Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012

Last night I was helping package sweet treats
for people who are coming in town for the
wedding of Ashley + Taylor.
It looks cold outside, but I know it's not. The temperature in Houston today is supposed to be in the 80s. When I think back to my childhood days of going trick or treat in Texas, I remember it being colder at this time of year. Even during Dr. Mc's trick or treat days in Houston I have photos of her in costume with a sweater on. Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as global warming.

I feel very sorry for the people on the eastern seaboard whose lives have been changed by Hurricane Sandy (was it a hurricane?). Unfortunately, the media is out of touch when there are stories about how parents should tell their children that there won't be trick or treating tonight. Really? With the devastation in the area, is the lack of trick or treating really newsworthy? Homes and entire neighbors were washed or blown away. Homes still standing might be flooded and/or without power. The media should realize that even small children can understand there is a bigger problem in their area than no trick or treating.

Today I'm creating cupcakes for a dinner party tonight. I think I'll make pumpkin and devil's food cupcakes. What a treat they'll be!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30, 2012

#1 son-in-law Nick, Dr. Mc and Mr. B enjoying the evening.
It's a late post for me today and I have a feeling I'll be awake even later. Somewhere around 9 p.m. tonight I realized I was in the process of drinking my fifth Diet Coke of the day. Besides the potential effects on my health, the caffeine is going to keep me awake for hours. Then I ate a cookie, so let's add sugar rush to caffeine high. Mr. B has given me a margarita in an effort to counteract my elevated brain activities, but I'll be in hyperdrive for hours.

I was surprised and excited today to receive a card and handwritten note from friend Viki. I think I've mentioned before that Viki and her husband, John, were great down-the-street neighbors who moved to Washington state several years ago. Although I'm an avid user of emails and my cell phone, I miss the days when people were less connected. Today it is always a joy to receive letters and cards in the mail, just as when I was a child and received the same from my wonderful grandmother, Nannu.

Today I'm creating marketing magic for my Tuesday client. The weekly meeting didn't require me to write a newsletter, but I did create a direct mail postcard, as well as the outline for a magazine article. Some people think that anyone can write, but trust me when I say that concepting and creating something that seems effortless isn't an easy job.

Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Well wishes to people on the eastern seaboard.
I got a letter from United Healthcare that a doctor I've been seeing for probably 10 years is no longer part of its system. It's very disappointing! I really like her and don't want to look for a new doctor, but I also don't want to pay to see her "out of the system." What to do.

On a brighter note, we got a Sur La Table catalog in the mail on Saturday. I had so much fun looking at it this afternoon. I love all the kitchen gadgets, but who needs them and who has room for them? Examples: pop-up turkey timer; potato gloves; bacon and egg turners (the ends looks like fried eggs or strips of bacon); smiley spatula set (they have smiley faces on the yellow ends); batter dispenser (what's wrong with a measuring cup); sphere ice molds (cubes from the ice dispenser are no longer in vogue); whiskey stones (cool drinks without diluting them); and the list goes on and on. File this catalog in the "for those who have everything" binder.

Today I'm creating organization with the fabric I have downstairs. I know I've been threatening to do this for a week or so, but I think I may actually get to it today. Or maybe not.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28, 2012

So many people decorate for Halloween
as much as they do for Christmas.
Another beautiful day in Houston. It was supposed to stay in the high 60s today. I definitely love this weather!

I'd like to switch up the furniture in the house. I've been in the mood for some time, but it would involved new upholstery and that is so expensive. I'd also like to paint the living and dining rooms, but Mr. B is totally against that. In my mind it's time for a change!

Today I'm creating time to attend an art opening. We didn't buy anything, but I did enjoy the mimosas and the nap I took when we got home.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 27, 2012

A tote made from an old canvas bag to go with a knitted cap. 
Mr. B and I were invited to several Halloween parties tonight, and opted not to attend any of them. This works very well for him since he doesn't like to dress in costume. Instead of going out, we are sitting in the TV room throwing away papers. The room looks better already.

