Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Rose's encounter with Kirby
on Sunday resulted in a trip to the
emergency vet. Stitches require her to be
confined and wear the "cone of shame."
Through it all, she wags her little tail.
I'm looking out the window and can't believe how crummy the weather is in Houston. To think I left the sunny skies and cold weather of Santa Fe to come back to Houston. My cousin, Connie, commented on my anniversary posting from Saturday, wishing us a happy anniversary in the place I enjoy most. It's true. Even though I'm practically a life-long Houstonian, my adopted city of Santa Fe is my favorite place to be.

With that said, I was anxious to get home and couldn't sleep a wink on the plane last night. Nor could I concentrate to read. So I just sat there, staring out the window at the black sky and counting the flashes of the plane's lights. Once bored with counting (the red light flashes every second), I'd cover myself with my pashmina, close my eyes, and try to fall asleep. Unfortunately counting red flashing lights doesn't have the same effect as counting sheep. After the plane landed and we waited for the shuttle to take us to our car, it was off to get "the girls" from Dr. Mc's house. Rose looks pretty sad in the "cone of shame" as you can see from the photo.

Today I'm creating a newsletter for my Tuesday client and working on some bios and a magazine article. At home tonight, I want to do some handwork on my valentines. And drink some vino. And dream about my summer to come in Santa Fe.

Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

Good morning, all. There's drama in Houston between Rose and Kirby (Dr. Mc and Nick's beagle). Rose thinks that Kirby is the bomb, but Kirby doesn't return her affection. So last night Kirby had enough of sweet Rose and bit her. Poor Dr. Mc and Nick had to take her to the emergency vet, where she got stitches around her eye and a cone on her head. The bad part, or so Mr. B and I are thinking, is that she can't eat anything today. Probably a year ago, one of our friends, Jan Cottage, nicknamed Rose "fat dog" and the nickname has stuck. You may think that she just has fluffy hair, but not so! I'm sure she'll be telling me all about the trauma when I get home.

Today we're having lunch with The Richards at a little French restaurant in Santa Fe. It has become one of my favorites and having lunch there will be a real treat, as it will be to spend time with The Richards.

Today I'm creating a clean casita before flying back to Houston tonight. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012

I don't know how to download photos from the computer in Santa Fe and I didn't bring my laptop, so I won't post a photo again today. Too bad, because Dr. Mc and Nick sent photos from the engagement party last night for Madame, as well as photos of "the babies" (Roz and Rose) sitting in the back yard. I think Roz was smiling in the picture.

Totally lazy day today. I've napped and watched television ... and I don't feel one bit guilty about it. Byron's sister (Missy) and brother-in-law (Larry), who are on their way back to Houston after two weeks of skiing in Colorado, stopped by for dinner last night. After they left for their hotel, I stayed awake until probably 3 a.m. working on the valentine's ornaments. I used to be faster with my  handwork. Chalk up another challenge to aging (slower, less accurate fingers). I cut out lots of felt pieces yesterday and wanted to have them put together and finished before I return to Houston, but that might not happen ... and I don't feel one bit guilty about that, either.

Today I'm creating more felt valentine's ornaments. Mr. B is grilling steaks tonight. I'm sure some champagne will be involved. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012

Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it has been so long! All day Mr. B and I have been reliving what happened at certain times. For example, 17 years ago today we would have been at Brennan's enjoying brunch with 145+ friends and family. I saw my twin nieces the other day and they both commented on how much they liked our wedding. They are sorry that they were too young to appreciate the Eggs Benedict we had that morning. Knowing that they were picky eaters, we had ordered scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for the "kids."

In approximately two hours, Mr. B and I would have left Houston for our honeymoon. We spent five days in the hill country (we didn't go farther because my mom had just had a stroke and was still going through rehabilitation). While we were in the hill country, we slept late, shopped, napped, ate good food and drank lots of wine. Somethings don't change. That sounds almost exactly like what were doing today in Santa Fe.

