Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TLP only has eyes for his great-
grandmother's necklace.
I love this photo of TLP and his great-grandmother. Iris is Big Daddy's grandmother who moved to Houston from Park City, Utah several years ago. She lives just a few blocks from Big Daddy's parents who keep TLP on Tuesdays. She often visits them and sees TLP on Tuesdays.

Iris has a colorful toy in her hand, but in typical fashion TLP is going for her necklace. I'm sure he was trying to put the bling in his mouth. After he finished with the necklace he probably went for her eye glasses and/or earrings.

Today I'm creating blogs, two bios and a press release. I was in and out of the office while it was raining and got soaked at least five times. I'm now home with dry cloths on, which feels really nice. Once again it's raining so hard that parts of Houston are flooding. At some point tonight the news stations will take over with non-stop weather reports. Thank goodness for cable television.

Monday, June 29, 2015

He would be a happy camper if he could only
figure out how to get on his knees.
It's not every day that I'm called upon to be the peacemaker in the family, but today semi hell broke out between Sweetness and her dad. Richard is such a mild mannered man and he was upset. Then Sweetness was on the phone crying and swearing that she was going to call off the wedding. Well, she said that she and Girafferty would just get married and not mess with all the wedding stuff. This was breakdown #2 of what I'm sure will be many more before the wedding on September 18.

My morning was spent with TLP. Dr. Mc said he didn't sleep much last night so I was expecting him to  have a long nap this morning. Instead he had a short nap and woke up cranky.

Today I'm creating an afternoon of meetings. At both I was put in a holding pattern. This seems to always happen before I go on vacation. This week will be calm and next week will be crazy.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

It stormed last night in Houston. The rain was heavy, but what really scared me was all the lightning.

I leave the heat and humidity of Houston for a week in the high desert one week from today. In preparation, I did some online shopping last night. I'm not sure why I felt I had to buy new clothes for SFe since I've been going there for the past 10 summers. My bad that I always buy new clothes BEFORE going rather than buying WHILE on vacation.

Today I'm creating reservations for Mr. B and me to go to Sonoma Valley in August. We have been to Napa Valley, but neither of us can remember the year. Where has my memory gone? Whatever year it was, we spent most of our time in San Francisco where it was very cold in August. One day we rented a convertible and drove across the bridge to Napa where the weather was beautiful and warm. This time we'll be staying in a house in Sonoma. Very relaxing!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It has taken me a day to recover from an afternoon of shopping with Dr. Mc, Sweetness and TLP. Yesterday we were looking for a dress, shoes and jewelry for Sweetness to wear in her engagement photo. I'm determined to get pictures taken. Sooner rather than later. We're now a step closer.

Our shopping expedition didn't start out well because not long after we got in the car we started arguing about where we were going. We decided on The Galleria and I'm happy to say that, with time, we were able to find everything. It's hard keeping up with the lovely McCarley sisters. They divide and conquer the racks, leaving me in the dust. Probably the hardest thing for me was spending time in the Nordstrom's shoe department, during a sale, and not buying anything for myself.

Today I'm creating a day on the couch. I just realized that I'm leaving for SFe in a week. Can't wait! The pic-of-the-day is of The Richards' garden in SFe. Look at the beautiful lilies!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last night TLP took eating his first
piece of bread very seriously.
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Dr. Mc works 10 hours on Monday through Thursday and has Fridays off. This means that on the days I stay with Aulay, he arrives in the house very early. I don't think he was ready to wake up this morning because he immediately went back to sleep. And so did I.

This morning the weather forecaster said that the high temperature would be 94 degrees, but with whatever and whatever factored in it would seem like 104 degrees. It's going to be a scorcher and just too hot for fair-skinned people, such as TLP and his grandmother, to go outside. He is dressed in a sleeveless romper. For me? I'm still in my sleepy shorts and t-shirt. I'm pretty sure that we will stay inside, sitting on a quilt under the ceiling fan, playing with our toys all day. I need to enjoy this time before he starts crawling and I have to chase him around the house.

Today I'm creating blogs. Maybe I've developed a rhythm for writing blogs for others. I've learned new software and even helped someone else with a problem yesterday. I'm feeling proud that this ole dog learned a new trick.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Photo taken a few months ago of TLP
in his four-sided command center.
Mr. Baby is finally old enough that I can put him in his "command center" in the kitchen while I unload or load the dishwasher, iron, cook, etc. Having him entertain himself while I do something else is so freeing. I don't have to hold him all the time or sit on the floor next to him, which is what I do most of the time he is with me.

