Monday, August 19, 2013

All things pink

Pink is the color of the day. I even put on a pink bra. TMI?
I'm all about themes. For example, when I plan an event for a client or myself, I like to present a theme. It doesn't have to be over the top, such as I would do for a kids birthday party, but a theme is involved in my planning. In organizing my storage in the casita, I have items in clear boxes labeled by theme: gardening tools, office supplies, light bulbs, etc. Even when I sew I have themes. On Saturday I sewed bags that all used stripped fabrics. So my theme today is the color pink (see pic-of-the-day). All the fabrics have pink in them. Even this blog has a theme. I always write three paragraphs and the last paragraph always begins with Today I'm Creating.

The invitation I wrote yesterday was well accepted by the reviewers. I made a few tweaks based on comments and am waiting on a couple of clarifications before the invitation is finalized to go to the designer for the real magic.

Today I'm creating bags. A high school chum (male) asked if the bags pictured on my blog and on Facebook were for use in microwaving potatoes. What? I thought Ed was being funny, but then he sent a photo of a tater baking bag that his wife got him. Since this is meatless Monday, I may have to go to the store to buy a potato. Then I'll put it in the least favorite bag I've made, place it in the microwave, and see if the spud actually cooks faster in a tater baking bag. Spud sack? Potato pouch?

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