Today I'm creating some valentine ornaments. Headed to the fabric store now while Mr. B has a nap. Love you, Mr. B! More today than 17 years ago!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

Flowers for Madame. She's
"Simply the Best!"
It's almost the end of January and I'm still trying to type 2011 instead of 2012. I guess it takes longer to remember and get used to things as you age. Scratch that. I KNOW (emphasis added) it takes longer to remember and get used to things as I age.

I've already had a productive morning. Mitzie came to the house with the breakfast of champions (Egg McMuffins and Diet Cokes) and a trunk full of flowers and vases. This Saturday is the engagement party for Madame (a.k.a. Ashley, who is Mitzie's daughter and my Goddaughter). I won't be able to attend the party since Mr. B and I will be in Santa Fe celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary, so I created the centerpiece arrangements with silk flowers this morning for Madame and Taylor's party (see photo). In Mr. B's and my wedding, Ashley was age 10 and in charge of our guest book. She has always been a little firecracker, hence the nickname Madame!

Today I'm creating centerpieces (done). Writing a newsletter and an ad (next). Washing more clothes (later). Organizing sewing handwork to take with me to Santa Fe (sometime). But first, "Simply the Best" sung by Tina Turner is playing on the radio. Think I'll stand up, sing along at the top of my lungs, and dance wildly around the living room!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

Side A of Valentine's apron.
It was a sad afternoon at the funeral of my uncle Clyde, which was made even gloomier by the terrible weather in Houston. It was raining so hard that I wasn't sure Nick, Dr. Mc and I were going to get there. Mr. B drove by himself because he had to be back at work for a meeting.

The truth be told, there are two things I like about funerals. First, I enjoy looking at the old photos of people. There were lots of photos of my uncle when he was younger, several with my mother when they were kids, and even one with my older brother and me. I was just a baby in the photo, but I recognized my brother. It's hard to miss the predominant ears the men in my family have! The other thing I like about funerals is the chance to see family I don't spend much time with. My aunt and uncle had five children, 16 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, the latest born just last week. It was good to "break bread" with all my cousins, as well as my nieces, at a reception after the burial.

Reverse side of apron.
Today I'm creating a clean kitchen and bathroom. Who knows. Maybe putting on stretchy pants and cleaning will put me in a better mood. There's nothing like a clean countertops and a sparkling potty.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

More roses blooming in the back yard.
These smell heavenly!
I must be leaving town. Whenever Mr. B and I plan a trip out of Houston, the week before leaving gets crazy. Such is the case this week. I spent seven hours at my Tuesday client's office, and didn't complete everything I need to do. My uncle's funeral tomorrow afternoon means I can only work tomorrow morning. This only leaves Thursday to complete my work, clean house, wash clothes, pack, help Mitzie make table decorations for Madame's engagement party (which I'm missing) and get a head shot taken. Hum. When am I supposed to make items for the Valentine's Market on Feb. 7? But I suppose flying to Santa Fe on Friday morning for a four day weekend is worth the extra work.

We're going to Santa Fe to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. I haven't gotten Mr. B an anniversary present and don't really care for my options. I may have to break with tradition because the suggested gifts for a 17th anniversary are furniture or a watch. Neither of these ideas are tickling my creative fancy. What's a girl to do?

Today I'm creating two newsletters and a magazine article. Still to come are another newsletter article and another magazine article, and editing a newsletter for a quarterly client. All of this creating may require vino. Who's with me?

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Pink roses that will turn white as they age.
I was up early this morning to take my car to the shop. I hope this doesn't become a habit. Getting up early AND spending money on the Explorer isn't a good way to start the week.

Let me go on the record as saying that I'm not enjoying the winter weather in Houston. Oh wait – what winter? I went in the back yard this morning to put food down for the ferrel cats, and couldn't help but notice all the roses blooming. I'm pretty sure that roses are usually dormant in the winter, but not in Houston. The lack of really cold weather is very disappointing because unless we get a freeze or two, the mosquitos this summer will be the size of ferrel cats. The mosquitos will be at the back door waiting for me to come out and feed them as I do the cats.
These red roses are so fragrant!

