and winter snow. There is one rose bush in the Santa Fe garden, but it is so thorny that I leave it alone. It has an open orange flower that is pretty, but really doesn't have smell.

Today I'm creating an evening out with Mr. B and The Richards. We just had a light and refreshing afternoon rain. It smelled so wonderful! It reminded me of when I was young and it would rain at my grandparents house in Bryan, TX. I don't get that smell in Houston when it rains.

Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

Rose napping during the drive to Santa Fe.
Yesterday Mr. B and I made the drive, along with Roz and Rose, to the high desert. We arrived just after dark so we weren't able to see the gardens. This morning was a wonderful treat! I opened the back door to the casita and was met by clean, fresh (cool) air, beautiful sunshine, and a garden that is colorful and full. There haven't been any hummingbird sightings yet, but there must be hundreds of tiny bumble bees working their magic.

Mr. B loved the Ella Fitzgerald CDs I got for the trip. Whenever we're on road trips, the person in the driver's seat has control of the radio. Since he drove from Houston to Amarillo, we listened to the Ella Fitzgerald CDs for 10 hours! Fortunately, I was able to have both a morning and afternoon nap, as did both of the babies. Rose's midday nap was in my lap with her head on a pillow. Roz, as always, was perched in the driver's lap for 90% of the trip.

Today I'm creating a day of relaxation. I sure a trip to Albertson's will be part of my day. One-stop shopping at Albertson's in Santa Fe because you can buy food and liquor in one spot. Ah, life is good!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

When I pull up blogger.com to write my blog, the previous days email is the first thing on the screen. Today I saw the photo I posted yesterday of sweet baby Vivian and it made me smile. There's nothing like babies (humans, puppies, kittens, it doesn't matter) to bring a smile to my face.

I finished my Board meeting for Bayou City Art Festival and then went to the doctor to get my thyroid checked. Of course that meant two vials of blood. I have to say that the technician in this doctor's office does the best job of distracting me while she is taking my blood so I don't freak out!

Today I'm creating the first planning meeting for the Women of Wine auction that will take place at the end of October. It will require some wine. I'm also washing clothes to take with me to Santa Fe. More wine. Have I mentioned that I leave tomorrow at dawn? A little coffee. I've been gathering a group of books on tape and new CDs to listen to on the road. Everything from Ella Fitzgerald Sings Cole Porter to Maroon 5 to Killing Lincoln. Also new for our listening enjoyment are Gavin DeGraw and Kelly Clarkson. Actually I don't need too many CDs because Mr. B will often listen to the same song for an hour or more while he's driving and I'm sleeping. Just shoot me!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

Baby Vivian ... so sweet!
The little shoes I posted yesterday were delivered this afternoon to sweet baby Vivian, who is six weeks old. What an adorable baby girl! She slept and made cute baby noises most of the time I was there, but she did open her little eyes every once in awhile. Maybe it was my constant kissing on her tiny hands that made her wake up.

I had lunch with a friend today and tried to put on a pair of wedges with a low heel, but it won't work on my left foot. It just required more bending and twisting of my ankle than I was comfortable with ... but soon I'll wear them.

Today I'm creating an agenda for tomorrow's Bayou City Art Festival board meeting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

On my to-do list before I leave town ... take baby Vivian
her first pair of red-bottom shoes. I hope I don't get in trouble
with Christian Louboutin for trademark infringement.
This morning I was reminded what it was like to work full time. The alarm went off at 7 p.m. and I went immediately upstairs to my office to cull through samples. After finding the ones I wanted, I got dressed and went to Mr. B's office to make copies. Next I dropped off a proposal at a client's office before heading home. No sooner was I in the driveway than I got a call about another project that took me out Hwy. 290 and then downtown. I headed to lunch in Highland Village, after which I picked up some packaging materials on Richmond for another delivery. All of these activities in and out of the car in 90+ degree weather and humidity.

It's nice that I'll be spending the rest of the day inside!

