Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30, 2012

#1 son-in-law Nick, Dr. Mc and Mr. B enjoying the evening.
It's a late post for me today and I have a feeling I'll be awake even later. Somewhere around 9 p.m. tonight I realized I was in the process of drinking my fifth Diet Coke of the day. Besides the potential effects on my health, the caffeine is going to keep me awake for hours. Then I ate a cookie, so let's add sugar rush to caffeine high. Mr. B has given me a margarita in an effort to counteract my elevated brain activities, but I'll be in hyperdrive for hours.

I was surprised and excited today to receive a card and handwritten note from friend Viki. I think I've mentioned before that Viki and her husband, John, were great down-the-street neighbors who moved to Washington state several years ago. Although I'm an avid user of emails and my cell phone, I miss the days when people were less connected. Today it is always a joy to receive letters and cards in the mail, just as when I was a child and received the same from my wonderful grandmother, Nannu.

Today I'm creating marketing magic for my Tuesday client. The weekly meeting didn't require me to write a newsletter, but I did create a direct mail postcard, as well as the outline for a magazine article. Some people think that anyone can write, but trust me when I say that concepting and creating something that seems effortless isn't an easy job.

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