Today I'm creating some aprons out of fun valentine fabrics. I'm working on items for the February market at friend Kelly's house.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

Photo #2: Her fluffiness now.
Photo #1: Rose, with her bad SPCA
haircut the night we adopted her.
Photo #3: Rose enjoying the climate in the
high desert last summer.

I have a ritual in the morning when I get to my computer. First I look at and answer emails, then I look at and comment on Facebook, and finally I write my blog. But this morning I was living on the wide side and went directly to Facebook. Longtime friend (and Evan's Godmother) Rilla had posted photos from Scouts Honor Rescue, which is a rescue and placement center for homeless dogs and cats. I'm a sucker for long-haired, small dogs ... and Ril had photos of several that were available for adoption. If Mr. B would let me, I would have a house full of them. But since I want to stay married I've limited myself to just having Roz and Rose. 

Seeing the photos that Ril posted made me think of when Mr. B and I spotted Rose at the SCPA. She was found by some firemen and taken to the SPCA. People at the SPCA said she was so matted when she came in that they had to shave her (photo #1). She was so homely that I almost walked away from her, but then I looked into her sweet eyes. She looks so different today (photo #2) than when we adopted her. And without a doubt, she is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever owned. What a personality!

Today I'm creating something with my sewing machine. I'm participating in a craft show on February 7 and have made a list of what I want to create. We leave for Santa Fe on Friday morning and I'm saving the hand work for there. I'm hoping for the same weather we had last year when we were in Santa Fe during January, which was beautiful snow that kept us in the house and in front of the kiva (fireplace). The perfect scenario for hand work!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012

Photo of my crab cake dinner the other
night from Zelko Bistro. Yum!
I'm home from my morning strategic planning meeting. My brain is too tired right now to put thoughts and sentences together, so this will be a short blog. But from my point of view, the meeting went well!

Today I'm creating time for a nap. I got up way too early this morning!

Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

The Zamora brothers (Nick & Alex) can
always put a smile on my face!
I found out yesterday after I posted my blog that my uncle died on Wednesday night. Although Clyde's death is sad, it's also joyful because he had suffered from Alzheimer's Disease for six years. Clyde is now free of that horrible disease.

Since the beginning of December, it seems as if Mr. B and I have known someone who dies each week. So many deaths, including Mr. B's mom in June 2011, have left me feeling sad and drained of energy as the tears keep flowing. I'm sad for friends and family as I watch them grieve for their loved ones. I've been through this with the deaths of my "original family" (mother, brother and father), and seem to relive their deaths at each funeral I attend. Instead, I should be happy because just like my uncle, the ones who have died are free of their pain and are now with God. And as friend Shirley reminded me: "Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted." Matt 5:4. Thank you, Shirley!

Today I'm creating the materials needed for tomorrow's strategic planning meeting. Serving as president of Art Colony Association and growing the Bayou City Art Festivals will be gratifying because my efforts will give me time to learn and be creative. And we know creating makes me smile!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2011

I wrote yesterday that I was numb about being elected president of Art Colony Association (ACA). This morning I'm in full blown panic mode! Our annual strategic planning meeting is on Saturday, and I have to pull it together this afternoon and tomorrow. I think I can. I think I can. I  I know I can!
Mr. B and Dr. Mc at dinner last night.

Last night was fun! First I met with Women of Wine at our happy hour. I really enjoy getting together with women friends once a month. Then Mr. B took me, Dr. Mc, Nick and Alex (Nick's younger brother) to dinner at Zelko. Excellent! I was going to pay, but my sweet Mr. B paid instead. I realize this morning that it was fun, but I've got to stop drinking so much wine! First I drink wine, then I want to eat more, then I want to drink more wine. This is not a good! I should be drinking more water and less wine. When I've been successful at losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, wine was in moderation. It's time to get back to that behavior. 

