Friday, September 5, 2014

Aulay, Day 19; Mr. B, Day 2

First an update on Mr. B. There was test after test after test on Friday. He was hoping to go home, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Sure enough, there was one last test to determine if there is blockage in his arteries that wasn't done. We haven't heard any results on all the other tests that were done on Friday, so I think doctors haven't found anything. His blood pressure is now high and his heart rate is now only low, not extremely low. He is frustrated and grumpy. He isn't going to make his normal Saturday morning breakfast with his buddy Keith. And there is a big art fair at the convention center this weekend that he wants to attend, but I don't see that happening. After two days in the hospital, I don't think he'll have the strength to walk around the convention center.

Aulay's temperature was better on Friday and
Nick was able to hold him. Yes, that's Nick's
hairy chest in the photo, not Dr. Mc's.
I didn't make it to the hospital to see Aulay on Friday, so I really don't have a report on him. I feel guilty about not visiting with the little prince, but felt I should stay with Mr. B. I know Aulay's other grandparents visited with him plus Dr. Mc and Nick were going late afternoon, having dinner and then going back to the hospital. I just keep hearing Aulay is fine and I should take care of Mr. B. Dr. Mc said the nurse who came into NICU on Thursday to tell me about Byron asked last night how he is doing.

Today I'm creating … probably nothing. I'm hoping that we'll learn whatever is causing Mr. B's health issues before he is discharged from the hospital. I hope to go see Aulay in the afternoon. And since I wasn't able to sleep last night, I'm also hoping there will be time for an afternoon nap.

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