Friday, November 8, 2013

Not "Hammer Time," but packing time

Little bag from vintage velvets.
I need to be packing this morning so I can leave tomorrow for Santa Fe, but the medicine I'm taking for my shingles is making me light headed. This means NO walking up and down stairs carrying stuff. And there will be NO driving or operating of heavy machinery, either. So maybe I don't leave until Sunday. We'll see.

Our friend John came through surgery to remove a brain tumor with flying colors. He's a strong man who Mr. B and I hope will be around for many, many years to come. John is a tall man. When he gives me a hug I sometimes feel like something is going to pop out. He also has the loudest laugh you have ever heard. Just thinking about his over-the-top laugh makes me chuckle. For awhile John lived across the street from Mr. B and me. We could hear him inside his house laughing.

Today I'm creating a list of items to take to Santa Fe with me. Right now it's uncomfortable to have anything touch the shingles, which are located on my back and stomach. I'm most comfortable when I'm topless. This might be another reason not to leave for Santa Fe tomorrow since I'd look really silly driving topless for 900 miles.

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