Friday, November 15, 2013

My booth is complete

Out of the car and in my booth space. The man behind me
has the coolest lamps made out of recycled everything. 
Of all the days that the furry Pettit sisters would sleep late, why did it have to be today? I had packed everything up last night that I needed to take to the convention center this morning, but still needed to put everything in the car and dress. Rose usually wants to go out around 8 a.m., but today she slept until 9 a.m. So instead of getting to the convention center when the doors opened, I got there an hour later.

I practiced using my Square device last night. I can plug it into my iPad or iPhone and accept credit card payments with it. Now that I can accept credit cards, hopefully everyone will pay with them, but I might need to get more cash for tonight, just in case I need to make change.

Today I'm creating a booth at the Recycle Market. It seems like I have been planning for today for a long time, and the time is finally here. My friend Richard Anderson arrived to help me unload and set up. Thank goodness for friends! I had gotten a stand and lights from Ikea, all of which required assembly. With Richard's help, I was set up and home in 2.5 hours. I now have about an hour to rest before I shower, dress and go back to the convention center.

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