Today I'm creating an afternoon off since I worked most of yesterday and all of this morning. I have to wash clothes before I leave town. Have I mentioned that I'm leaving for Santa Fe on Thursday?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012

This morning was more like Spring in Houston than mid-July. It was raining and thundering hard for several hours, but now the sun is out. It should make for a steamy afternoon, so I plan on staying inside.
Painting by Patrick Palmer.

Mr. B and I went to the open studios yesterday at Winter Street, which was fun! Maybe a third of the studios were open. I guess that's about typical for this time of year when it's so hot. We saw some good artwork, some stinky artwork, and Mr. B ran into a woman he worked with 20 years ago. Mr. B and I decided to purchase a piece of artwork by Patrick Palmer. Besides being a terrific painter and very nice man, Patrick is the Dean and Studio School Faculty Chair and Department Head of Art History at The Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. We've enjoyed his paintings for many years and I'm excited to finally own one. Or let's get really deep: Does a collector own artwork or does the artwork own the collector?

Today I'm creating a proposal. I wasn't sure if the requestor was serious, but I guess she is. It has been a long time since I prepared a full-blown proposal because I usually work with repeat clients. But I'm sure I can do it again.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

Hummingbird babies waiting for their mom to arrive with
breakfast. From The Richards' garden in SFe.
I just finished having brunch with Rilla. It was great to catch up with her. Although I see her on Facebook every day, face-to-face chat time was good.

Look at the photo I'm posting today. It came to me via one of the Santa Fe Richards. These are baby hummingbirds in a nest in Richard's beautiful desert garden. It's Little Richard's fault that instead of having a rock garden at Pettita Casita I have desert plants that require a drip system to produce their beautiful blooms. And speaking of Santa Fe, Katy and John are there now with her parents. Katy called this morning to say that the branches on the apricot tree are weighed down with fruit. Photographer John never goes anywhere without a camera or two, so I hope he is taking some photos of the garden. Better yet, I'll be there next week to enjoy it first hand.

Today I'm creating date time with Mr. B. Winter Street, an old warehouse that has been transformed into artist studios, is having an open house today, and Mr. B and I are visiting the studios. What a great way to spend another rainy day in Htown.

Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012

Happy birthday to Rebecca Akin and Patricia Russell!
The babies (Roz and Rose) are having their hair done today, plus it's raining/flooding, so I was planning to stay in my pajamas and sleep in. But the installer for the new dishwasher arrived around 9 a.m., so I had to be up and dressed. I wish I had gone to Revival Market yesterday for pimento cheese, but noooo. It would have been such good comfort food while I hang out in the house for the rest of the day.

Happy birthday to my twin nieces who are a year and a half older than Dr. Mc. Just before Dr. Mc was born, my mom and I took the twins for lunch and shopping. I'm not sure why my sister-in-law wasn't with us. Anyway, after lunch I took the twins into the ladies room for a diaper change. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy, thinking that the twins were my babies and I was getting ready to have another baby. Yes, that would have been crazy!

Today I'm creating a clean kitchen and trying out the new dishwasher. Oh boy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012

Porch removed and old house moved.
Very productive day filled with Bayou City Art Festival meetings. We are going to be doing great(er) things during the next year or so. I'm very proud to be part of the organization!

A house I lived in for 13 years has been moved. The only house I've lived in longer is the one I've resided in since I married Mr. B in 1995. My old house was a cute cottage that sat on two wooded lots ... or it did until about a week ago. It's such a shame that so many old, beautiful trees were cut down so the house could be moved over to the once empty lot. A new house, on a now tree-less lot, will be built in the spot where the old house resided. What a shame!

Today I'm creating the startup packing list. At this time next week the car will be full and I'll be about two hours away from Pettita Casita. Awww. I can't wait to open the windows and breath in the fresh air.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11, 2012

This tote makes me think of Santa Fe. I must
put it in the take-to-the-desert pile.
I'm adding to my list of often-hard-to-find objects that I need to keep tied around my neck. The old list contained glasses, keys, a pen, scissors, tape, the channel changer, and matching socks. New additions to the list are my cell phone and charger.

