Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 27, 2012

A tote made from an old canvas bag to go with a knitted cap. 
Mr. B and I were invited to several Halloween parties tonight, and opted not to attend any of them. This works very well for him since he doesn't like to dress in costume. Instead of going out, we are sitting in the TV room throwing away papers. The room looks better already.

One week from tonight my goddaughter, Ashley, is getting married. She has been a self-professed diva from a very young age, and decided to have a black-tie wedding. That's easy for Mr. B. He just puts on his tux and he is ready to go. I honestly don't have a thing to wear. I found a beautiful long tunic online and ordered it. It arrived today and it is outstanding, but not right for a black-tie wedding. Now I'm back to square one, except that I have an expensive new tunic to wear with ... I don't know what. I've found another long top online and I'm trying to decide if I should order it. I guess I have until tomorrow night to make that decision, since nobody mails on Sunday.

Today I'm creating relaxation time. I don't know how creative that is, but relaxation time is much needed.

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