Sunday, December 1, 2013

A plan for another craft show

Zach giving his mom a kiss last night during the wedding reception.
My neighbors may not speak to me again if they see me go into the Walmart on Yale tomorrow. There was a big "fight" in the neighborhood between the developer and residents to keep the strip centers from going in on the south side of I-10 along Heights Boulevard and Yale. I don't think people minded that the stores were being built, except that the traffic is now terrible at any time of the day and especially during rush hour.

So why am I going to Walmart? I need two five-foot tables for my craft show this coming weekend and Walmart was the only convenient place I could find them. The space for each artisan this weekend is only 7' x 5', instead of the usually 10' x 10'. I don't feel guilty about buying the tables because not only will I use them in future craft shows, but also for back yard parties instead of rentals.

Today I'm creating my to-do list for this coming week. I think if I'm organized I won't get panicky as  the weekend approaches. My plans need to include how to condense everything from my 10' x 10' up into the small space. I decided today that it's probably not the weather to sell outdoor pillows, so I'm going to leave them out. That's a good thing because they take up lots of room. I have holiday aprons that I'll sell instead of the burlap pillows, along with tin jewelry, bags and totes. Good plan!

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