Another day of rain in Houston. I think most of us in town are remembering the drought last summer so we think the rain is great! The Texas Hill Country might have something different in mind. I heard on the news last night that they received 10 inches of rain in a short period of time yesterday. That's what I would call too much of a good thing.

Today I'm creating time for a manicure after my doctor's appointment. I'm still waiting for the day when I get a mani/pedi. Soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012

Dr. Mc brought me flowers last night. I love white roses
and hydrangeas. These roses are big and smell wonderful!
The new season of White Collar premieres tonight and I can't wait. Matt Bomer is the cutest man alive ... well, except for Mr. B and #1 son-in-law Nick.

Thanks to Wayne for buying my lunch (again), but talking me out of my craziness today. It was one of those mornings that wasn't going as anticipated or planned. Wayne provided just the calming effect I needed. I was even OK when my salad was delivered with cucumbers, although I had asked for them to be removed. After lunch I got a call for a doctor's appointment I had been trying to schedule before I leave town next week. She had a cancellation and I'm in tomorrow. Cool.

Today I'm creating a newsletter, and trying to decide if I want to buy some new summer clothes or take a writing class after I get to Santa Fe. I found a place where I can play bridge (supervised play group) in Santa Fe. It's informal and will get me into the feel of duplicate bridge. You don't need to come with a partner. I should be able to meet other women in town, which I want to do.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Mr. B and I had a great time last night with friends. Catching up. Dinner. And Bridge. I don't know how many games of Bridge we played. Although I didn't have any terrific hands, but did well with two. On the way home I thought I'd look in Santa Fe to see if there are any Bridge classes I can join while I'm there. Having friends there to play Bridge with would be fun. I'd also like to take some sewing lessons. All sounds good.
Leaving the doctor's office on Friday with two shoes and
only an ankle brace. Question: Who picked the horrible carpet?

On Friday I got the hideous black boot off my left foot/ankle/leg. Free at last! I now have what the doctor referred to as an air cast. I think of it as more of a brace. But whatever you call it, I can wear two shoes!  

Today I'm creating a headline for a direct-mail postcard. While it sounds easy, sometimes the creative juices flow and sometimes they don't. This afternoon I have a Board meeting for Women of Wine Charities. It's raining again and I'll have to drive across town for my meeting. No fun!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

It would be great if all political candidates would campaign solely on their accomplishments and achievements. I'm sick of the negative campaigning wherein Candidate A has to put down Candidate B (and vis versa). Stop the madness!

I'm very tired today. First thing this morning I watched the Tour de France. Then I read the paper. Next was a nap. Now I'm watching Wimbledon (men's championship match). Really exerting myself today!

Today I'm creating Bridge review time. Mr. B and I are going to dinner tonight at John and Jackie's high rise, and then playing some Bridge. I haven't played in years.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012

Two summers ago I made apricot preserves. I
hope there is enough fruit to do the same this year.
I feel so sorry for Dr. Mc and #1 son-in-law Nick! They have been working on their house and yard for four days, getting ready for a large wedding shower for good friends. As late as 3 p.m. today they were in the front yard adding some color to pots and the flower beds. I guess around 5 p.m. it started raining at their house. They were counting on guests being able to pour out into the yard, but I guess that plan maybe rained out.

Juniper, the man who owned Pettita Casita before we bought it, emailed me today (he still owns a lot next to the house). He has some old photos of the house for us. I can't wait to see them. He said the apricot tree was full of fruit and asked permission to go into the yard and pick some. How nice that he asked before picking the fruit, unlike some neighbors who just helped themselves without asking.

Today I'm creating beds of color at the McZam's house. I helped Dr. Mc plant some color in their back yard and then showed her where to plant what she had for the front yard. We were outside for maybe an hour and a half, most of the time in the shade. When I got home my clothes were soaked and all my energy was gone. It's amazing how the heat can take it out of me.

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6, 2012

Kirby (Dr. Mc and #1 son-in-law Nick's beagle) has been
my sewing assistant this week. 
I'm getting ready to go to the doctor. This is supposed to be the day I get out of the boot. Oh please let it be! Mr. B is skeptical because my ankle is still swollen on the side and my foot is still bruised. Actually, I'm a little nervous about putting a shoe on my left foot because I don't want anything rubbing on my ankle. I'll take sandals to wear home from the doctor's office, just in case.