One week from tonight my goddaughter, Ashley, is getting married. She has been a self-professed diva from a very young age, and decided to have a black-tie wedding. That's easy for Mr. B. He just puts on his tux and he is ready to go. I honestly don't have a thing to wear. I found a beautiful long tunic online and ordered it. It arrived today and it is outstanding, but not right for a black-tie wedding. Now I'm back to square one, except that I have an expensive new tunic to wear with ... I don't know what. I've found another long top online and I'm trying to decide if I should order it. I guess I have until tomorrow night to make that decision, since nobody mails on Sunday.

Today I'm creating relaxation time. I don't know how creative that is, but relaxation time is much needed.

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012

Drank some champagne I got for my birthday
in June. Yum!
I'm helping with another fundraiser tonight. Actually, I'm waiting on a crew to show up and set up. It's an auction with probably two dozen items, so it's small compared to the 65+ auction I did on Monday. All I have to do for the one tonight is give advice and show people where to put things. My kind of project!

I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Although we have an event tonight and another one on Sunday, tomorrow, Mr. B and I are going to sneak away to the Urban Market in Houston. This is a market held three times a year with lots of antique dealers. I can always find great fabrics and trims.

Today I'm creating pumpkin patches in my yard, a friend's yard, and a client's office. When did pumpkins get so expensive? I've already decided that I can use five more pumpkins at my house, so I'm sure I'll be visiting Canino's on Airline again this weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25, 2012

The mischievous little girl in me loves this photo!
I got all showered and dressed for lunch today with a friend, but her dog is sick. Now what?

I'm seeing more and more posts on Facebook asking people to stop with all the negative comments and mudslinging about the presidential candidates. I posted that same sentiment a couple of weeks ago. One man wrote long comments two or three times a day calling the candidate he didn't support a liar and worse. I wanted to tell him to get a life, but instead unfriended him. As I was telling someone yesterday, I may not like certain acts by a president, but the man is the leader of my country and I'm going to have respect for him, even if I don't agree with him. (Someday, and I hope it's during my lifetime, I hope to replace "man and him" in that last sentence with "woman and her.")

Today I'm creating organization in my make-do sewing center in the dining room. I can't stand the mess anymore, but the cooling system in the garage apartment still isn't working. The least I can do is organize my fabrics and move them to the eat-in nook in the kitchen so the mess isn't visible when the front door opens.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 24, 2012

Richard Lawn, who takes care of the garden in Santa Fe,
said he is cutting everything down to the ground in
preparation for the winter. When next in SFe, the garden
will probably be covered with snow <sigh!>.
I just had lunch at Tiny Boxwoods with Melissa. I love to sit at the bar and eat Tiny's Summer Salad. I hope that when it gets to be winter I can still get the summer salad.

Yesterday when I got home from my Tuesday client's office, I spent some time on the computer before closing the lid and having a nap. I slept for three hours, which may be considered too long for a nap. Aren't those usually about 30 minutes to an hour?

Today I'm creating a design for a clutch bag that Melissa can carry at Ashley's wedding. And I'm working on an ad for a client. I got a note from a client that the magazine article I wrote was "wonderful." It's so nice to be appreciated!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23, 2012

Mr. Bathtub Gin ... who cares about his real name!
I'm breathing so much easier today! The Women of Wine fundraising event was last night and I had a great time (and perhaps a little too much vino). Magnolia Ballroom looked beautiful and bidding on the auction items was brisk. I believe I only saw one auction item that didn't have a bid on it. That's incredible. One of the biggest hits of the night was the bubbly people got when they walk in, which was topped with a strawberry placed in the glass by Mr. Bathtub Gin (see photo).

After the event closed, Mr. B and I had dinner with Dr. Mc, #1 son-in-law Nick, Kam and Gail. We went to a new place on Washington Ave., or at least it was new to Mr. B and me. The name of the place is TQLA. Good Mexican food and very cool decor; not at all what is expected in a Mexican food restaurant. I had crab meat and spinach enchiladas, which were very tasty. And the margarita with Chambord in the bottom of the glass was spectacular!