Of course, he must be within my eye sight and I must be able to hear him when he is in his command center. I say this before someone calls CPS and tells them that I leave TLP alone while I do housework. That's just not true! I spray him with PAM and put him in the bathtub when I do extended amounts of housework … LOL. Not!

Today I'm creating a search for my cell phone. Thanks to Dr. Mc, I have the "find my phone" app on my phone and computer. It showed my phone at my client's home so I spent an hour looking for it there. I couldn't find it and was ready to slap my computer for sending me on a wild-goose chase. Then someone else located my phone in a drawer at my client's home. I need to slap myself because I had looked in that same drawer three times.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Two dozen beautiful white roses from Mr. B for my
birthday, They still look, and smell, wonderful.
Yesterday was not only Father's Day, but also the last day of my birthday celebrations for 2015. Before my birthday celebrations ended yesterday, Mr. B got me glazed cake donuts with a vanilla latte. In my mind, there's not better breakfast.

He and I stayed around the house most of the day until about 6 p.m. when we meet the lovely McCarley sisters as well as Big Daddy's mom and dad at Good Dog. (Big Daddy is on the road with The Suffers so we included his parents.) I'm always surprised that Mr. B enjoys going to Good Dog. Although the dogs are much more delicious than the basic hot dog, they are still hot dogs.

Today I'm creating a morning with TLP before going to the office and writing blogs. I'm also putting the final touches on a fundraising event for a Houston mayoral candidate that will take place tomorrow night. What's keeping me moving forward right now is knowing that in two weeks I'll be in Santa Fe, NM.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Big Daddy left yesterday to join up with The Suffers on tour. They have been gone with a substitute drummer for about two weeks. I'm sure it's difficult for him to be on the road and leave Dr. Mc and TLP at home.

When Mr. B came home this morning from his Saturday breakfast with his buddy Keith, he and I looked at photos of TLP. Having never had children of his own, Mr. B always has plenty of questions about babies. When do they stop putting everything in their mouths? Will his hair stay blonde? Do you think he is left or right handed? He asks and I always answer, "I don't know."

Today I'm creating another birthday celebration. Last night Mr. B and I were out with friends. First we went to a pop shop for dads and then we cooled off with margaritas while eating Mexican food. Yum! Today we're going to the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft so I can select my birthday present from Mr. B. This will be followed by a dinner for two with my fella. I guess my birthday celebrations will be interrupted tomorrow by Father's Day.
After the burger bash Mr. Baby was hot and
ready to put on some cool pajamas.
I remember being a teenager and thinking how old I'd be at the turn of the century. Now, 15 years past the millennium, it's hard to believe that I'm 63 years young (not old). I could do without the jowls, double chin, and sagging boobs (TMI?) that have come with aging. Otherwise, life is terrific!

I was able to get my mani/pedi yesterday before going to the Burger Bash. With Mr. B, Mr. Baby, the lovely McCarley sisters and their significant others, we drove outside The Loop (gasp) to what was once called Town & Country Mall. It's still an outdoor mall, but it's quite different and known as City Centre. Back to the Burger Bash, every type of burger was available. I couldn't try all the burgers. At one point Sweetness and I decided that we would get a burger and share it. Even with that joint venture we were short a couple of burgers. Then the family came back to the house for cake and champagne.

Today I'm creating blogs. I think I'm becoming the blog queen. I not only write my own blog, but now I write them for two clients. But tonight, it's back to celebrating my birthday with friends. Yippee!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's my birthday. It's my birthday. It's my birthday. And I'm spending the morning with one of the greatest blessings of my life. I love him more and more every day!

Tonight Mr. B is taking all of us to the Burger Bash hosted by Houstonia magazine. We get to walk around sampling burgers from some terrific restaurants and food trucks. The greatest part for me will be having my whole family with me on my birthday. On Saturday the celebration will continue when Mr. B and I will have a private dinner.

Today I'm creating a day of luxury for myself. After playing with TLP this morning, I'm treating myself to a mani/pedi this afternoon. Oh happy day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A boy and his ever-expanding circle of friends.
Weather forecasters are predicting doom and gloom for Houston, but so far all I've seen today is a little rain. I did speak to someone in Galveston about an hour ago who told me the island was getting pounded. If that is coming to Houston, it should be here in another hour. Maybe I should check the weather?

Most of the school districts in and around Houston canceled classes and after-school programs today. I can understand everyone's concern considering what happened to Houston around Memorial Day. It was a disaster from which many in and around the city haven't recovered.

