Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Aulay, Day 30; Another milestone in his life

I could hardly wait to get home from the hospital today after my visit with the little prince so I could blog about him. When I got to NICU and pulled up the cover on his incubator, I immediately laughed out loud. Usually he just has on a diaper, but today, for the first time, he was wearing a onesie and looking extra cute. As the nurse was coming towards me, I  said, "He is wearing clothes!" She explained that Aulay is now able to regulate his own body temperature, so they turned down the heater in the incubator and put clothes on him.

It's like he was waiting for me to get to the hospital for our visit. He was alert and his eyes were open for almost my entire visit. If I do say so myself, he's looking more and more like a little baby boy instead of a tiny baby doll. It seems as if he is putting on an ounce a day now. As of last night, his weight was 3 lbs.

Today I'm creating time to attend a luncheon. After my visit with the little prince I came home to work on a holiday project I'm coordinating for a non-profit. I'm also working on a coffee table book about the 10th anniversary of Winter Street Studios. I need three artists to call me, but they aren't responding to my emails or voicemails. Arg!

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