Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Fish cap and bag.
The long awaited and anticipated Monday, October 22, 2012 is finally here. I've been working on and agonizing about the auction for Women of Wine Charities for months. All is in place for tonight's event, including my clothes hanging on the door. There's nothing more for me to do except hope that people show up ready to spend in support of Houston Area Women's Center.

I finished the last bag I was creating to go along with the knitted fish cap donated by another woman (see photo). There is a great debate going on in the Pettit household. Mr. B thinks the cap is silly, but I love it. He thinks people will buy the bag I made and donate the cap to a "white elephant" event or put it in a garage sale. I love his support of my crafts! Granted, the cap isn't for everyone, but I can see my youngest daughter Sweetness rockin' that cap. I think it is adorable!

Close up of bag.
Today I'm creating nails the dazzle. I'm leaving as soon as I finish this post to get a manicure. Just for Halloween, I'm going to get a French manicure, but instead of having white on the tips I'm going to get orange. Very scary!

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