Friday, September 5, 2014

Aulay, Day 18; Mr. B, Day 1

Mr. B came home from work and we had dinner before heading to the hospital to see the little prince. He was again alert when we got to NICU. We were laughing because he was laying there so casually with his ankles crossed. Of course his arms were stretched out. I think he was celebrating that three IVs were removed from his left arm. He receives oxygen through the tube in this nose plus breast milk and other nutrients through the tube in his mouth that goes down to his stomach. His temperature was a little low last night so he had that big silly hat on his head. It looks like he is trying to pull it off with his right hand, but not so fast little prince!

When I was talking to Aulay, Mr. B said he felt light headed and was going to the waiting room to sit down. About five minutes later a nurse came to get me because Mr. B had collapsed in the hallway. I went running to find him kneeling on the floor with two doctors and several nurses around him. They put him in a wheelchair and took him to the emergency room. His blood pressure was low and his heart rate was extremely low. After four hours in the emergency room at Woman's Hospital of Texas (can't wait until the insurance company gets that invoice), he was transferred by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital. He was supposed to go directly to a room, but instead we spent another three hours in St. Joe's emergency room. He finally got to his room around 4 a.m. At that time, the nurses on the floor and doctor on duty came in with questions we had already answered at least four times. In simple terms, his low heart rate is keeping blood and oxygen from getting to his brain, which made him light headed. The doctor said they would run tests today on Mr. B's chest and brain to see if there are blockages. Let me say this: Aulay is a much better patient than Mr. B!

Today I'm creating a full day at the hospitals. We got to sleep (me in a chair) around 5 a.m. Nurses and technicians started coming in at 5:45 a.m. and they didn't stop until 9 a.m. I left around 10:30 a.m. to go home and change clothes (there's nothing worse than sleeping in linen). I'm going to pack a few things for Mr. B before going to see Aulay and then heading back to Mr. B at St. Joe's.


  1. Good grief! When it pours....

  2. Paula: It's raining on this family so much right now I may start building an Ark soon! I can't tell you how much strength I get from FB friends who continue to send encouragement. The support is so helpful and uplifting!

  3. We will band together to build that ark, but I'm praying for sunnier days ahead. xox

    1. I'm also hoping for brighter days, Laura. Recently you have also had some rain on your parade. Everybody sing, "The sun'll come out tomorrow …"