Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Aulay, Day 37

Wiggling around, trying to find his comfy sleeping spot.
I was trying to get to the hospital in time for Aulay's morning assessment, changing and feeding, but missed it by about 15 minutes. When I got there the little man was trying to find his comfy spot to settle into for his feeding. When he finally stopped wiggling he got the hiccups, which was adorable to watch. He would hiccup three or four times and then make a silly face and a cute, high-pitched baby grunt. This went on for a few minutes before he got frustrated and started crying. I just wanted to grab him out of the incubator and rock him until the hiccups were gone. Soon.

I'm a little weepy today so I didn't stay at the hospital this morning but 30-45 minutes. That's OK because I have so much to do at home.

Today I'm creating a lengthy to-do list. I feel a little bit overwhelmed right now. I've been back in Houston for a little more than a month, most of the time on the go. Jotting down notes on a pad of paper will help me focus on what I've been ignoring. I'll also feel better when I scratch off items on the to-do list.

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