Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, 2012

Beautiful peach rose in this morning's garden.
My Tuesday client canceled our meeting today, so I was able to spend the time from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. working on the auction program for Women of Wine Charities. I'm so happy to have it finished and sent out for approval. I'm sure that tomorrow will be busy with emails and phone calls asking about why I did this or that in the program. After spending five hours on it, I'd like to tell people if they don't like how I did it to do it themselves ... but I won't. Instead I'll just get my feelings hurt that what I created isn't viewed as perfect.

A women who went to the same church as me, before she moved to Atlanta to attend seminary, posted an interesting question on her Facebook account today: "What would you tell your teen self today?" She answered, "It's okay to make brownies in a round pan, even though it isn't an option on the back of the box." After thinking about it for a minute or so, I answered, "Believe in yourself." If teenage Julie Ann Akin had developed an ounce of self confidence, life would have been so much better.

Today I'm creating a purse or tote bag, if I get the courage to go upstairs and get the fabric. It's raining and I still have angst about climbing the wooden stairs to my sewing area when it's wet outside. 

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