Thursday, November 21, 2013

A trip to town

Mr. B arrived in SFe around noon today. Joy! We walked down the street from the shuttle drop to Pasqual's, which was serving breakfast until 3 p.m. Mr. B would eat breakfast three times a day, if he was allowed. He had Pasquales Special, which is pancakes, eggs and bacon. You'd think he had walked to SFe instead of taking a plane.

After eating we went into Doodles, which is across the street from Pasqual's. Doodles is an interesting gift shop where I can always find something fun for someone. The car was parked in front of a store that was having a shoe sale, so we had to go in there. I'm amazed that I came away with just one pair of suede shoes.

Today I'm creating an e-blast before I went to get Mr. B. I'm not sure if it's because he is here or because I got a new pair of shoes, but I'm feeling better than I have all week.

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