Thursday, August 22, 2013

More fun totes

The main fabrics in this large tote came from
old tablecloths. The back matches the front.
This is my cousin Leigh's 60 birthday. She is still clinging to life, although wishing it was over. I talked to her sister Susan today about Leigh's condition. Susan said Leigh sleeps most of the time and is disappointed when she wakes. I remember all too well the sadness I felt when my brother died. Soon Leigh won't wake up and for that I'm sad for Susan.

I keep thinking that I should sweep the floors and vacuum the rugs. There are small threads and strips of fabric everywhere, but until I put the sewing machine in the closet there are going to be threads everywhere. Roz walked up to me this afternoon looking like she had rolled around in the thread. I found the sticker roller and cleaned her.

Today I'm creating the finished draft of a marketing plan. I sent it to my client this afternoon for review. Tonight it's time for more totes and bags that don't require magnetic snaps. I found the battery charger for my camera, so today's pic-of-the-day of a tote I made yesterday is much clearer than the past couple of photos I have posted.

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