Monday, November 11, 2013


Roz is snuggled in the pillows.
It's COLD in Santa Fe and is supposed to be 10 degrees colder tomorrow. I went to bed, but woke up several hours later shivering in a ball. I got up and put another blanket on the bed. Roz also thinks it's cold in the casita so she has buried herself in the pillows (see pic-of-the-day). The coldest part of the casita is the bathroom where there are tile floors. I'm not sure the radiant heat comes through the tile in there.

I have to throw a penalty flag at the television show The Mentalist. I think Simon Baker is adorable and like the show, but he was conducting interviews last week saying to watch last night because "Red John" would be identified. NOT. Instead, two of the five suspects are identified and then the house blew up.

Today I'm creating tin jewelry and pillows. It's going to be a day of sewing and making jewelry, but first I'm putting on some warm clothes and going to the grocery store. I should have gone last night, but I was too busy watching The Mentalist.

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