Thursday, September 18, 2014

Aulay, Day 31

Dr. Mc and Big Daddy Nick took more clothes
to the hospital last night. Aulay looks a little
stiff in his new preemie britches.
The little prince is having another blood test today to check the number of red blood cells (RBCs) he is producing. The RBCs are necessary to carry oxygen through our bodies. Just as is the case with adults when there aren't enough RBCs, the result is anemia. Although his RBCs count is up, if he isn't producing enough Aulay may need a blood transfusion. This has been something doctors have considered for several weeks, so I've read about what happens. Doctors and mothers have written that after preemies have the procedure done it's as if they had a permanent shot of Red Bull. Of course the babies feel better because they have more RBCs. This procedure would probably allow Aulay to get off the CPAP machine that's used to treat preemies whose lungs haven't fully developed. 

Another "milestone" that should happen in the next two to three weeks is bottle feeding. I'm hoping that when it's time for this that I'll be able to hold and feed him. That will be a milestone for me!

Today I'm creating a quiet day at home. It's pouring down rain and flooding in parts of Houston. I keep watching weather reports, hoping that the rain will stop so I can go visit the little man. Unfortunately, heavy rain and thunderstorms are forecast for today and tomorrow.

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