Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Indoor activities

Santa Fe boosts 360 sunny days a year, but today was definitely not one of those days. It was cloudy, drizzly and in the low 40s all day. In the mountains there was snow, but in the city it was just drizzle. A cold front is on the way and there is snow expected in the city on Friday through Monday. 
Enjoying the Kiva on a cold night.

I made it to the grocery store today to get a few supplies before Mr. B arrives tomorrow. It's painful to have anything touch my back where the shingles are, so it was a quick trip to the store and back. I'm going to cook a pot roast for Mr. B tomorrow night. Why is it that all comfort food is fattening?

Today I'm creating a clean house, sort of. I did get my clothes washed, the dishes washed in the dishwasher, and the vacuum run in some of the rooms. While I was at the store I also got some Christmas magazines. I love to look at cooking and home decorating magazines, especially during the holidays.

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