Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aulay, Day 23

Although I'm a "word person" I'm without words to express the love and appreciation I have for everyone who continues to send prayers and well wishes for Aulay and his family. He is now three weeks old and so many people continue to read about him and post positive thoughts. Every night when I visit with the little prince, I tell him about all of you and keep him updated on your kindness.

The little man's eyes weren't open very much last night, but he was still wiggly and cute. I like it when he opens his eyes, but think when his eyes are closed he is concentrating on growing big and strong. The #1 concern for Aulay right now is the oxygen he is receiving in the incubator. If he stays on the oxygen for too long it might damage his eyes. To me, this is not a problem. I'm sure the little prince can "rock" a pair of tiny blue glasses. Other than that, Aulay just needs to continue growing and gaining weight.

Today I'm creating time to spend with Mr. B. The cardiologist who was recommended by his internist can't see him until September 25. This timing is too far out for me. I want my sweet hubby to feel better!

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