Friday, August 16, 2013

Best grilled cheese sandwich ever!

These bags were made from old flour sacks,
 except the one on the lower left. It is made 
from silk obi, which is a sash from a kimono.
In my search to find the most tasty grilled cheese sandwich, I hit the jackpot today! There's a restaurant in Santa Fe called Cowgirl. My friend, Debbie, wanted to go there for lunch today. Most everything on the menu is heavy, but I decided to order something and take half of it home for dinner tonight. The grilled cheese sandwich had sharp cheddar, gouda and brie with tomato and pesto served on sour dough bread. The second half of this delightful treat is in the fridge. Let's see if I eat it before dinner, or if I can make it that long!

The pic-of-the-day are bags that I made yesterday. What can I say, I was on a roll! I still need to put straps on the bags and I'll embellish most of the flaps with a vintage brooch or a large button. I developed the pattern for these bags, which are simple to make and fun to carry.

Today I'm creating more bags. I have a bunch of Southwestern fabric that I can't decide if I want to use for totes or bags like the ones I made yesterday. Maybe I'll make the bags longer and change the shape of the flap. Sounds like a plan to me.

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