Today I'm creating a newsletter for my Tuesday client, as well as a magazine article. The only thing on my calendar for Wednesday and Thursday of this week is lunch with friends.

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Fish cap and bag.
The long awaited and anticipated Monday, October 22, 2012 is finally here. I've been working on and agonizing about the auction for Women of Wine Charities for months. All is in place for tonight's event, including my clothes hanging on the door. There's nothing more for me to do except hope that people show up ready to spend in support of Houston Area Women's Center.

I finished the last bag I was creating to go along with the knitted fish cap donated by another woman (see photo). There is a great debate going on in the Pettit household. Mr. B thinks the cap is silly, but I love it. He thinks people will buy the bag I made and donate the cap to a "white elephant" event or put it in a garage sale. I love his support of my crafts! Granted, the cap isn't for everyone, but I can see my youngest daughter Sweetness rockin' that cap. I think it is adorable!

Close up of bag.
Today I'm creating nails the dazzle. I'm leaving as soon as I finish this post to get a manicure. Just for Halloween, I'm going to get a French manicure, but instead of having white on the tips I'm going to get orange. Very scary!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21, 2012

With Mr. B at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair.
Oh my gosh! I forgot to write my blog yesterday. I had a late lunch with friend Ann Rush and then Mr. B and I went to the Texas Contemporary Art Fair. We got home and ate dinner, I cut out the tote bag I'm making for the Women of Wine auction, and I guess the blog just left my mind. And I call myself a blogger.

Speaking of losing it, someone (me) stepped on my iPhone cord and bent the part that goes into my MacBook for charging. I performed surgery on the cord with a pair of scissors and it now fits into the computer, but nothing is happening. I don't have time for this malarkey so I hope my iPhone starts charging soon.

Today I'm creating the final tote bag for tomorrow night's auction. Mr. B and I were at an art opening from noon until 2 p.m. today. Then we went downtown to set up for the auction. I've asked Mr. B to gather pasta for dinner tonight. I need to carb up before I start sewing.

Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012

It doesn't show up well in the photo, but the pink color of
the hat is also in the clutch-bag fabric. Very cute together!
I'm thinking that the mani/pedi I was planning to get today will be pushed back until tomorrow afternoon. Instead, I think I'll stay home with my feet up for an hour before I have to get dressed for the Bayou City Art Festival dinner tonight. I suppose I also need to decide what I'm going to wear tonight. Very important!

I got two of the three bags I'm making for the Women of Wine auction completed last night. I found fabrics in my extensive stash that coordinated with the knitted caps and hats that another woman donated to the auction. I haven't made any of the clutch bags (see the photo) in about a year. They are fun and easy to make. I should make some for the holidays out of the vintage silk velvet I bought several years ago.

Today I'm creating floral arrangements for the dinner party tonight. And I'm hoping that a piece of fabric arrives in today's mail so I can finish the last bag I'm creating for Monday's auction. Finger's crossed!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 18, 2012

Board members from Women of Wine receiving sponsorship
award last year from Houston Area Women's Center
I find it incredibly frustrating that there are probably five to six online Houston newsletters that target women, and Women of Wine can't get a mention in any of them about our fundraising event on Monday. We're raising money for Houston Area Women's Center, which you would think a woman's publication would be interesting in helping. Frustrating!

Tomorrow begins another five-day whirlwind of activities, and Mr. B wanted to squeeze another event into the mix. We have dinner and play bridge once a month with another couple. It's our turn to host, but I told Mr. B I didn't think it would be a good idea for us to try to do it this Saturday night. Bridge will have to wait.

Today I'm creating a tote bag. I got the fabrics organized yesterday, but decided to take a nap instead of sewing. Then I watched Survivor and never did make it to the sewing machine. Today is another day.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

At the Jan. 28 engagement party
for Ashley, her Nov. 3 wedding
seemed eons away.
I'm really taking it easy today and being a slug. It's after 2 p.m. and I haven't gotten dressed, but the girls don't care. And since I'm not planning to go anywhere today, I may just stay in my pajama bottoms and t-shirt all day. But just because I'm not in street clothes it doesn't mean I'm not plugged into my computer.

