Tuesday, November 19, 2013

E-blasts, e-blasts and more e-blasts

When I arrived at the casita on Nov. 8, I immediately found that most of the batteries were dead, including the one(s) in the kitchen clock. I've replaced the ones that were within arm's reach, but the kitchen clock requires me to climb up on a ladder, so I haven't changed the battery. However, unlike a rat in a maze, I haven't been able to reprogram myself. Every time I'm walk into the main room I look up at the clock that is frozen at 3:49-ish.

Mr. B is arriving on Thursday. I'm so happy! He is always so supportive and just talking to him on the phone for the past 11 days (instead of seeing his handsome face) hasn't been the same. I was crying on the phone last night and this morning because I've had to deal with so much stuff, including the shingles, since I got here. It's always so good to have a sounding board.

Today I'm creating e-blasts and more e-blasts. I had a conversation with a complete twit last night who insisted that no one under 50 reads anything but social media. Actually, I listened to her rantings, but knew she wasn't correct. She read one report. I have 30+ years of experience in marketing and communications. Whom would you trust to be the most informed?

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