Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

For this Halloween apron, I was found black fabric with
squiggles for the waistband and ties. The purple fabric of the
apron also has squiggles. Coordination at its best.
Good morning! As anticipated, October is clicking away, but I'm in a much less stressed mood than yesterday, although I'm not sure why. Maybe all I have to do between now and Sunday night seems more manageable than they did yesterday.

Part of my stress release is that I discovered a container with about a dozen purses that I made in the summer of 2010. This makes me feel better because I don't have to make a bunch before the house party on Sunday afternoon. I can continue in "the zone" making aprons, especially holiday ones. I ventured upstairs to the actual craft area above the garage (the space where the air conditioner isn't working). I gathered up some fabrics and brought them down to my make-shift sewing area in the dining room. I wonder how long I could sew on the fabrics I already have without buying more? I'm similar to my beloved grandmother, Nannu, who would buy fabric that she liked not knowing what she would eventually do with it. She had fabric in boxes under every bed in her house and in every closet. This drove my VERY organized mother crazy! Seriously, Mother would always complain about the amount of fabrics that Nannu's stashed away. Yep, I'm like Nannu.

Today I'm creating more items for the trunk show that will be held at Chris' house on Sunday afternoon. But first, I'm going to finish an apron I started yesterday, and then have lunch with Kelly.

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