Saturday, November 30, 2013

Zach and Sarah's wedding day

It was definitely a harder ride home that I expected. Mr. B drove the first five hours and then I took over. Three hours into my turn at driving, my back (where the shingles are located) was so painful. I kept leaning forward to try to ease the pain, but nothing helped. Mr. B to the rescue (as usual). He took back over the steering wheel so I could take a pain pill and sit in the passenger seat on my right side, relieving the pressure on my back.

image.jpegOne of the last things we did before leaving the casita was to hang a heart made from bottle caps. We got it at the last Bayou City Art Festival (BCAF). It was created by Dakota Pratt from Austin and donated to the Art Heist, which I co-hosted. When our number was drawn, I went straight to the heart because I had just the place for it. The top photo is how we hung it at the casita, under the portal by the back door. The bottom photo is a close-up photo of the heart from BCAF. We left plenty of room around the heart for more of Dakota's work. I see the original heart having friends join it.

Today I'm creating plans for a holiday market I'm going to participate in on Friday and Saturday of next week. I have plenty of gift bags, but needed holiday tissue paper. It's sometimes much easier to let my fingers do the walking (through Etsy and eBay) then to get in the car and fight the holiday shoppers. And I'm excited that tonight is the wedding of Zach and Sarah. Such a sweet young couple who have their entire lives in front of them. It's very exciting!

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