Today I'm creating a newsletter and revising a blog before it is posted. I think I have a planning meeting at 6 p.m. tonight, unless it's canceled due to weather. Today is Big Daddy's birthday so he, Dr. Mc and TLP are spending the day together along with Nick's parents. Happy birthday Big Daddy!

Monday, June 15, 2015

In preparation for the dangerous tropical storm that is in the Gulf of Mexico, I went to the grocery store around noon today. There were at least two billion other people there who have been watching the exaggerated weather predictions I've seen. Water and batteries were almost gone, but I was able to stock up on important non-persible items. Potato chips. Chex mix. Wheat Thins and every other sort of cracker. Tuna. Grapes. My theory is that if we lose power, I'll be prepared with all sorts of junk food. Tonight I'm sending Mr. B to the liquor store to purchase the other essentials for a power outage: liquor.

I remember when Ike was heading to the Gulf Coast I was in the car driving to Houston from Santa Fe, NM. Why would I leave a land-locked state when there was a hurricane heading to Houston? We were 13 days without power after Ike. Our fingers are crossed that, as I expect, the weather forecasters are overstating what is going to happen this week.

Today I'm creating minutes for a board meeting I didn't attend and also writing a couple of blog postings. I know there were more creative endeavors involved in my day, but right now they escape me.

Friday, June 12, 2015

More than two dozen burp cloths ready to go.
I ran errands this morning before it got too hot. My plan to stay cool was working until I had to dig in the garage this afternoon. It's hot, hot, hot in Houston and even hotter in our over-filled garage. Fortunately Big Daddy came out to help me in the garage or else I would have melted by now. My age. My weight. The temperature and humidity. All of these probably contribute to the "power surges" I'm continuing to experience.

My question for today is this: How does Walmart stay in business? I'll only go to Walmart if it is absolutely necessary, and that happened twice this week. Wednesday I was in the store looking for cloth diapers to use as the base for my burp cloths. I asked a stocker in the baby area where I could find the cloth diapers. She told me that they don't care cloth diapers. She even asked a colleague, who confirmed that Walmart doesn't carry cloth diapers. I knew this wasn't true because I checked online. Sure enough, with a little more aisle surfing on my part, I found about a dozen packages of plain white cloth diapers. Last night I ordered a 4' x 20" folding table from Walmart so it would be ready for me to pick up at the store. I was supposed to get a text message when it was ready. When I didn't receive one, I drove to Walmart to get it and canceled my online order to get one in the store. After I was home with the table, I got an email stating that the store I went to didn't have that size folding table in stock. Not only did they have the one I bought two hours earlier, but there were also five more on the shelf. Again, how does Walmart stay in business?

Today I'm creating a sample display area in my living room before breaking it down and setting up at the venue tonight. I certainly hope the AC is working in the show venue!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Six Father's Day bibbed aprons with various
pockets: silly cowboys, sports, etc. pockets.
A work associate told me yesterday that I have a great laugh, although it's somewhat mischievous. This made me think about my father who loved to tell stories and laughed with his whole body. He had a terrific sense of humor and his laugh was very contagious. I miss him every day!

After work yesterday, I came home and made aprons for dads. My sewing machine was acting up so it took me much longer to finish the aprons than I expected, but I'm pleased with the finished product.

Today I'm creating burp cloths, I hope. Work keeps getting in the way of my crafting, which is another reason I should have started sewing sooner for this weekend's craft show. I have to finish sewing today so I can look at the tin jewelry I have available and make more, as needed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

As usual I've procrastinated in preparing for the show and sale I'm participating in this Saturday. In one way this is bad because I could have made so many more items, yet in another way it's good that I've procrastinated because I really don't have room to store what I don't sell on Saturday.

Yesterday, as I was making baby blankets, I thought about my paternal grandmother and mother. Making the blankets is a family tradition that was started by my grandmother who later taught my mother to sew. The blankets are simple to make while at the same time so adorably sweet. My grandmother and mother trimmed the edges of the ones they made with crochet. My crocheting is terrible (or non-existent) so the blankets I make are double sided and top stitched around the edge.

Today I'm creating blurp cloths and barbecue aprons. Before I start sewing I'll be doing some writing. Thanks to Big Daddy Nick for setting up the television in my craft room so I can enjoy background noise while I'm sewing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Being busier than I have been in the past five years isn't good for my blog postings. Now a client wants me to write and post blogs for his company. I can always write about my life, but writing articles that the general public will read can be challenging. Today when I asked (in jest) if I could use a picture of Mr. Baby on a client post, I got over-the-glasses look of "no."
After TLP's bath on Sunday night, I brushed
his hair to the side. He looked like such a
little man.