Friend Melissa, who is up to her neck in planning for Madame's November 3 nuptials, emailed me last night to check on the status of everything that's going on with me. She also gave me some good advice: It's time for me to concentrate on the volunteer work that nurtures my soul instead of the stuff that sucks the life out of me. I couldn't agree more!

Today I'm creating totes and a purse for my donation to next Monday's Women of Wine auction. One fun tote. One sporty tote. And one classy bags. As I was working on the auction program yesterday, I removed my donation of two pillows. There's already plenty of great items in the silent auction without those.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, 2012

Beautiful peach rose in this morning's garden.
My Tuesday client canceled our meeting today, so I was able to spend the time from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. working on the auction program for Women of Wine Charities. I'm so happy to have it finished and sent out for approval. I'm sure that tomorrow will be busy with emails and phone calls asking about why I did this or that in the program. After spending five hours on it, I'd like to tell people if they don't like how I did it to do it themselves ... but I won't. Instead I'll just get my feelings hurt that what I created isn't viewed as perfect.

A women who went to the same church as me, before she moved to Atlanta to attend seminary, posted an interesting question on her Facebook account today: "What would you tell your teen self today?" She answered, "It's okay to make brownies in a round pan, even though it isn't an option on the back of the box." After thinking about it for a minute or so, I answered, "Believe in yourself." If teenage Julie Ann Akin had developed an ounce of self confidence, life would have been so much better.

Today I'm creating a purse or tote bag, if I get the courage to go upstairs and get the fabric. It's raining and I still have angst about climbing the wooden stairs to my sewing area when it's wet outside. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

There's still time to register for the Women of
Wine fundraising event on 10-22-12.
It was so cool when I walked outside this morning that I almost came back into the house to change shirts. It was 73 degrees at 10 a.m. and the simple cotton top I have on didn't seem like enough. Since the high today it supposed to be around 85 degrees, I decided not to change.

Rose rode in the car with me to pick up some nearby auction donations. She usually loves to ride in the car, but for some reason this morning she was shaking. Let's see. In the past couple of weeks she has been to the groomer, the vet, and was boarded for the weekend. Do you think she remembers that her last road trips weren't fun? I really wish Roz and Rose could talk and tell me what they are feeling and thinking. When they look at me I tell them to use their words, but the only thing either one of them says is "mama." I swear Rose says mama although Mr. B disagrees.

Today I'm creating pillows. I need to make two and then stuff the two new ones and five others. The sewing center is still in the dining room, which makes for a messy looking house.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14, 2012

Friend Viki moved to Seattle a couple of years ago.
She loves glass and enjoyed attending the Bayou City
Art Festivals to purchase glass.  I can't go to a festival
without thinking about Ms. Viki.
Another great day at Bayou City Art Festival. Mr. B was with me today. We spent some time looking at the art before I had some presidential duties. Then we did more walking around before more presidential duties. After three hours, my left ankle started swelling so we came home. I'll say it again: It's hell getting old(er).

There has been an on again, off again spitting of rain today, but not enough to stop people from attending the festival. On Sunday last year there was a monsoon and we closed the festival early. Maybe we should think about an indoor space to have the fall festival. I'm just sayin' ...

Today I'm creating time for a nap before working on the Women of Wine auction. I have also been receiving the cutest Christmas fabrics in the mail for aprons. After a busy weekend, I'm going to sleep a little late in the morning, and then perhaps work on some aprons in-between calls and emails about the auction.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012

Loved the jewelry in this booth. Very fun!
I was at the Bayou City Art Festival this morning before the gates opened to the public at 10 a.m. Early access is just one of the perks of being president of the Board of Directors. I walked around until 11:30 a.m., pressing the flesh with artists and welcoming them to the festival. This festival is so popular with artists. And attendees enjoy the festival art because only the cream of the crop shows at Bayou City.

