Friday, September 26, 2014

Aulay, Day 39

I think I heard him say, "Oy vey!"
I was lazy this morning and didn't want to get up or drive to the hospital. I finally showered and dressed by telling myself that if that little man can fight for life, I can drive to the hospital to encourage him. Once I was there, I was happy to see him. The little man was well and the story is that he is transferring to NICU Level II tomorrow or Sunday. This is a positive sign of the progress he is making.

Since I'm a stress eater and because I've been under stress for almost six weeks, I've been putting on the pounds. I looked at myself in the mirror this afternoon and didn't like what I saw. I have to get back to healthier eating habits. In the meantime, Mr. B and I have three events to attend tonight and I'm not excited about attending any of them because of the way I look. Sad story.

Today I'm creating a meeting to discuss non-profit projects. Lately the days seem fewer and fewer when I'm actually creating anything of merit. I need to change that. I'm excited about Aulay's progress, but depressed about my backtracking.

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