I'm taking a shortcut on some aprons I'm making for Father's Day. While online last weekend, I found that I could buy pre-made aprons for less than I could make them. What I want to do is add pockets out of fun fabrics (Rockets, Texans, fishing, barbecue, etc.). So I got some pre-made aprons, will sew the fun pockets on them, and price them for this weekend's craft market at a more affordable price.

Today I'm creating blogs, baby blankets, and barbecue aprons. Mr. Baby is with Big Daddy's parents on Tuesdays, so I will go home to quiet house.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm sitting on the floor again with Mr. Baby. One of his favorite activities is to sit on the floor on his dinosaur mat, surrounded by his toys and quilts (the quilts are in case he falls backward). He isn't crawling, but has learned that he can get wherever he wants by rolling. Right now he has rolled off the mat and quilts onto the rug trying to get to Rose.

Rose isn't sure about TLP. When he first came home from the hospital she was very curious about whatever it was that was taking my attention away from her. Then she got used to having him around. Now she isn't sure what to think when he rolls around. Rose was sleeping peacefully a few minutes ago until TLP rolled onto him. Fortunately, Rose is the sweetest ole dog. EVER. She loves to give TLP kisses and never messes with his toys, which are good things.

Today I'm creating an e-blast and FB postings before spending the afternoon on the floor with Mr. Baby and Rose. I hope the three of us can find time for a nap this afternoon.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mr. Baby on a play date with his little buddy
John Robert Taylor Stallings. Handsome boys!
This morning I got myself and TLP dressed so I could be at a doctor's appointment by 10 a.m. Only problem is that my appointment is NEXT Thursday. The receptionist, who isn't very friendly, told me to sit down and she would put me on the schedule for 11 a.m. today. Right. I'm going to wait in the doctor's office for one hour with a baby. No thank you.

So instead of sitting in the doctors office, we drove across town to see Mitzi and John Robert. I've written about my friend Mitzie many times. About three weeks ago she started staying with her grandson, John Robert, when his mom went back to work. The boys had a little time to chat before John Robert went to bed for his morning nap. But for awhile, it was fun to see the boys interacting with each other.

Today I'm creating a good time with Mr. Baby. Mitzie and I agree that it was much easier taking care of kids 30-35 years ago when our bodies were more cooperative. At one point this morning we were both on the floor with the boys and weren't sure how we were going to get up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mr. Baby loved the flashing ring.
Last weekend at the wedding Mr. B and I attended, I got a rubber ring that lights up. Today I remembered to show it to TLP. All activity on his part stopped and his focus was on the flashing ring. He finally reached out his hand to grab it. Since everything goes in his mouth right now I couldn't let him have the ring, but he sure enjoyed looking at it.

I sometimes forget how big he is getting. Any clothes that I've ordered him recently have been 9-12 months. I got him something yesterday that was 12 months and I think it may fit him now. I'm going to start shopping in the12-18 month racks. Our little baby isn't so little any more.

Today I'm creating baby blankets after I get off work. I'm so far behind with my crafting. This isn't good since the artisan market I'm in is June 13. Yikes!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I didn't realize until this morning that this is my birthday month, so I'm a day behind in starting the celebrations. Growing up, I had a birthDAY, but the older I get the longer I celebrate. It's no longer a weekend or a week. I's a month of celebrating. Oh I'm a lucky, spoiled girl.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, TLP was so chatty and playful. He was sitting up on the dinosaur mat surrounded by toys. He would babble at me while trying to decide if he wanted a toy or his hand in his mouth. I love watching him grow and develop.

Today I'm creating more blogs for a client. I've been writing my blog for years, but in the past couple of days I've probably learned more about blogging than I've ever known. An old dog learning new tricks. Fun!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Having a little nap in the corner of the sectional couch.
There are still parts of Texas that are underwater and I don't want to be unsympathetic to people during this time, but I'm tired of seeing photos of flooded Houston. Yesterday and today all over Facebook were photos of snakes who are on the move to stay dry. I'm tired of these photos, also. Now I'm afraid to go outside for fear that a snake will be waiting for me.

I learned a new word today. Pescetarian. The Merriam-Webster dictionary dates the origin of the term to 1993, and defines it as: "one whose diet includes fish, but no other meat." This is my soon-to-be son-in-law Girafferty.

Today I'm creating blogs, not only for myself but also for a client who wants me to blog for his business two-to-three times a week. I'm also writing a white paper of hurricane preparedness procedures. I can't believe that it is June 1, which is the start of hurricane season.