Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Aulay, Day 43

It's hard to believe that Dr. Mc's due date is seven weeks away yet the little prince was born six weeks ago. It's still a miracle to me that he is doing so well when he was born so early. I continue to give thanks each and every day for the life of this little man, and thank each of you for your continued support, prayers and well wishes.

Dr. Mc and Big Daddy Nick continue to go to the hospital late at night to spend time with the little man. Since Big Daddy was out of town for two days, he was really excited to see Aulay last night. I love the photo Dr. Mc took last night of Nick cuddling with the wide-awake Aulay. That tiny face is so adorable!

Today I'm creating an e-blast. And, instead of my morning visit to see Aulay, I'm going to the hospital in the evening with Sweetness.

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