I especially like seeing the new artists. Before I left this morning, I was talking to a wonderful new jewelry artist who came here from Maine. It was 28 degrees when she left Maine. I also spoke with a jewelry artist from Santa Fe, NM. It is 54 degrees there during the day. Another fabric artist is from Colorado, where the temp is about the same as Santa Fe. All of these ladies were excited about being in hot and humid Houston because they won't feel these temperatures again for at least six months.

Today I'm creating shopping lists. I always buy Christmas presents at Bayou City Art Festival. I'm at the house now, but will be back at the festival later this afternoon and again tomorrow. So much to see and enjoy!

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12, 2012

I hope to see my Houston friends this weekend at
Bayou City Art Festival Downtown. 
It has been another busy and productive day. I started my morning with a visit to Houston Area Women's Center. They had their annual gala earlier in the year and had some good items leftover that they donated to the Women of Wine auction. Next I went to the office of the WOW executive director to drop off the auction items and enter donations in the data base. Then it was off to the farmers' market to get some hay, pumpkins and flowers to decorate the front of my client's booth at Bayou City Art Festival (see photo). One last stop before coming home was for a mani/pedi, which was desperately needed after handling the hay and pumpkins.

I'm pretty sure that the girls and I need a quick nap now before Mr. B comes home and we attend an art opening this evening.

Today I'm creating auction and festival magic.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012

Did you realize that today is 10-11-12? In December we will have 12-12-12.

I've had a crazy day with meetings from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Then the grocery store. Finally home with my feet up. I see no relief in sight since the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown is this weekend and the Women of Wine fundraiser is Monday, Oct. 22.

Today I'm creating logistical plans for the Women of Wine auction, vendor support for Bayou City Art Festival Downtown, and text for a website. Just reading about everything I'm doing is making me tired. Oh, yeah. I also need to sew a tablecloth today.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

A pretty old-fashioned yellow
rose blooming in the garden today.
It's around 11:30 in the morning and I'm already on my second Diet Coke of the day. I know I should be drinking fewer Diet Cokes and more water, but Diet Cokes taste so much better than water!

I posted on Facebook last night that I wasn't hungry, but wanted to eat something. I'm in that same mood this morning, and I think Rose feels my pain. Every morning food is put down for the dogs. Rose cobbles her's and is then ready to move on to Roz's. Being the dainty little girl that she is, Roz much more prefers to nibble on her food all day. Unfortunately, that's not possible with Rose around because she will eat until she explodes! Just like moi.

Today I'm creating aprons. There were several people who wanted the same apron last Sunday during the home craft show, so I'm creating duplicates today. I need to get back into the sewing zone for the holidays.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012

It took me about 10 minutes to relace this
shoe so it matched the other one in the pair.
Re-enforced my concern that I'm not the
sharpest tool in the shed!
After leaving my client's office around 2:30 p.m. today, I headed to the North Loop to go out the 290 Freeway. I got on the Loop, but got nowhere before the traffic completely stopped. After waiting 34 minutes I turned the car off and called Mr. B to calm me down. I really sat with the car off for nearly an hour, and then all of a sudden everyone started moving. I have no idea what caused the freeway to shut down for that length of time, but getting stuck in traffic on the North Loop is becoming more and more of a sure thing instead of an odd occurrence.

It's time for the Dancing With the Stars elimination show, so I need to disconnect from everything going on around me and enjoy the dancing.

Today I'm creating a newsletter for my Tuesday client. I'm also setting up lots of meeting for the rest of this week. Unfortunately, most of the meetings concerned the charities I work with instead of paying work. When my "day" comes, I hope St. Peter at the Gate remembers how much charity work I did throughout my life instead of all the bad stuff!

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Pictured is the serving table from Saturday's
bridal luncheon. I ate the last of the pink
cupcakes for breakfast this with a Diet Coke.
We're having our alarm system updated today. The workmen were supposed to be at the house between 10-11 a.m. When the doorbell rang before 9 a.m., I was still in my pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. For the past two hours the dogs and I have been sequestered in the TV room with the door closed. Mr. B just came in to tell me the alarm people are ready to give us a demonstration. I reminded him of my attire, so he is now watching the demonstration without me.

