Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A special find

Big ole' suitcase to use in my craft show displays.
After lunch I spent about an hour and half helping a real estate friend with some marketing ideas. He is always helping me, so I was happy to help him get organized and plan for the future.

Later I went to a resale shop to look for old Mexican tablecloths. I found many, but the shop thinks the tablecloths are more valuable than I do. While I was in the shop I found an big old suitcase (see pic of the day) for only $19.50. It's going to work really well in my display when I have craft shows. I may put a mirror on the inside of the lid so ladies can look at themselves when they try on jewelry.

Today I'm creating a delicious dinner for myself. I saw a recipe for chicken salad that uses avocado instead of mayo. I boiled the chicken this morning and have been waiting all day to try the recipe.

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