Today I'm creating time for lunch with my cousin, Susan. She is the go-to cousin for information about my maternal aunt's family. We mainly speak on the phone and haven't sat down to talk in some time, so this is going to be fun. Only iced tea to drink!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Mr. B and Evan (a.k.a. Sweetness) about to enter the movie.
Last night Mr. B and I met Evan at Sundance Cinemas to watch The Iron Lady. Meryl Streep was phenomenal as the middle-aged and older Margaret Thatcher. She was terrific, but unfortunately the story was lacking. I wanted to see more about her political career before and during the time when she was Britain's analytical-thinking prime minister. Instead the story was told from the viewpoint of a hallucinating, semi-senile elderly woman. At times I had the impression that the old woman couldn't quite remember who she had been. It would be just as disappointing as going to a movie about Ronald Reagan that focused on the years he suffered from alzheimer's disease instead of when he convinced Gorbachev to "tear down this wall." 

Today during my lunchtime Board of Directors meeting for Art Colony Association (ACA) I was elected president of the organization. I feel sort of numb right now, but will get more engaged as my two-year presidency progresses. The past year wasn't the best for ACA, so it's time for building and growth.

Today I'm creating a press release for my Tuesday client. Later I have a happy hour with the Women of Wine, and then I'm going to end my eventful day with a quiet dinner with Mr. B.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012

Yummy, crispy lunch.
Mr. B and I are going to the movie tonight, courtesy of Evan (a.k.a. Sweetness). For Christmas she gave us gift certificates for a movie and dinner at Sundance Cinema, where she is working. I'm interested to see the revamped Angelica Theater and how Sundance works. You have reserved seating and you can order food and beverages to eat at the bar or take to your seat. We're going to see The Iron Lady. Expect a review tomorrow.

I treated myself to Chinese food today for lunch. Mr. B isn't a fan, so sometimes I get Chinese food for lunch. Today I had Dragon Rolls, which were very tasty. I wanted to get Pad Thai, but didn't have enough cash. When I picked up my lunch, I also went by the house to let the doggies outside. I hear we're supposed to have rain in Houston this afternoon. I had on some cute silver flats this morning. If it's going to rain, I don't want to get them wet, so I put on a pair of boots. And now my feet are hot.

Today I'm creating a newsletter for my Tuesday client. I also have some other projects to work on for this client, so I may be here a full day. Oh no ... what about my afternoon nap with the doggies? Yes, I'm spoiled.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Mr. B and I had a fun evening last night at the Dickinsons' new high-rise apartment. Thinking back, we had dinner out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week. No wonder I feel so full today.

My week is starting off with a great meeting this morning in preparation for the Art Colony Association's (ACA) annual strategic planning session. We have our regular board meeting on Wednesday at noon and our annual strategic planning meeting Saturday morning, so this will be a week full of ACA activities.

Today I'm creating a clean house before going upstairs and working on tote bags from feed sacks. But before I finish my blog, I want to say happy birthday to Dr. King. Thanks for sharing your dream with America!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012

Go Texans!
I'm watching the Texans' game and pulling for the underdog! At the end of the second quarter it was looking up for the Texans, but the third quarter went by too fast without a Texans' score. I'm hoping the Texans' will have a fourth quarter similar to the Longhorns when Vince Young was playing. At that time, the Horns were a fourth quarter team and seemed to pull it out in the end. How well I remember sitting at the Stietzs' home as the Horns took it down to the wire winning the National Championship.

Mr. B and I had a fun evening last night at the dinner party. I think we were able to pace ourselves with the wine and food. Good company. Good food. Great wine! Tonight is another dinner party at the Dickinson's house. They moved back from Scotland a little more than a year ago. We haven't been able to spend much time with them since they got back. I'm excited to see the high rise they finished renovating. John and Jackie are my idols when it comes to being minimalist with their decorating.