I have a Women of Wine Board meeting today at noon. It's only two weeks until our fundraising event and we're really scrambling for auction items. Of course I can't devote total attention to the fundraiser because the day before the fundraiser is a reception I'm organizing for a client. And before both of these is the Bayou City Art Festival this weekend. This fall is very busy!

Today I'm creating emails requesting or following up on auction donations. I also need to look at a client's website and be ready to talk about updates tomorrow. I just need to take it one day at the time and not get overwhelmed.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 2012

My little display table of aprons.
Although I wasn't sure I would make it through this week, I did. And today was a terrific day partially because the weather was so wonderful this afternoon. Plus I made good money selling aprons, small handbags and pillows at a home craft show. It's always a surprise how home shows will work out. Sometimes I sell well and other times I just as well could have stayed home.

Maybe one of the best parts of my day happened around 5:30 p.m. I was driving to Bellaire and got pulled over by a policeman. Of course I didn't have my purse with me, which meant I didn't have my driver's license or proof of insurance with me. I did have the registration form in the Explorer, which the policeman took back to his car where he pulled me up on this computer. I was almost in tears thinking it would take all the money I made today to pay for the traffic tickets I was expecting to get. Why did he pull me over you ask? Because I exited the freeway and crossed over two lanes to turn right onto Bellaire, and didn't use my turn signal. So I was expecting three tickets. Instead, the policeman came back to the Explorer, returned the registration form to me, and said he wasn't going to give me a citation because I had such a clean driving record. Goodness! I could have jumped out of the car and kissed him, except he probably would have shot me.

Today I'm creating another apron for the craft show. I had created 11 and just didn't want to go with an odd number so I made one more. All total I sold nine aprons, four handbags and two pillows, plus I got a commission to make two more aprons. So cool!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6, 2012

Melissa, Ashley and Claudia (her soon-to-be mother-in-law)
It has been a long and fun day! I was up before 7 a.m. to head to the grocery store. Once home, Mr. B grilled pork tenderloins while I made champagne and red velvet cupcakes for Ashley's bridal shower.

The shower was lovely! Ashley decided earlier during her engagement that she only wanted one shower, and this was it. There were approximately 30 ladies, which was perfect for the party room at 5000 Montrose. After lunch, Ashley opened presents for almost an hour. I've never seen so many big boxes from Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath & Beyond. One of the other shower hostesses, who has been married about 30 years,  commented how nice it would be to have all new kitchen gear and towels. Since I dried my hair with a ragged and ripped towel this morning, I had to agree with her!

Today I'm creating time for a nap. I got home from the shower around 3:30 p.m. and was napping by 4 p.m. Tomorrow is the end of this incredibly busy week, but now I have to include next Monday and Tuesday to the busy list.

Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012

Add caption
Moving on with the holiday aprons, today is a picture of a Thanksgiving apron. This fabric reminds me of the McCarley sisters' school days. I have a paper turkey made by Dr. Mc that was created by tracing her hand and a plaster turkey Sweetness made from her hand. The turkeys on the apron remind me of the gifts I received from the girls years ago. I added the rick rack to the waistband because it reminds me of days long ago with my beloved grandmother, Nannu. She was an incredible seamstress who could make anything! When I would visit with her during the summer, she and I often made aprons for family and friends that incorporated rick rack and cross stitches on check fabric.

I had to post on Facebook yesterday about all the negative political comments that people are making. If you have a Facebook account, I'm sure some of your friends are posting their political views. I really dislike the habit of some people who try to build up a candidate by running another one down. Build up your candidate by stating what s/he has accomplished instead by mud slinging about his or her opponent.

Today I'm creating tablecloth overlays out of pink toile for tomorrow's shower, and then I'm leaving the sewing machine until after my goddaughter's bridal shower on Saturday.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

For this Halloween apron, I was found black fabric with
squiggles for the waistband and ties. The purple fabric of the
apron also has squiggles. Coordination at its best.
Good morning! As anticipated, October is clicking away, but I'm in a much less stressed mood than yesterday, although I'm not sure why. Maybe all I have to do between now and Sunday night seems more manageable than they did yesterday.

