Monday, September 22, 2014

Aulay, Day 35

It's hard to see his hair in this photo.
The night nurse yesterday took a picture of Aulay while changing his feeding tube. Look at those beautiful full lips. He is definitely think he wants a kiss from me and his other grandparents. Soon little man. Soon.

As of last night the little man weighed 3 lbs. 3 ozs. He is 14.75"long. His red blood count is up. And, of course, he is still the cutest wee one in the hospital! He was put in a new incubator last night that he can stay in when he is moved to Level II in the NICU. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he can make the move sometime this week or next. When he gets to Level II he'll be a little closer to being able to go home. Keep growing and getting stronger, little prince.

Today I'm creating dinner for Mr. B and proofing the coffee table book I'm working on with several other people. It's hopeful that the book will go to print at the end of this month. Oh happy day!

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