Today I'm creating time to watch the Texans' game and then watch the beginning of the red carpet for whatever awards show is on television tonight. I LOVE to see the gowns. But in the meantime: Go Texans!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012

Friend Bill and Mr. B at a Halloween party.
Thanks, Bill, for giving us tickets to a
fabulous dinner party tonight!
Good morning, world. It's another beautiful day in Houston.

First thing this morning, a dear friend texted to ask if Mr. B and I would like to attend a dinner party tonight. The dinner, which will include seven courses and eight wines, was purchased at a charity auction. Our friend, Bill, and his partner, Joe, had something come up and they can't attend the dinner. Unfortunate for them, SO fortunate for Mr. B and me! Of course, the dilemma now is what to wear! I'll need something loose fitting if I'm going to eat seven courses of food.

Today I'm creating an apron, if I decide to put on long pants and go upstairs above the garage to my craft area. Or I could decide to stay downstairs, in my pajama (gym) shorts and continue watching HGTV. Decisions, decisions.

Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

One side of tote bag created from a
Snow White Pure Cane Sugar feed sack.
It's Friday the 13th, but I'm not concerned because Mr. B says we aren't superstitious. I do have to go out this afternoon to attend a rescheduled board meeting for Women of Wine Charities, but other than that, I'm staying home. Currently I'm watching the last episode of One Life to Live. ABC cancelled the two daytime series that I've followed for years. No money in daytime dramas, or so the network claim.

Yesterday I made another cute tote bag/market shopper. This one is made from a canvas feed sack I bought in Round Top in October 2011. You might recognize the canvas fabric. I posted a photo on November 16 of two pillows I made for my friend, Mitzie.

Other side of the tote bag.
Today I'm creating another tote bag/market shopper from a nylon sack. When we bought the casita in Santa Fe, I really liked the price and design of a cabinet I saw on ebay that was made in China from reclaimed wood. I took a risk and ordered it. About six weeks later, the cabinet safely arrived. Inside was a nylon bag with Chinese writing. I saved the bag, thinking it was cool and that someday I would do something with it. I have no idea what the writing says. Keeping my fingers crossed that what's written isn't vulgar or radical!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

Front of tote created from plastic cat food bag.
Look at the photos of the bag I made yesterday out of a cat food plastic feed sack. I think it's adorable! Now I'm going around to neighbors asking them to save bags for me. Mr. B is cautious about the life span of the bags, which are supposed to be biodegradable, but I think recycling them for any length of time is better than throwing them into a landfill. I have a couple more plastic feed sacks/bags, and am planning to do something with them, too. Oh boy!

Back of tote created from plastic cat food bag.
I have a list of other items I want to create for Valentine's Day, and I think I'll have a little elf helper this weekend. I got the word from Dr. Mc that Nick will be out of town this weekend and she is looking for a place to hang out. Cool! She has the energy and stamina I lack. I want to get more bookcases to help organize my craft area, and she likes putting them together. Really cool!

Today I'm creating dinner for my friends Keith and Kelly. Kelly is having maintenance on her pacemaker. She says it's routine, but I wonder if anything related to regulating her heart is "routine." Thinking about you, Honey!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

Rose needed to go outside and took her toy
with her, but then I had to bring it back inside.

Was last night a full moon? For some reason I couldn't go to sleep until after 4 a.m. Instead I watched stupid shows on television until I was lulled to sleep. Most channels go to "Paid Programming" after a certain hour, but I found one that just had nonsense. The first hour I watched two episodes of "Storage Wars." Potential buyers get five minutes to view the contents of a storage unit before they start bidding. The highest bidder goes inside the unit, opens the boxes and sifts through everything in the unit, and then sells anything of value, hoping to recap the bid and more. What a gamble!

