Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Aulay, Four Weeks Old Today!

This cute picture of the little prince was taken about a week
ago. He was trying to get his thumb in his mouth, but it didn't
fit with the feeding tube also in his mouth. Silly boy!
I have to say that the time of Aulay being in the hospital is going by faster than I anticipated. He was born four weeks ago today and continues to be the little miracle boy to the family. I know that Dr. Mc and Big Daddy Nick would be happier if the little prince was at home with them. That time will be here before we know it.

Both Mr. B and Dr. Mc went to work today, which made me very happy. Both have received good reports for their doctors and were released to return to work. When the little man is released from the hospital, Dr. Mc will take more time off. If it works out as planned, she may be home through the holidays.

Today I'm creating various communications for my Tuesday client. Organizing events. Writing press releases. Scheduling vendors. It's all good.

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