Part of my stress release is that I discovered a container with about a dozen purses that I made in the summer of 2010. This makes me feel better because I don't have to make a bunch before the house party on Sunday afternoon. I can continue in "the zone" making aprons, especially holiday ones. I ventured upstairs to the actual craft area above the garage (the space where the air conditioner isn't working). I gathered up some fabrics and brought them down to my make-shift sewing area in the dining room. I wonder how long I could sew on the fabrics I already have without buying more? I'm similar to my beloved grandmother, Nannu, who would buy fabric that she liked not knowing what she would eventually do with it. She had fabric in boxes under every bed in her house and in every closet. This drove my VERY organized mother crazy! Seriously, Mother would always complain about the amount of fabrics that Nannu's stashed away. Yep, I'm like Nannu.

Today I'm creating more items for the trunk show that will be held at Chris' house on Sunday afternoon. But first, I'm going to finish an apron I started yesterday, and then have lunch with Kelly.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3, 2012

Bewitching Halloween apron.
My dining room has been transformed into an apron factory. I've been cranking them out, including the one pictured today. I found an old piece of black lace in my trim box that I used to adorn the waist of the apron, which can best be described as Hooker meets Halloween.

Four summers ago I met a remarkable woman in Santa Fe. Debbie is from Houston, but has been spending anywhere from two weeks to a month in Santa Fe. She's usually there in August while I'm there and we always hang out. We met through a mutual friend and subsequently found out that we have other friends in common. Anyway, Debbie looked at buying a house in the high dessert last summer, but couldn't pull the trigger. This summer she came prepared, guns loaded, ready to buy. I'm so excited that she closed on her house today. Welcome to homeownershp in The Land of Enchantment, Debbie!

Today I'm creating aprons, aprons and more aprons. I'm in the zone, but will have to stop for awhile to get ready for the Bayou City Art Festival kickoff party and then to a birthday party. Mr. B has his own function tonight, so we'll be headed in different directions.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012

Mi casera de casita.
Look at the beautiful photo sent to me by Santa Fe friend Richard Lawn (a.k.a. Little Ricky). Since he is pictured in the foreground with the aspen trees behind him, I'm guessing that his partner Richard Anderson took this photo. Oh, what I would give to be in Santa Fe with them right now. Everyone in Houston is raving about the cool weather here. It is nice that the humidity is low and the temperature is only 83 degrees. This is the weather in Santa Fe during most of the summer while I'm there <insert big sigh here>.

I don't think I've ever blogged about my preference for mayo instead of mustard, unless it's honey mustard. My stomach was making noises around 1:30 p.m., so I drove through Burger King today. I don't know if the grilled chicken wrap has been on the menu or if it is a new addition, but it was very tasty. It comes with a choice of ranch dressing or honey mustard, and I choose the latter. My total was $1.94, which may be the cheapest lunch I've had in a long time.

Today I'm creating aprons. Hopefully I'll finish sewing all I want to make today so I can move on to something else tomorrow.

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

The weather was weird yesterday as Mr. B
drove back from Austin. Not sure about that
huge white cloud in the sky.
All is right with the world! Mr. B and I safely made the drive from Austin. Dr. Mc and #1 son-in-law Nick made it safely back. I slept so well in my own bed last night. And Roz and Rose came home this morning from their stay at our vet's boarding facility. Rose immediately jumped on the bed and started kissing me. It's nice to be missed.

I have another busy week of getting ready for goddaughter Ashley's shower on Saturday and sewing items to sell at a house party on Sunday. But instead of sewing this morning I've messed around. Actually, I've done some work for a client, but that doesn't help with the sewing that is ahead of me.

Today I'm creating aprons. I found some adorable fabric for Halloween aprons, but have limited myself to making only two or three of those. I'll also make a couple of Thanksgiving and a couple for Christmas.