The next hour I watched two episodes of a show called  "Shipping Wars" (I think). The premise of this show is that trucking companies look online for large items that need to be hauled, usually across country. The lowest bidder picks up the item and takes it to the destination, hoping that they can do it for the price quoted and in the time allotted. Another gamble! Crazy shows, but what's "sleepless in Houston" supposed to do between the hours of 1-3 a.m.?

Today I'm creating a market shopper bag/tote from an empty plastic cat food bag. Wish me luck. The outcome will be magic or tragic!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

Roz put a pillow by my shoes so she could
nap. It's hard to tell, but her head is at the
top of the photo and her butt touching my shoe.
You know, my butt doesn't work well in an unpadded metal chair for two-plus hours. I attended the annual "state-of-the-company" meeting for my Tuesday client this morning. This company, like the rest of the nation, had a hard year in 2011. Economic uncertainty. Stock market fluctuations. Political unrest. Drought. Name your poison! I think most people, or at least those who I know, are happy to be moving forward to 2012.

Something I haven't done in a few years – I'm going to work on goal setting for myself this year. I not only want to do more writing for clients, but I also want to be more productive in the personal areas of my life. I'm getting ready to take a more active role in one of my volunteer projects (more about that next week). I want to get more detailed in my sewing projects, including I want to work with leather to make my bags. I need to be better with my diet and non-existent exercise program. I want to continue de-cluttering the house. And I want a prettier garden. But unless I write these items down and associate a timeline and measurable goals with each, nothing will get done. Time to concentrate, Mrs. Pettit! Plan your work and work your plan.

Today I'm creating a cleaner workspace. I'm still working on organizing the office and craft areas above the garage. Another factor that I must take into consideration in my planning is that I don't move as fast as I did 15 years ago. What would have taken me 30 minutes before now takes me an hour or more. Well, except when it comes to writing. My fingers still move as fast as ever across the keyboard!

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

The culvert is full and at one o'clock on the photo
you'll see the rain pouring out the gutter spout.
There's heavy rain all over Houston and street flooding in parts of the city. Mr. B called to tell me that the streets around his office at West Alabama and Dunlavy are flooded. You can look out the window and see the flooding, but the television stations feel the need to preempt programming with "Breaking News" about the rain. There's thunder and lightening, and it's been  raining heavily for hours, so I won't really say that the rain is "Breaking News." Trying to get the scoop, reporters stand out in the middle of the street with ponchos and rain boots to talk about the rain. They stop cars and get drivers to roll down their windows to talk about the rain. Harrumph! And for this nonsense, I had to miss Drew Carey and the wierdos on the Price is Right?

But seriously, I'm still reading my book about Steve Jobs. Arrogant and intense with an abrasive personality was one side of him. It was said he was deeply angry that he was given up for adoption, yet as a young man he had a daughter out of wedlock who he abandoned. It is said he was spiritual and generous, yet he would shortchange partners on the money or stock that was owed them. To say the least, he was a very complex man.

Today I'm creating a cleaner workspace. Note that I didn't say a "clean" workspace. While cleaning and organizing, I'll be pondering a lesson that Jobs learned from one of his role models: Nolan Bushnell, who was the founder of Atari. He taught Jobs to "pretend to be completely in control and people will assume that you are."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

I love this photo of the "skinny" Elvis.
Today is Elvis Presley's birthday, except that he has left the building, eh, planet. He would have been 76 years old today. I was looking for a photo of skinny Elvis to post today, but got sidetracked reading "the King's" autopsy report. Yes, I'll read anything. What a difference three decades make. When Elvis died in 1977, 11 drugs were found in his system, yet the cause of his death was attributed to "natural causes." Amazing! Today, every doctor who prescribed a drug for "the hound dog" would have been put on trial, as was the case with Anna Nicole Smith and Michael Jackson. The sad truth is, they were just addicts surrounded by "yes" people who enabled them to over medicate.

On to a happier note, I hear it's supposed to be getting cooler in Houston. Cold weather always makes me happy. Last night, while I was getting dressed to go out, I was so hot I turned on the ceiling fan and stood under it to cool off. I think I could have worn a short-sleeve shirt last night and been more comfortable. Perhaps I was having a power surge?

