Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Memories of mom: Peggie Jane (Hargrove) Akin – April 22, 1929 - Nov. 26, 2001

Ice crystals need to thaw before
they can drip into the rain catcher.
We ventured out of the casita again today. It was sunny and bright, so the snow was slowly melting. Still it was cold enough that when the ice melted and dripped, it would hit the ground and freeze. The part of the street that was in the sun was fine, but the part that was in the shade was icy. Not the best driving conditions.

I finally took Mr. B to one of my favorite lunch places in town. It's a casual French restaurant (Clafoutis) that serves breakfast and lunch. Crazy good! Really tasty food and oh so delicious pastries. Of course, now we're not hungry for the leftover red beans and rice from last night.

Today I'm creating time to visit some of my favorite shops in town. With only two days left before we hit the road back to Houston, I needed to do some shopping in preparation for tomorrow's day of casita cleaning. But I can't help thinking about my mom, who died 12 years ago today. She would be 84 if she had taken better care of herself.

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