Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Conference calls instead of crafting

Pillows resting on a bed in the guest room.
I needed to run a couple of errands today, but instead I've been either on the computer or telephone. Telephone calls have been spaced just enough so that I can't go anywhere. My last call of the day will happen in about 5:30 p.m. Hopefully it won't last more than an hour and I can get out tonight before the stores close.

I'm almost done making pillows for the Recycle Market, but I can't finish the last three until I get to the fabric store for stuffing. I had initially thought I would make more, but then realized that the supplies are too expensive. If I could sell them for less, I would make more. As it is there will be 16 available. Looking at the photo of the guest room reminds me that I need to change the summer linens on the beds to the heavier blankets.

Today I'm creating pillows and bracelets. Before I went to bed last night I laid out 12 bracelets to make tonight. That means that tomorrow – the day before the Recycle Market – I need to make three pillows, put the handles of six bags, assemble the table lights, and then set up a trial display. Oh, maybe I can multi-process and put the lights together tonight while I'm on the conference call.

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