Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aulay, Day 34

Dr. Mc sent me the pic-of-the-day. The top photo is her when she was about six months old. On the bottom is the wee one last week at one month old. Does he look like his mama or what?
It official. The little prince looks like his mama.

On the agenda for the little prince this week is to ween him off of his CPAP. Once he does that, he will be moved from NICU level III to level II. I'm still looking forward to seeing Aulay's entire face, without tubes going into his nose and mouth. I know he will be even more handsome than he is now.

Today I'm creating set up and food for an artist reception. Mr. B (a.k.a. the Grill Master) worked his magic on eight pork tenderloins, which were sliced and served with rolls and mustards. The little sandwiches were beyond delicious! I made a pasta and fruit salad, plus sugar and chocolate chip cookies. We drank bellinis and white wine. During the artists reception, so many people asked about the little prince. It's wonderful to know that people are reading what I write about him and praying for him. 

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