Today I'm creating reading time. I'm guilty of reading more than one book at the time, which is the case currently. Can you say "attention deficit?" 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012

Making linen pillows today while waiting
on the game to start. Go Texans!
It's a quiet morning and afternoon before a busy evening. I can't believe that the Texans aren't playing until 3:30 p.m. today. It's not that I'm a big football fan, but I do like a winning home team. We're going out tonight with friends Keith and Kelly. It could be a crazy night on the streets of Houston if the Texans win!

Speaking of Kelly, she is having a Valentine's Market at her home, and asked me to participate. But of course I will! I have to be careful of spending and making too much! I'm such a bad business person that I'll spend too much on materials and won't make very much profit. I was fairly disheartened this past holiday season until my own home market. I guess I participated in three other markets and didn't really sell that much, except at my home market. Thanks to my friends for supporting my craft habit!

Today I'm creating a pillow for a friend, and then selecting and matching fabrics to use during the next month in my projects.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Three weeks from today we'll be in Santa Fe,
enjoying some winter weather!
Today is a sad day and a happy day all at the same time. Mr. B and I went to the memorial service for Dave Steitz's father this afternoon. That was sad. Both Dave and his younger brother, Bill, spoke so sweetly about their father, who received multiple medals for his service to our country during WWII. Dave spoke about how he really got to know and admire his father during the latter years of his life. It made me miss my dad, who died much too young when he was only 78 years old.

But then there was happy news, also! Dave and Sandy's oldest son, Griff, and his wife, Catlain, are expecting a baby in the middle of July. Sandy has wanted a grandchild even before Griff and Cat got married four years ago. Mr. B said he could hear Sandy telling me the news from across the room. Yes, she is excited.

Today I'm creating time to read my book about Steve Jobs. I'll have to put it down to make dinner for Mr. B, unless I can convince him to make dinner for us.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2012

Rose playing in the dirt in the backyard.
I've been cooking all day. Our friend Dave Steitz's father died on New Year's Eve and he has family coming into town tonight for the memorial service tomorrow. I told Dave's wife, Sandy, that I would make food and take it to their house. Back in the summer, when Byron's mother died and I was preparing food for after her funeral, I sliced off the tip of my finger – remember that? While friend Keith took me to the emergency center, Sandy came to the house to finish what I was doing. It's very comforting to have friends, and food, in times like these.

I'm not much of a casserole person, but I made one today. They take a lot of preparation! Chop and dice, but don't slice a finger. Saute. Bake. Boil. Measure and mix. Season. Pour all into a casserole dish and top with cheese. Wrap with foil and print baking directions. Then hope that it's all good when it comes out of the oven, since I won't be there to sample the finished product. Food allergies? Special dietary requirements? Too bad!

Today I'm creating dinner for the Steitz family. While I was cooking, I opened the back door because it was hot in the kitchen. When I finished cooking and was ready to close the door, I found Rose sunning herself in the backyard. Last week we had part of the deck removed and are waiting on the rest of the flagstone to be put in place. So Rose was out rolling in the dirt, being a dog. She was so happy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

Picture of Dr. Mc in her new
apron (from  Nick's iPhone).
Success! Dinner last night was yummy and I had a fun time visiting with Dr. Mc, Nick, Richard, Sherry, and, of course, Mr. B. The photo I'm posting today is of the birthday girl posing with an apron I made for her. Like her mama, the good doctors likes vintage fabrics and trims, so I made her an apron with vintage kitschy trim. You can't really see the trim in the photo, but it has little daisies with a blue center. Really sweet.

Roz made an appearance at the party last night. While Rose is outgoing and always trying to be the center of attention, Roz likes to hide under something and watch the happenings unnoticed. But last night she came out, cuddled with Mr. B, and then fell asleep in his lap. Today she has spent all afternoon napping on a big pillow. She told me it's very tiring being so charming!

