Monday, November 25, 2013

Another Meatless Monday

A high of 39 degrees in Santa Fe today and a lo of 18 degrees tonight. Although we were supposed to have more snow today, the sun has been out and I haven't seen a flake one. Mr. B wanted to get out last night so we went to a party. There was some slipping and sliding on the icy roads, but we made it to our destination. Dr. Mc gave us some great driving advice. After living in Denver for five years, she knows about driving in the snow. Note to self: When it's snowing outside, wear sensible shoes and keep them on when you go inside. Silly me. I wore snow boots and took a change of shoes to wear inside. We did get stuck in the snow when leaving and had to get assistance for very kind gentlemen. Come to find out, they'll be in Houston in February. It will be payback time.

Last night's Bollywood Party was fun, although I definitely didn't have enough to drink to get up and dance. And that feeling was further brought home when I watched (and videoed) the guest dancers. For the first time ever I'm going to post the video I did last night of the dancers, I hope. The first person you'll see on the video is Jane, the birthday girl herself.

Today I'm creating red beans so we can have them for dinner tonight. They are really smelling good. A little rice and cornbread will complement the red beans perfectly, at least for me! Mr. B isn't as keen on Meatless Monday as I am. He went in the kitchen this morning and fried himself some bacon. After cooking it, he asked me if it bothered me. Hell YES! Even vegetarians have a problem smelling yummy fried bacon and not wanting to eat some! But I resisted and had my yogurt.

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