Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What seems easy isn't

Positive thoughts to John and Lisa.
I thought I had a simple rash that could be treated with over the counter medication, but no. It turns out that my rash is actually shingles. I know some people who have had shingles and have talked to them and done some online research. I might as well prepare myself for what is about to happen.

I made an appointment with my dermatologist yesterday so she could look at me, but then her office canceled my appointment. My appointment was through an online service and the time I selected wasn't really available. She could see me next Tuesday, but can't make a house call to Santa Fe which is where I'll be. So this afternoon I have an appointment with my internist. How do you know you're getting older? When you have multiple doctors who are specialists in different fields.

Today I'm creating well wishes for a dear friend of Mr. B's and mine. My medical problems are nothing compared to John's. As a result of playing center for Clemson football team in the 1970s, John had knee replacement surgery several years ago. He recently began falling and stumbling, and thought maybe his new knees were failing. He finally went to the doctor and it was determined that John
had a brain tumor. Yesterday he had successful surgery to remove the tumor, which was not cancerous. Prayers to John and his beautiful wife Lisa to a speedy recovery!

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