Today I'm creating a website bio for a client. Then I'm creating a clean kitchen by hand washing some delicate wine glasses and depression glass plates we used last night. We have leftovers from last night's stew, and I'll probably make some cornbread to soak up the delicious juices.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Happy birthday, Dr. Mc!
Thirty-two years ago this morning I had a baby. How can that be? I'm not old enough to have a daughter in her 30s. It seems like my 32nd birthday was only yesterday. Happy birthday, Dr. Mc!

Although I said I wasn't going to, I watched The Bachelor last night. This shouldn't be surprising since I am a self proclaimed realty show junky. But I'm not going to watch it again. I just don't find the current bachelor (Ben) attractive, witty, interesting, or anything else. And what's up with his scruffy long hair that's parted in the middle? I'm sure he is a very nice young man, but I think folding my socks would be more entertaining than watching that show.

Today I'm creating dinner for Dr. Mc's birthday. But first, I'm waiting on a call from Chicago so I can interview a woman and write a bio for her website. No Tuesday client again today.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

Nick and Dr. Mc hamming it up on Christmas Eve 2011.
It's time to start making lists again so I won't forget what I'm supposed to do, beginning with Dr. Mc's birthday tomorrow. We're having dinner at the house and I've decided to make a stew that needs to rest in the refrigerator overnight. Same with the lemon icebox pie I want to make. It taste better if it is made a day ahead of time. Although I don't have a new pie dish, I do have my new super duper Le Crueset dutch oven for the stew. Yippee!

Also on my list I need to get an eye exam. For Christmas, Mr. B gave me a pair of new sun glasses that I wanted, but I can't use my current prescription because it's two and a half years old. The girls have told me that my current frames make me look older. Really? I have a very expensive pair of rimless glasses with titanium frames, but they have told me to get bigger frames. The school teacher, studious look. What a stab in the heart for them to tell me (again) that I'm out of style. Years ago I promised myself that I would NEVER get old. But at the rate I'm going, I'll soon be wearing sensible shoes (translation: ugly shoes).

Today I'm creating plans for Dr. Mc's birthday dinner and party. It's funny how she keeps getting older while I'm trying to stay young.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Sara Hickman provided entertainment last
night. As usual, she was witty and fun!
I don't have any idea what's happening, or should I say what's not happening, that I can't post my blog from yesterday. Oh well. Forward.

I just read my career horoscope for 2012, and am going to post it here so I can refer back to it. Let's see how accurate the predictions are during the year.

Year 2012 Career Horoscope for Gemini

Neptune, the planet of inspiration, moves back into your career sector this February to work its mystical glamour for the next several years. This is a time when your dreams and visions insist on becoming tangible realities. A quality of inspiration infuses all that you manifest over the next 12 months, so consider the world your creative oyster! No longer will you work just for the sake of earning a wage; rather, your career promises to become more of a soul-calling. The only downside to this influence is that it can sometimes bring confusion or disillusionment. If this is the case, trust that it's simply a necessary sacrifice that will later bring deeper levels of fulfillment. 
Mars, the planet of action, will be out of phase for the first four months of the year, putting everyone in a more introverted frame of mind rather than visualizing the future. You usually thrive on continuous movement, but this imposed pause in the action couldn't come at a better time. Use this energetic slowdown to properly integrate all your sources of inspiration and recent feedback. Your whole concept of work is in a profound process of metamorphosis right now.
Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, enters your work sector in October, where it will take up residence for the next two-and-a-half years. This is a time to transform your daily schedule and weed out any methods that waste time. You'll begin to take your talents more seriously and realize that you deserve higher pay and, more importantly, a higher ranking. Integrity in your work style becomes the theme for the last few months of the year, ultimately setting the tone for 2013. 

Today I'm creating dinner for Mr. B and me that will include the mandatory black-eyed peas and cabbage.