Monday, September 29, 2014

Aulay, Day 42

Aulay with his mommy last night.
I've gladly had two Aulay visits since my post yesterday. I took Dr. Mc to see the little man last night. We got there just before his 8 p.m. assessment and feeding. Dr. Mc was able to hold him (see pic-of-the-day). He was alert and bright-eyed for the first 30 minutes. As Big Daddy Nick said it's great to have Aulay awake and looking around. Then he went to sleep until the end of his feeding when he got cranky.

I went back to the hospital this morning for my normal daytime visit. All the nurses in NICU Level 2 were commenting on how much they love his blonde hair. I think it's safe to say that the little man is a nurse magnet.

Today I'm creating lunch with Mr. B and his sister, Missy. I'm also going to Walgreen's to get my flu shot. Now I have immunizations against whopping cough and the flu, which is what is recommended for people who are around babies. I'm also doing more cleaning in the back bedroom. Keeping busy.

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