Monday, August 12, 2013


Missing family and friends in Houston,
but not the heat and humidity.
I have contacts with two small shops in Santa Fe that might sell my jewelry. I've already been rejected by three shops here. One shop owner said she liked it, but had enough jewelry. The second shop owner said my jewelry wasn't a good fit with what she sells (I agree). And I don't think the tin was turquoise or Native American enough for the third shop owner. But today is a new day and I'm off this afternoon with product in hand, a positive attitude, a smile on my face, and fingers crossed that the fourth and/or fifth tries are the charm.

My friend Debbie who is from Houston and has a house here, is probably going back to Houston this coming weekend. She said yesterday that she doesn't want to leave Santa Fe to return to the heat and humidity of Houston, but feels guilty for being gone so long. Like me, she arrived at the end of June. I feel her pain. There's nothing I would rather do than spend time with my family and friends right now, and I feel the need to be in Houston for the Bayou City Art Festival, but it would be hard to leave the cool weather in the high desert. I'm planning to stay here until after Labor Day.

Today I'm creating an invitation to the Art Heist hosted by Bayou City Art Festival and then I'm sewing. I'm surrounded by wonderful textiles and need to stop simply looking at them. Time to spread the fabrics out and get creative with them.

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