Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5, 2012

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Moving on with the holiday aprons, today is a picture of a Thanksgiving apron. This fabric reminds me of the McCarley sisters' school days. I have a paper turkey made by Dr. Mc that was created by tracing her hand and a plaster turkey Sweetness made from her hand. The turkeys on the apron remind me of the gifts I received from the girls years ago. I added the rick rack to the waistband because it reminds me of days long ago with my beloved grandmother, Nannu. She was an incredible seamstress who could make anything! When I would visit with her during the summer, she and I often made aprons for family and friends that incorporated rick rack and cross stitches on check fabric.

I had to post on Facebook yesterday about all the negative political comments that people are making. If you have a Facebook account, I'm sure some of your friends are posting their political views. I really dislike the habit of some people who try to build up a candidate by running another one down. Build up your candidate by stating what s/he has accomplished instead by mud slinging about his or her opponent.

Today I'm creating tablecloth overlays out of pink toile for tomorrow's shower, and then I'm leaving the sewing machine until after my goddaughter's bridal shower on Saturday.

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