It looks like more rain today. I think the rain would be great for everyone except Roz. She really doesn't like the rain and will never come out from under the bed. The rain doesn't bother Rose in the least. She just rolls over on her back and continues her nap.

Today I'm creating more curtains for Dr. Mc's living room. I'm hoping that the next three go faster than the first one. It would happen faster if I got started earlier during the day, but somehow that never happens.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5, 2012

I don't know what day it is, but it can't possible be Thursday. Tuesday seemed like Friday because Mr. B was off on Wednesday. And Wednesday seemed like Saturday. But he went back to work today, so was yesterday Sunday and today is Monday? I hope not because two Mondays in one week is too much. Were you able to follow any of what I just typed?
Blooming in the back yard.

A show called The Revolution is on television right now. They just finished a segment featuring what is appropriate to wear for different summer occasions. I was liking everything until a woman came out in work clothes. I don't think so. What company allows short shorts with a jacket in the workplace? I don't think even on casual Friday would a company allow Daisy Dukes, unless the woman works at Hooters.

Today I'm creating window treatments at Dr. Mc's. I should have worked on them yesterday, but we enjoyed too many beverages on Tuesday night. Or was that Friday night. I'm confused.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th!
Nothing to report today. We've been around the house all day trying to stay cool and out of the mouths of mosquitos.

The grill master is working his magic on some steaks tonight. I wonder what everyone else is doing?

Today I'm creating nothing but nap time. I should have been sewing at Dr. Mc's house, but there's always tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

Looking good, gentlemen!
I didn't sleep last night. It was around 5 a.m. when I finally dozed off, but I let myself sleep in until around 10 a.m. Five hours of rest. Not bad.

Friends Nicola and Aaron have been at Pettita Casita until today. Nicola is a Houston artist who is having a show in Santa Fe. They sent a photo of themselves having breakfast in the garden under the apricot tree (see photo). I hear on the news that the weather in Santa Fe has been hot, as it has been throughout the country. But Nicola and Aaron look cool posing with their delicious breakfast. Slightly more than two weeks until Mr. B and I drive to Santa Fe for my summer vaca. So excited.

Today I'm creating window treatments for Dr. Mc and #1 son-in-law Nick. I haven't figured out how to do the panels because the windows aren't the same. I'm hoping the inspiration will start flowing soon! Maybe after a shower.

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Roz, our cranky and quirky Shih Tzu, is an under-the-bed dweller. The thing is, she thinks she is hiding, but she usually doesn't get her long tail under the bed (see photo). She's VERY proud of her tail and doesn't like people touching it. When people come to the house we never know if she'll grace us with an appearance or not. If she does appear we always tell people not to touch her tail because she'll snap. I probably don't helped matters. I tease her and touch her tail whenever I can. Lightbulb moment. Maybe she intentionally leaves that tail out to taunt me, as I taunt her. Maybe I don't give her enough credit. Game on little dog!

Have I ever questioned the logic of television channels having breaking news reports to cover long police chases? If not, why not? They are annoying.

Today I'm creating a trip to the fabric store. I didn't go yesterday but have no excuses for not going today.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012

I was looking forward to picking the apricots
from the tree in Santa Fe, but uninvited
neighbors helped themselves to the fruit.
I'm counting the days until this Friday, July 6, when I go back to the doctor about my ankle. I'm hoping that this will be the end of the black boot. Mr. B has his doubts, but I'm hoping for the best and taking a left shoe to my appointment.

We got a call last night from David, who lives down the road from us in Santa Fe, that people who live at the top of the road helped themselves to the apricots from the tree in our yard. The renters – who I've never met – not only took the fruit, but took a ladder and bags into the yard to get apricots. There was more fruit on the tree than they could eat, so I'm thinking they were planning to sell the apricots. I can't imagine invading someone's property and taking something that didn't belong to me. Oh wait, isn't that called stealing?

Today I'm creating a merchandising post card to go into a corporate give away.